Adyashanti is the real deal

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I first heard Adya speak at a gathering in Lajolla, CA when he was only in his 2nd year of teaching. There were many other "Enlightened" teachers who also spoke at this gathering. But there was something about this man that was different from the others. He is completely modest and unassuming. He talks without pretense and seems to genuinely want to guide people, although he is always quick to warn that all he can do is point to the way, not take anyone there. Over the past 12 or 13 years I have been to his retreats and listened to dozens of them on CD and DVD. He never disappoints. He talks plainly and yet there is poetry in it. He is funny, warm, and incredibly loving. He never, ever loses patience or speaks harshly. He is a true advaitist and has deepened my life in so many ways.