Actions Are Proof Of False Knowledge

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Though his disciples and followers boast of him as God, but his actions stand for the opposite.

1. Nityananda accepts and allows service of innocent people when he himself does not serve or follow a Guru.
2. Where is renunciation. Wearing saffron robes is not renunciation. It is only show business. The wise avoid them at a distance.
3. His followers or himself cannot cite who is his Guru. Sometimes they say he does not need a Guru and sometimes they say he has three Gurus. They are confused and confuse the innocent people.
4. How far it is correct to charge money for spiritual practices. So he is for the rich not for the poor.
5. Flowery, favourable and flattering speech is not knowledge. Truth is always bitter. Only the wise can swallow it.
6. Lust, anger, greed, attachment, etc. etc. are required to be shunned by a real saint at a distance. There was a video on media about his involvement (illicit relations) with an actress. It is only a tip of the iceberg. But his followers and disciples claim that the video was morphed. They fail to understand the wisdom that there cannot be smoke without fire. Having huge following of blind followers cannot turn falsehood into truth.
7. If someone asks for money or donations, he or she is not a Guru but a beggar. It proves he is a victim of greed.
8. He allowed on himself to be served by women belonging to others. It proves he is a victim of lust also.

This is for the intelligent and those who have right discrimination.

Who claims himself God
Know him to be full of fraud.
Who claims Guru on his own
Know him to be a perfect clown.
’Cause God and Guru even disown
The merit that They really own.

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Most of these things you

Most of these things you wrote are based on rumors and the others are based on your childish false assumption that a live external guru is needed and on your misunderstand of the role of the guru and his/her essence.

hugo | Mon, 08/04/2014 - 07:23
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Re: Most of these things you....

Truth has nothing to do with your ego projected assumption that no external Guru is needed.
The wise know who becomes a Guru.

All great souls, sages, saints even devotees served their Gurus. All scriptures of every religion are proof of my words.

The one who has not served a Guru is known as nigura (uninitiated or non-disciple) whose work, word, thought and feelings are ego driven and nothing more.

Fools follow the one
Who has followed none.

Nathyogi | Mon, 08/04/2014 - 08:25