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Julie has been working on repairing and replacing half our roof since the first of September. I was up on the roof with her a few minutes ago helping to raise the frame she built with a tarp over it to give her shelter from the high wind (nearly 30 miles an hour by this afternoon). I was down at roof edge, suddenly tripped on something, lost my balance and pitched over and off the roof into the metal patio cover below, punching my right knee through a metal panel with the full force of my crashing body weight. I thought--as much as I could think at that terrifying moment, that I was heading down through the patio roof to the wood pile and whatever else was on the ground ten feet below with terrifying consequences, but the patio roof held. The lesson? You have to be more careful even when you think you are being careful, especially at seventy-two years of age because shit happens. The insight? I don't care how much you believe in Jesus, God, Buddha, Christ, Pope Francis or whatever else, nor how many books you've read and memorized and take as holy writ over a lifetime--when it comes to crunch time and your parachute fails--whatever you have studied and learned and has got you this far fails you utterly. In a crisis, all that has been smoke and mirrors as you free-fall and find yourself completely helpless. Not even God or Jesus, Buddha or Mickey Mouse will save you. You are on your own--You!--and there is nobody else. It's a wake up call, and by God, it's humbling.

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I really appreciate this

I really appreciate this post. I’ve been trying everywhere for this! impart goodness I found it on this diary . i actually admire your work and that i hope in future i'll come back for additional data. like this one.You have created my day! Thanks again!

lilaluna | Thu, 12/07/2017 - 04:21
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I really appreciate this

Thank you for your response to my post. I've found that I can spend endless time philosophizing and trying to nail down whatever it is I think I'm seeking. In the meantime life goes on. In my case I was seeking eternity. What I discovered is that eternity is unknowable; suddenly I know I am, spontaneously I know my world. That's enough. This mundane exciting beautiful world and starlit sky is enough. Getting out of bed is enough. Typing these words is enough. Stuff happens, you pitch down off the roof and there is nobody to help you. That's enough. My favorite sports team loses a game.
What more do I need, everything is a gift.

Christmas | Thu, 12/07/2017 - 21:24