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Something wondrous happens... when you've met the deep pain in yourself

And in that intimacy
The pain dissolved

Leaving an emptiness

Empty of even a reflection in itself of itself

It kind of self releases

And gone with it the neediness to change it or manipulate it and the one who would do that

It does itself

There was no consciousness of effort-ing

Either of wanting to change it
Or the dropping of it
It was playing itself

Life was simply lifing

The need to help left long before the realization that there was no one here nor there
To help or be helped

Yet love and compassion arises spontaneously and unbidden... without the accompanying need to do or change anything

Even the doing does itself
Or not

I watched as the aching need to help arose up close and personal

For "the other" to see the insanity of it all

And it hurt all concerned real bad to watch the one hurting
Even as they felt the hurt in themselves

But nothing anyone said or did could change a thing
And not for a want of trying either

I can't put my finger on it or say what it was

But suddenly that energy of wanting to save someone from themselves just dropped as if in a if it had never even been there in the first place

And with it any attempts to save myself
From heart ache
Or pain

There was suddenly an okay-ness with whatever, however life was unfolding and how it would roll

And a feather lightness

But heart-breaking nevertheless... yet simultaneously a blessed relief

And many will go to the grave
Cloaked in cement

Without even tasting a drop
Of the nectar of this intimacy and honesty

The utter vulnerability
The rawness

No one wants this
It can be utterly devastating
The realisation
That you never existed

Both the believer and one who's seen through the beliefs
Exist only in the dream
And there's nonesuch

With no chink in the armour
To let even a glimpse of love-light in

Garbed in the pretence of the knows
Parroting words of
"There's nothing to know and no one to know"

The edges blur
When there's no inside
Nor outside left

And liquid edges melt
With no inside outside
Here or there
Me or you

There never were any hidden pockets
Just never palpably felt
Or embraced

This edgeless dream
Rolls on

Flooding, permeating


In every nook and corner and crevice


An iridescent dreamscape