A Flower In The Burning Flame

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She was kind and considerate... tuned into the greater good

And the songs sung lilting tunes
Singing themselves

They flow as they flow
Melting away
Slip-sliding into the ethers
Spinning fairy rings

A flower in the burning flame

Disappearing wax and wick
And dancing smoke rings
Falling into and through itself
Leaving no footprints
Not even ashes
Gone without a trace

Where even light and darkness didn't mean a thing

And a strange empty... gazed out of her eyes
As she smiled

And the emptiness, overflowed
Alighting like a butterfly kiss on all the rainbow petal'd delight

And she minded it sometimes and sometimes not

They were all being whoever they were being
Just as she was being whoever she was being
Or not

With no intention or purpose

Movements of sheer grace
In the utmost ease of being

Being-ness... non being-ness
Swirls of mists, colliding in the vapours

Being danced into a masterpiece no artist could have visualized

In the colours of life