Delighting In The dream... As The Dream

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I had no idea I was already dead meat

A moth to the flame
Courting death

Longing achingly
For my own emptiness

Wings fluttering, delicately
To the beat of heart songs

The horrendous living nightmares and agony
The fairy light on Christmas trees

As only dream water, will quench dream thirst

Morning chill on the balcony
A humongous fish made a big splash in the waters of the lake

Sounds come alive in the darkness before daybreak
Fog engulfs the night
The dawn yet to break
Even as I stare out into the emptiness of space

I sit pensively, sipping my cup of morning coffee

And the bubbles burst in my nostrils

I am this dream

I remember the utter despair
That followed, when the switch flipped

The knowing that I am a mental fabrication
Brought in its wake
Its lack of disappearance

I guess I just expected it to just melt away
In the seeing

Not alive and still kicking
And feeling and loving and hurting

Knowing I am not

Yet living and loving
As if I am

Took years to dance the two-step again

Hopping on phantom legs

Even as a sublime ease
Began to colour the mindscape

And delight again in the dream
As the dream

And the tide washed away
The footsteps in the sand
Every step erased
Blown away

The one that never was
Neither one
Nor two

And no description fits

The mind can't conceive of it

It cannot be squeezed into a neat little box
All tidy and pretty
Tied with a pink bow

Like catching a falling star
And putting it in a pocket
Saving it for a rainy day

All lines dropped away

Reflections of this multihued rainbow

Gloriously arrayed


Art: Cartoonist Paul Fernandes