About Us

We have come to find out that ultimately there is very little difference between the many spiritual traditions, gurus and sects – paths may slightly differ in appearance but the destination, cause and essence are the same, come on, by definition, there can be only one god, call it whatever name you like.

Consequently, we have decided to develop Guru's Feet to provide the first worldwide united spiritual portal truly open to diverse spiritual people and different spiritual communities, a fun place to meet, share and consequently grow in each one's spiritual development path. This is our modest contribution to helping humanity.

Guru's Feet provides social networking facilities, gadgets and applications, as well as community and blogging services, all customized and developed with the special needs and sensitivities of spiritual people in mind (and beyond the mind :).

As having a "guru" within or without is important for one's spiritual development, a special emphasis is drawn in Guru's Feet to sharing and finding valuable information and opinions regarding gurus, spiritual teachers, masters, etc.

Recently, Guru's Feet Universal Online Temple has been debuted to allow people from different sects to unite their energies, pray and meditate together.

We really hope that you find Guru's Feet spiritually beneficial and important as well as enjoyable!

If you have any suggestions or comments, we urge you to promptly contact us and share them with us.

Many people who appreciate what we are doing ask how they can help. We never charge for using Guru's Feet but we are extremely grateful for any donations people wish to give. Given our very limited financial resources, these donations enable us to maintain and further develop this unique project. It is important for us to emphasize that all members of Guru's Feet team work as volunteers for free. If you wish to make a donation, please kindly visit the donation page.

With Love!