Yogiraj Bhupendraji Maharaj

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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Guruji, Shri Yogiraj Bhupendraji Maharaj
Bhakti Yoga, Vedant Dharshan, Advaita Vedanta
Main Countries of Activity: 
India , Nepal , Europe, Canada, South Africa
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
North India
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Shri Shri Yogiraj Bhupendraji Maharaj was Born on the very first day of the calender year 1965 to a Brahmin family. His Father Shri L.P . Chaturvedi and Mother Smt.Ramrani strongly beleive in God , Sanskars and Family Values .

Gururji Studied up to graduation in north India and then attended law studies in north India. He enrolled in UPSC/UPPSC , but meanwhile was meeting with many spiritual gurus which changes his life.

Later he moved to Haridwar and there got enlightened after 7 years of various meditation camps, Vedanta debates, service to mankind and healing.

Later, he decided to formalize this spiritual work by opening an ashram / Dham using the power of God and helping disciples to cope with the dilemma of life and serve mankind.


Spiritual power is Life,Meditation to embosomed with superpower, Superpaower unites you with almighty, Enlightend one can awake Society !!


Guruji has established YUGSHAKTI DHAM ashram in Ahemadabad India in 1998 as a spiritual powerhouse and meditational place for giving enlightenment to every individual of the global mankind society.

Presently Guruji is giving the full services as bvefore in the YUGSHAKTI DHAM.