Vivek Ji

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Spiritual Thinker
Meditation, Ananda Hi Ananda
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Birsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
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Vivek Ji was born on September 11, 1981, in Birsinghpur, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India.

After education when he started to work for a while, he started to develop and initiate meditation techniques and to speak publicly on several topics.

He says he developed 189 techniques of meditation and 35 of them are practiced by others. Every year he shares a new technique on his birthday which is knows as Darshan Diwas.

Apart from his spiritual activity, he is active in issues such as food shortage and economics. He is also interested in literature and poems and in the promotion of poets and writers.

He has established a small organization,Ananda Hi Ananda, that takes care of his works such as the distribution of scholarships to village youth and helping out senior citizens.


The teachings of Vivek Ji are based on trying to find the silence and peace as well as ananda (joy) on this earth by not escaping but with true participation in the worldly affair.

When asked about Sanyaas (renunciation) he said:
"for me, Sanyaas (renunciation) means the expansion of this world, sanyaas in Hindi literally denotes this. I d'ont believe that one has to escape from this world to find the truth. We have to live life so deeply that we can experience the truth and existence here itself"

Vivek Ji teaches that we have to find the equilibrium inside us while doing things that are required in life to do.

He says "Truth or joy are things that should not only last for a moment while sitting in meditation but should stay with us or we should stay with it all the time, there are two ways for it one is being meditative all the time which will keep us together to experience whatever is coming in our way."

For him the subject is not important but the development of mankind, he holds talks in any subject including Gita, Bible, population problems, and the decaying of society.

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