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Other Names and Nicknames: 
Joseph Banks, Swami Virato, Slimy Tomato
Tantra, Chakra, Kundalini, Spiritual Sex, Nepal Institute
Main Countries of Activity: 
Russia, USA, Nepal, India, Ukraine
Date of Birth: 
14th Dec,1938
Place of Birth: 
Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Virato was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 14, 1938 to parents whose lineage runs pure to Medieval Lithuanian royalty. Virato was introspective and scholastic as a child, usually near or at the top of his class. It is said that he was always drawn to things esoteric and mystical in his formative years. According to his account, his first epiphany came on Good Friday at the age of nine in St. Michael's Roman Catholic church, in Brooklyn. While he was in deep prayer, Jesus came to him in "physical" spirit form.

At the age of 22 he completed his higher education and entered a traditional corporate, suburban lifestyle, which included a wife, three children, and membership in his local Junior Chamber of Commerce.

In 1972 he decided to leave his family and went "on the road." In February 1976, while walking on lower Broadway in New York City, Virato says he was struck by "two flashes of light from above," ...and his life would never be the same. As he says he entered a "fulfilled state of consciousness," his sense of smell, his intuitive ability, his attitude and his lifestyle totally transformed.

In 1976 Virato left "corporate America," and an addiction to alcohol, beginning his expansive journey into psychology, metaphysics and self-realization. He served on the Board of Directors of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, and has held active positions with the est organization, Lifespring, the Insight Trainings. and several other self-help growth organizations.

Over the past 30 years he has been a practical transpersonal psychotherapist and editor of New Frontier Magazine, Asheville ReSource, Chattanooga Spirit all supporting and expansion of human awareness. He is also currently editor of Asheville Magazine and a columnist for three other publications in Asheville, NC., The Indie, Asheville Sky and the Wanderer.

In 1979 he traveled to Pune, India, where he studied meditation, Eastern philosophy, and leading edge psycho-spiritual and psychotherapeutic methods. On January 10, 1980, while in India, he accepted initiation from the enlightened mystic, Osho. His name was changed from Joseph Banks to his new spiritual name, Virato, meaning eternity.

From 1982 Virato founded and served as Director of Premsagar Meditation Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was also the Executive Director of Philadelphia's New Frontier Center exploring human consciousness, science and spirituality.

In 1994 he moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where he managed an advanced holistic detoxification and meditation retreat, near Black Mountain, NC about 20 miles from Asheville..

Virato says, "Most of people's existence is unaware, energetically blocked or addicted, conditioned living. People are little more then reactive lemmings heading toward the proverbial sea. When you let go of your addictions and co-dependency, and connect to a spiritual dimension, while fulfilling your material bliss, you live a totally new life…one which incorporates joy and ecstasy"

Virato has traveled afar over the past 25 years, presenting his powerful transformational lectures and self-help events to thousands. He has been going to Russia since 1992, where he is cherished by the Russian people. In November 2000, NTB, Russia's Public Broadcasting TV Network did a special on Virato and his extensive work in alcohol and substance abuse in their country. His methods have had the greatest effect in allowing people to drop their addictions. While Virato is a psychotherapist, he does not have a Ph.D. in psychology, nor does what he do fall into a paradigm that offers licensure. In Russia he has trained hundreds of psychologists in his methods, and brought countless people back to a fulfilling, conscious life.

Virato's methods are powerful and create movement and transformation in people. He cleans out minds, opens hearts and transforms lives. His media appearances are numerous, with countless articles on, and by him, in publications internationally over the past three decades. Virato as appear on numerous TV shows, and heard on over 500 radio stations. He had his own radio program in New York City in the '60s, Philadelphia in the '80s and Asheville, NC. in the '90s

Recently returning from a series of lectures and programs he conducted in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, he now has a weekly radio broadcast called VIRATO LIVE! on Saturdays, 10 AM- 1 PM NY Time on WPEK, 880AM The Revolution, a Clear Channel Broadcasting Co station in Asheville, NC, and streamed world-wide.

"My method is simple -- allow people to let go of the bondage of insane suppression, dogma, and addictions along with the general seen and unseen negativity of contemporary civilization.

You are a spiritual being...the essence of love. Awaken, and once again, come home to enlightenment...melting into the light of oneness, experiencing your Divine nature." -- Virato


The methods used by the Nepal Institute are based upon the teachings of Swami Virato, the enlightened mystic, Osho, the science of Wilhelm Reich, and other teachers of essential Tantra.

The techniques created by Swami Virato, he says, "came through him from a higher, positive force, God, Divinity, Universal Oneness, or through the Akasha (universal knowledge)"

Swami Nostradamus Virato has come to share unconditional love with you, and to allow you to experience this as well.
"Sensual love is your birthright" .
Founded by Swami Virato in 1981 originally as Premsager Rajneesh Meditation Center, it was an official Rajneesh (Osho) center in Philadelphia, PA, USA, America's fourth largest city.

In 1988 Swami Virato changed the name to the Nepal Institute. (It is no longer "officially" connected with the Osho International Multiuniversity, or Club Meditation, in Pune, India, nor does it have anything to do with with Nepal.)

In December 1994, Swami Virato moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, to Asheville, North Carolina. As we entered the new millennium, Swami Virato went on the road, spending much time in Russia, and two years in Tennessee, planting the seeds of the Tantric lifestyle.

Donations are welcome to expand and spread Swami Virato's Tantric philosophy, as well as create a physical retreat, and expand the Institute. Send donations to Nepal Institute, PO Box 17397, Asheville, NC 28816.

Swami Virato has also been spending time conducting Tantra events in Russia since 1992, assisting them in awakening at this very critical and formative time in their existence. In September 2001, a new format to Swami Virato's message was created...Theatre Tantra.
"Life is joy and bliss. When you are totally open to unconditional love -- letting go completely -- you move into a state of cosmic reality. Some call this enlightenment, Nirvana or
becoming one with God.


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