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D. Yuson-Sànchez
Spiritual Teacher
Osho, Humaniversity
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New York, USA
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Veeresh (D. Yuson-Sànchez) was born in New York in 1938.

At the age of 28 he entered a rehabilitation program for drug addicts at Phoenix House New York, a drug-free therapeutic community for intensive rehabilitation. There he began his involvement in human growth. He graduated top of the class as an addiction specialist and was selected to go to England to establish Phoenix House London.

In 1974 he met his spiritual Master Osho. One year later the Dutch Ministry of Health invited him to establish a training program for addiction specialists in the Netherlands and in 1978 he founded the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee with the purpose of training therapists.

He is an innovative therapist and inspiring teacher who has created many therapeutic processes, including the AUM Meditation and other Social Meditations.


In "Working with People", the live recording of a seminar given by Veeresh in Pune in 2003, he elaborates on the ingredients in working with people: care, compassionate involvement, motivation, presence and passion.

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