Vasantrao Ghonge

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Vasantrao Ghonge Guruji, Vasantrao Ghonge Maharaj, Priyanand Maharaj, Priyanand Teerth Maharaj, Vasant Rao Ghonge
Spiritual Teacher
Siddha Yoga
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India, USA, UK, Italy
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Nimgaonm, Tah & District Wardha, Maharashtra, India
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Param Pujya Gangadhar Teerth, Param Pujya Shiv Narayan Teerth, Param pujya Loknath Teerth Maharaj , Shree Gulavani Maharaj


Vasantrao Ghonge is considered by his followers at a great master of sidhha yoga.

He was born on 18th February 1933, at a village called Nimgaon in Tah & District Wardha of Maharashtra State in India. His Father Shri Gopalraoji Ghonge, was a school teacher and up to higher secondary level he attended school at Wardha. He started his professional life in the automobile industry.

During his posting at Jabalpur he suffered a paralysis attack which was a turning point in his life. While he was in hospital, Great sant of Teerth Parampara, Shivpuri Maharaj visited him there and expressed his desire to take him to North Kashi (Uttar Pradesh) for further treatment. He was then shifted to the Ashram of Shree Shankar Purshottam Teerth (Who was head of Govardhan Mutt at Jagannath Puri). The Great Saint (who is said recognized Ghonge Maharaj as a soul of same spiritual parampara / tradition) bestowed his blessings and Shree Ghonge Maharaj recovered from the paralysis completely.

There he began the Journey towards Spiritual Upasana. Since 1950 onwards Vasantrao Ghonge is continuing his Sadhana & Tapashchrya continuously.

In 1952 he came in contact with Param pujya Loknath Teerth Maharaj at Nagpur.

From 1956 untill 1961 he was in constant company with the great spiritual master Bhagwan Nityananda at Ganeshpuri Mumbai.

Around this period he had a chance to enjoy the blissful association with Swami Muktanand andGulavani Maharaj.

From 1960 onwards on the order of Bhagwan Nityananda, he started giving Shaktipat Deeksha to various disciples.

Soonafter, he returned to his home village Nimgaon and conducted for twelve years rigorous tapsya at a place away from materialistic world.


Frequently Asked Question

Q. Does this Yoga belong to a specific religion?

No. It is for all religions, races, creeds, classes, sects etc. It is for humanity.

Q. What is the aim of this Yoga?

Spiritual Evolution and Divine Transformation of Mankind.

Q. How do I know that my Kundalini has awakened?

Involuntary Yogic movements, visions, curing of diseases, positive changes in personality etc. are some of the signs that the Kundalini(our secret power) has awakened. Or, you are progressing. It is not necessary to experience ‘something' during meditation. Introspect and you will see great positive changes in your personality.

Q. Are yogic kriyas(movement) something to fear?

A beginner sometimes panics when he/she experiences some of these involuntary yogic movements, thinking that something has either gone wrong or he/she has been ‘seized' by some unseen force. But these fears are unfounded. In fact these Yogic Kriyas or body movements are ordained by the divine force and are specifically unique to each practitioner like a custom-made program. An unattached observer watching people participate in group meditation under Guru's energy transformation is often astonished to notice that almost each participant undergoes different yogic postures. The automatic body movements may seem strange and somewhat alarming to an observer. However, most practitioners undergoing these movements experience a sense of exhilaration and joy during meditation that they had never experienced before.

Q Do diseases really get cured? Is every disease cured?

Yes. This requires intense belief, faith and dedication on the part of the practitioner towards practice of our Spiritual meditation. Your disease will not be cured if you do not have faith in or are not earnest about the practice.

Q Like western or conventional medicine is there a guarantee that I will be cured?

No. OUR PATH does not work like medicine. But if your faith and dedication are firm then This spiritual power works faster and stronger than any western / conventional medication.

Q If I am addicted to a substance — alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food etc. — do I try to quit using these before I begin the meditation?

No. Kundalini(our secret power), the energy awakened by Spiritual master, knows exactly what is needed for your body. It effortlessly frees you from the substance that is harmful to your body. In short: You don't need to give up the things, the things will give you up.



Mukteshwari Gurupith
Meditation Center

25, Gharpure Layout, : Behind Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samitee,

Mukteshwari Gurupeeth
WARDHA, Maharashtra 44200, India
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PIYUSH KHARCHE:- +91 9028421662, Dr. Kishor +91 9822 426 769
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