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Ramalinga Adigalar, Vallal Peruman, Chidhambaram Ramalingam
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Marudhur, Vadalur, Tamil Nadu,India
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Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar
Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar
In this section we shall read about the great saint who born in 19th Century and who realized himself and the Supreme Lord and who got the divine light body by the complete grace of supreme lord and who became immortal and who is a ocean of compassion and who out of his infinite compassion on us is showing the way and guiding us to the Supreme Lord. This great saint is called as ThiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.
What is meant by Gnanam ? Complete knowledge is divine wisdom and is called Gnanam.
Pooranam means Completeness. One who knows everything and realized everything is a complete one. He is called divine wisdom person or Gnani.
“One who knows with clarity and without any doubts, for such a person soul is the SivaLingam” – Saint Thirumoolar.
One who knows everything without any doubt and with complete clarity only can tell the truth to others. Such a person only is called Gnani or divine wisdom person.
One who is full of compassion and love, and who considers all the souls as his is a Gnani.
Is there such a person?
Was there such a person? Is it possible for one to be like that?
Yes, there were so many persons like that throughout the world. They lived during different times. Even today they are living and they have won over their death and living a deathless life full of bliss.
During the 19th Century there came one Philanthropist who took birth in TamilNadu, lived and showed the way to divinity for all – made everyone know the greatness of “Eyes” – became Philanthropist – called as Vallalar – became “as that”- attained the divine light body and is there everywhere.
He is the one who is called with love by the people as “Thiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal”.
This great saint who got the blissful deathless life and who is a great Gnanai and great Siddhar is sent by the Supreme Lord to open our handicapped eyes so for us to see the divinity within us.
Since he is the one who searched with the question “Who is Divine Philanthropist” and found out that the supreme lord is the Philanthropist he is called as Vallalar (In Tamil it splits in to Vallal + Yaar meaning Who is Philanthropist).
Our Vallalar who got the rare birth of human learnt the rarest Education of Gnanam from the supreme Lord himself. Yes the Supreme Lord himself came as the Guru of Vallalar.
Vallalar did not go to school. From his childhood days he used to pray regularly in the temple called Kantha Kottam near his home. He says “I Learnt Everything from You” indicating everything is thought to him by the supreme lord. The education he got from the lord is “Spiritual Education of Deathlessness” which can remove one from the distress of birth-death cycle.
His intense devotion and penance is such that he got the grace and vision of Lord Muruga in his age of 9. Right from small age he had the intense hunger to realize the lord and his devotion and penance is such that he forgets his time and food. Mother Goddess Vadivudai Amman who is the mother of all souls fed our Vallalar with divine milk (Amurtham). Many Saints and Divine Forms of Lord appeared to him and bestowed their grace to this great child.
Since he singularly kept his mind always in the lotus feet of lord his wisdom and knowledge began to shine. He came to know everything without any reading. With Singularity and oneness and by always thinking of the lotus feet of the lord he realized him. He did penance all the time by constantly thinking, realizing and relaxing on thelotus feet of lord (Lotus feet of the lord in our body is the divine light in our eyes).
Vallalar realized that the soul within him is part of the Supreme lord himself. He also realized that like him the lord is residing on everyone. By realizing this and becoming “that” the supreme pleasure and bliss that is got is cannot be quantized.
By knowing and realizing the divine truth and becoming like that he got the nature of the divine truth.
The sufferings that he has undergone cannot be told in words. He saw every soul as his. He felt the distress that every soul felt. This is called feeling of “Oneness of Soul” or Anma Neya OrumaiPaadu.
This is the nature of the person who has become divine philanthropist.
The result of his penance is that his knowledge grew such that it went beyond universe of universes. His physical body became as divine light body.
Vallalar who took birth in the year October 5 1828 and till the age of 51 he appeared to everyone. Vallalar realized if the soul leaves the body it has to take birth again in other bodies and in order to cut this cycle he did penance on the divine light of the eye. With the Supreme Lord himself as his Guru his penance on the Lotus feet of Lord (Divine Light of Eye) resulted in divine light of his soul increasing to such extent that it engulfed his body and converted his physical body to body of divine light and bliss.
The blessings and attainment he got is such that there is no one equal or greater than him. He was bestowed with all the divine powers (Siddhi) numbering 647 crores. The number of miracles he did is innumerable. He advised people not to get distracted by his miracles but follow his teachings and gain the grace of the Supreme Lord as he is the one who bestows all the siddhis.
He warned people not to concentrate or have divine powers as one aim as it will distract one from the purpose of birth which is self realization and Lord realization and to attain deathless divine light body.
He asked people not to keep the mind on these divine powers or miracles and to have only goal of realizing the supreme lord. When compared to the grace of the lord no powers or siddhis were equivalent to it. He prays to the lord “to bestow on every one in the world the attainments he has got”.
In order for all the people in this world to get the great divine blissful deathless life, he revealed all the hidden divine secrets openly in his incomparable great work “ThiruVarutpa”. He sings in one of his poem as “Any teaching/art which teaches one to do penance or meditation with closed eyes and teaches that the experience one gets by closed eyes is the final one, should be buried down the earth”.
Vallalar propagated the divine truth that only people who does not kill and eat only vegetarian food were eligible to get the grace of Lord. He clearly states that any person who kills and eat flesh can never get the grace of Lord and is bound to birth and death cycle even if he has power to raise the death. He reveals that this is the supreme law of the Lord. If a person realizes this mistake and reforms himself from the present moment he will be also eligible to get the grace of the Lord.
Vallalar gave the great MahaMantra which explains the Supreme Lord’s State and his nature. The Maha Mantra is
“ArutPerum Jothi ArutPerum Jothi
ThaniPerum Karunai ArutPerum Jothi”
When translated in English it becomes
“Supreme Infinite grace light Supreme Infinite grace light
Supreme Infinite Compassion Supreme Infinite grace light”

Vallalar established Dharma Saalai with the noble intention that people who come to see him and people who seek the supreme lord should never suffer from the disease of hunger. That’s why he built the Dharma Saalai.
The fire that was started by Vallalar in the stove in Dharma Saalai is still burning today and is providing food for all the people who come there.
As second Our Vallalar created Siddhi Valaagam. This is the place where our saint vallalar spent lot of time and did divine research to find out who is philanthropist. For the great Discipline of Sanathana Dharma to spread, vallalar who also founded Samarasa Suttha Sanmarga Sathiya Sangam gave a flag to Sanmarga Sangam. In his Writing of Urai Nadai he has told even the explanation of this flag is also divine wisdom and shows the way for Gnana to the divine seekers.
Even today we can get the darshan of this holy room in siddhi valaagam where vallalar went inside and locked himself and from where he became divine light and united with the supreme space. Our Vallalar says the significance of this place as “In Siddhi Valaagam I got all the siddhis (divine powers)”.
As third the institution that vallalar established by being in front is Sathiya Gnana Sabai. Our vallalar who gave the teaching of divine wisdom through his songs in ThiruVarutpa also established Sathiya Gnana Sabai for the sake of common people to understand the divine experiences.
Like other temples Sathiya Gnana Sabai doesn’t have any divine images of Gods nor is there any puja that is performed there.
When we seek the supreme lord and do penance the first attainment that you will get is the vision of the divine flame of your soul. This was demonstrated in Sathiya Gnana Sabai.
Sathiya Gnana Sabai resembles our head. In the front there are two chambers called as Chirsabai (meaning Small chamber) and Porsabai (meaning golden chamber). In the middle of this two and inside you have Gnana sabai. During the auspicious day of Thai Poosam in the Gnana sabai, screens numbering seven with different colors will be removed and the bigger flame will be shown. This arrangement is made by our vallalar.
This type of structure is not made by anyone else. That’s why instead of calling it a temple he called it as Sathiya Gnana Sabai.
Also the arrangement for worship is very new one and is not present anywhere. Unlike other temple which has the divine images of lord, this sabai does not have any images and the worship is only the light indicating that the supreme lord is of divine light only. So in order to see the light the seven screens that were hiding it has to be withdrawn. What this means?
This screen hiding the light represents our karma. This karma is made of three type of impurities which were Ego, Lust and illusion. This Karma hides the divine light of our soul like a screen.
If we remove the screen then we can see the light, similarly if we remove the karma from us we can see the divine light of our soul.
In this world there are so many saints who have taken birth. Everyone has told about Gnanam. There is no denying this fact. But there is none like Ramalinga Vallalar who revealed the divine truths so explicitly and showered his grace on all the people.
The minimum thing a human has to do is to remove the hunger of others. Because of food a living being lives and once the hunger is satisfied it will start the search “Who is Philanthropist”. He established Samarasa Suttha Sanmarga Sathiya Sangam.
Samarasa means considering all people to be equal. Suttha means pure. Sanmarga means all sorts of people can come together. Sathiya means truth and honesty and Sangam means institution.
Samamaras Suttha Sanmarga Sathiya Sangam is an institution which guides people of all sects who are true and honest and have hunger to attain the divine lord. When asked who is a true Sanmargi Vallalar replied “One who have won over his death is a true Sanmarki”.
In his songs in Tiruvarutpa he reveals that the Supreme Lord himself has made him to run the Samarasa Suttha Sanmarga Sathiya Sangam and he is the one who is heading this institution today and helping people to attain the Lord and divine deathless life.
With the compassion that no one should undergo his suffering he has showed us an easier and simpler way for us to overcome our obstacles in the path of spirituality.
In the year of 1874 and in the Tamil month of Thai and in the day which is of the star of Punarpoosam, he called all his beloved people and told that he is going to enter in the holy room of Siddhi Valaagam and the supreme lord has shown himself to him. He asked people not to open the room and even if they opened he will not be visible. When the then British Government opened the room they found nothing.
Do you know what is the teaching/Upadesam he did before entering and applying the divine lock on the room?
Every human must know this upadesam which are the supreme words of knowledge, secret of divine wisdom and the guarantee that he has given to us. This words were told by vallalar when he had the physical body and divine light.
“I am here now and here after I will enter in the inner recess of everyone’s heart”. This words has to be sculpted by everyone in their mind.
So what did vallalar meant by these words.
Before applying divine lock and entering in the room in Siddhi Valaagam he told that he is there now, which means he was present before every one. From now means that after applying the divine lock he will enter in everyone’s heart, means that he will enter in every people’s heart which is pure and who live according to the teachings of vallalar. Only for those person’s he will enter in their heart and will guide them. See how much compassion our vallalar has. He is In fact Ocean of mercy.
His words mean “Even though my physical body is converted to divine light body and will not be visible to ordinary eyes, I will be present on all the beloved people as divine light and through the divine light of eyes I will show and guide them to get the divine life of immortality and divine bliss. Who will get such a great pleasure!”
This humble being (Siva Selvaraj) got such a pleasure. In the year 1980 he gave me Thiruvadi Deekshai (Lotus Feet Deekshai). From that on I did the work of sanmarga and he gave me the great honour of being a SarGuru and entered inside my heart. From the first book KanMani Maalai he made me to write 30 books of Gnana/divine wisdom and publish them.
From inside me he has given Thiruvadi Deekshai to more than 2000 beloved peoples.
Even now whosoever is seeking him, he is giving Nayana Deekshai (Other name of Thiruvadi Deekshai) through me.
It is through Deekshai Vallalar will enter inside the seeker and will be his Guru and will guide him to the Supreme Lord.
It is his great grace that kindled us to start this website and reveal the divine truths.
As per his words in siddhi valaagam he has resided in our heart as well.
The great thing that this humble being doing in this birth is that, I am giving Gnana (Divine wisdom) Upadesam to all the beloved people who come seeking the divinity. I am doing this by of the grace of Vallalar. Only if we are alone (meaning with our soul) and do penance you will achieve. Grace of our Vallalar! Grace of SarGuru!
The purpose of this website to collect and present the knowledge which was revealed by Vallalar.
That way which is the noble way and what is that way- it is the way through our eyes, this is what is revealed in our site.
Making the people understand this way and help everyone through this way is the divine work given to us by our great Saint Vallalar.
To know more about Vallalar please read the online book in this link
“ Let all the living being live in bliss”
“ Let the honorable law of Non-Killing and eating only Plant food be bestowed on this earth”


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