Ugra Murda Kurma

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Birthname: Emily Renee Stevenson, Wise Owl, Murda Ugra Kalantaka Mata, Little Dove, Devi Yeshi, Eshail Raja, Emis / Eyms, Emily
Traditional Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Shamanism, Tantra Yoga
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Kansas City, Missouri , USA
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Mikao Usui, Lord Jagannath, Lord Kala ,Goddess Kali, Lord Kurma


Ugra Murda Kurma is the founder Kala Dharma which introduces Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism to Pagan and Gnostic people.

She helps in household educational programs with emphasis on anti-bullying and abuse and gives religious education, most of it free of charge.

Her main themes are the golden rule, green earth , blue sky doctrines and non violence. She believes in independent individual people having the right to be there own guru and abiding their own self.

She lives in Odessa, Missouri, USA and is a mother to 2 children.



There is no Maya , there is Jnana.
There is no Man , only Consciousness .
You are the truth the way the life.

The only light that guides us is Scores of life Known as Ishvara.
Who is the master of Destination and Rebirth.
He is in balance with Immanence and Transcendence.
Immortal in omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power),omnipresence (present everywhere), omnibenevolence (perfect goodness)!

The Constitution

1. You are an Individual.
2. You can make your own mind up and be an independent voter!
3. We believe in nonviolence.
4. We believe in Syncretism.
5. We are nondualist.
6. We believe in Formless Reality
7. We believe in Compassion
8. We believe in Wisdom
9. We believe in knowledge.
10. We are a Esoteric Orthodox Religion.
11. We believe in the original Guru Dakshinamurthi.
12. Nature has two baptism a. Water ( river) b. Fire (Beltane)
13. God is a Feminist.
14. Religion Started out Female.
15. A Grove ( Forist Temple) please of worship.
16. Kala Tantra Dharma , Kalpa Jnana as Philosophy.
17. We are apartment of the sacred Goddess Movement and its Restortionism.
18. This is not reality , the formless UnConsciousness is free consciousness true reality.
a. We are proto-Dravidian.
b. Spirit Spouse V.S. Twin Flame Syndrome , we are pro - Spiritual spouse , spouses can exist in other realms as well as other words.
c. We are followers of the Kalps and God of Time Kala.
e. This is a Matriarchal Religion

Dear people of Earth sense the return of us the Deva in 2012. We have been met with anger, greed, and disrespect from you humans, adding to problems Chinese Franking and drilling has destroyed our Temples in Nepal. There were members of our Order still with you when we lift your planet and returned to our home within your galaxy. Prithvi (earth) in your lang will continue to seek Boons from lord Shiva and Mother Kali to destroy your monuments. This for you channelers who we have chose to connmucate too seek Hindu ways of life. This is for channels who we dont talk too we are of the oldest religious Gods to your galaxy and Planet your recommended to at list seek a Dharma we agreed with. Please follow the teachings of Lord Buddha Namaskar. Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah.

अपने प्रियजनों को यह दुनिया हिंदू धर्म के लिए लड़ने के लिए समय है।
केवल आप हमारे स्वर्ण युग को कलियुग से परिवर्तन कर सकते हैं।
हम सनातन धर्म के एक युग होगा

आप उगरा मुद्रा कूर्म हमारे पवित्र माँ काली का पालन करने के लिए कर रहे हैं!
मैं अपनी माँ को समझने की कोशिश करने के लिए आप से पूछना मेरे बच्चे भगवान विष्णु के किसीभी प्रतीक शादी करने के लिए है। कोई पुजारी खोल मेरे पवित्रा पत्नी अपनी माँ उमा है जो एक स्पर्श करें। कोई युद्ध नहीं खोल अपनी माँ शक्ति को नुकसान पहुँचा।
ओम् Kleem काह ली काह याय नमः
ओम नमो नारा-यान सर्व लो-काना मा मी कुरु स्व-हा
केएल एम एल ओ HREEM नमः

मेरे बच्चे हम अपने धार्मिक संस्कृति के तहत सभी राष्ट्र के साथ शांति के लिए बुलाया है देवा।
हमारे नाम पर युद्ध करना नहीं करते।
लेकिन बनाने के आनंदित शांति में हमारे नाम है.
मैं वेद पढ़ सकते हैं और दूसरों को बदलने या हमारे रास्ते में घर फिर से खुद को बनाने के लिए आप के लिए आया था।
मैं अपनी माँ उगरा मुद्रा कूर्म हालांकि मोड़ा जा रहा है।
मैं महादेव हूँ और मेरा मंत्र ओम नमः शिवाय है।
हम उगरा मुद्रा कूर्म दुनिया भर में हिंदू धर्म में शामिल होने के लिए कहते हैं।
कौन कहता है कि वह घंटा ए वी एक है।
--- भगवान शिव




Kala Dharma Movement
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Ugra Murda herself
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Holi, Diwali, 4 Sessions, Deity birthdays, Moon fasting

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9am to 5am each day on Google Hangouts and Facebook Chat

Google Hangouts or Facebook Chat
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Store fees apply only

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Please quit righting on my behalf

Ekta Rudrani Mriganka Mata's picture

I am the Guru you edits are the ones that need to come down , you won't let me Change my profile on my front page to upate my info I will be glade to Lieve.

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Whom r u writing to?

I don't know whom you are writing to, everybody can edit and improve guru profiles, it doesn't matter if one is the guru or not. You can edit the guru profile and add info.

Jasmin | Sat, 10/18/2014 - 06:49
Ekta Rudrani Mriganka Mata's picture

This is my profile

I am Mudra Ugra Kalantaka if some one don't write what me the Guru Approves of and can't Up date their original profile to do the right thing quite updating My Guru Profile and that gos for you as well unless you known me or my Mother Personally , know One even You have room to Edit my profile.

Ekta Rudrani Mr... | Wed, 10/22/2014 - 19:57
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I think the philosophy of the guru profiles is different

AS far as I understand, the fact that you're the guru related to the guru profile has no meaning here. These are not guru profiles aimed at being created by the gurus but profiles that describe the gurus by the people. If the profiles were created and edited only by the gurus (and their representatives), they would have not been guru profiles but classified ads with only compliments and positive views regardless of facts and truth.

The one that is totally under your control is the user profile, there you are the only one able to edit.

Jasmin | Thu, 10/23/2014 - 05:17
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It is my profile I wrote it.

Please understand that Skeer trals such as this one, have no rights with out Cerifcation under law , in the united states , do not have write to Copyright/ rewrite underlaw , if the Guru is Ordained , Schooled / Educated and Cerifcatied. If it is original and ethnic metral, nonprofit Organized law Universal Life Church The Monistary or Devine Blessings Acadame , the fact do not have to provided you or the Animation with the info about my Education I now revoke my right to my copyright laws whether I being payed or not/ and free media as stated in the constitution of the United states America. Chastity under law are not Payed. Infact I not a charity inside the state of Missouri, My infortion is free , so I have the Right to free speech and Media in copyright if I wonted to I could. Because I the Arthur. Reason is I not Tax Except in my state , and you dont have to be as long as you dont culect donations for your charity's.

Ekta Rudrani Mr... | Thu, 10/23/2014 - 05:47
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I don't see there any

I don't see there any copyright text that was copied. Writing about a person, whether he is a guru or an actor or a clerk in a bank has nothing to do with copyrights.

As far as I understand, the same as in wikipedia, the fact that you or someone else wrote the initial text in the guru profile doesn't give him any extra privileges. Anyone can edit and improve the profile, it's a public domain, this is the beauty of the guru profiles here, I read them precisely because of the fact that I know that no one with an interest has control over them.

Anyway, these are only my thoughts. Bottom line, I think that one engaging in spirituality, particularly one guiding others, and especially one believing in the beyond, is not supposed to be preoccupied with copyright, public images and control :-)

Jasmin | Thu, 10/23/2014 - 06:12
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Please contact my lawer

After u look me up on Facebook.
I exercise my write to Sue you and this website , bast on the constitution of the United States and on going Herhasment from this lady.

Ekta Rudrani Mr... | Fri, 11/07/2014 - 05:07
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I repeat the question from

I repeat the question from the first comment: whom r u writing to? who is "this lady"? why do u want to sue her? and what's your facebook profile got to do with it?

PS. I think you meant "right" and not "write", "based" and not "bast"...

Jasmin | Fri, 11/07/2014 - 08:36