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Mahavira, Shrimad Rajchandra, Satguru Kabir, Zen, Buddhism, Conscious Spirituality
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Tony Samara was born in England, grew up in Egypt, England, and also in Norway where he discovered the Zen Buddhist philosophy.

This discovery eventually led him to the Mount Baldy Zen Center in California, USA, where he learned the spiritual teachings of Kyozan Joshu Sasaki. Letr, he went to live and learn with shamanic communities and went on pilgrimage to religious sites in India.

He claims that at the age of 27 he experienced a moment of enlightenment.

His main countries of activity are in Europe, yet with the assistance of the Internet he is cattering also to global audience through frequent online interviews and live satsangs. His function is as a spiritual gyude who encourages all to lead their lives actively in a noble way in order to realize the evolution of human consciousness.

Verbal dialogue is not the essence of his teachings, but he explains in a direct and simple way that everyone can understand how each individual can practically integrate greater acceptance, peace and joy into their daily lives.



Tony Samara's teachings encourage to practice spiritual work and growth in the everyday actions using the following guiding principles :

To learn to live in harmony with nature, respecting our environment and caring for all life forms.

To be a beacon of light and an example to others in all situations.

To live a life of humility, simplicity and purity.

To promote peace and non-violence.

To remember that the physical body is our temple, which needs to be transformed, as well as the spirit; a vegetarian diet including products that are organic and full of life force is encouraged.

To be free of the consumption of drugs of any description, including tobacco. To work towards a goal of eliminating alcohol completely from our lives, thereby honouring our body as a temple of light.

To speak truthfully from the heart and have the courage to speak directly to people rather than behind their backs.

To treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

To receive, we have to give. As we learn truly to give, we open ourselves to receive unlimited abundance. Following this philosophy, we are encouraged to contribute unconditionally 10% of our savings — if any — and 10% of our monthly earnings, to a humanitarian or spiritual cause of our choice.

To practice these teachings in our daily lives.

Tony Samara believes that “the vast majority of people go through life without directly experiencing the depths of their true self, or understanding their connection to life, or their relationship to others and to the world at large. We are often taught to only relate to the world through our senses. We think, we reason, we feel - but we do not know from our hearts what it means to be connected to what is beyond the senses.”

He recognizes that direct experiences have the potential to radically transform an individual and his or her life, as well as promote a profound and effortless letting go of past emotional, mental and physical pain and suffering.


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Teherica Elixir: a Botanical Formula for the 21st Century for Vitality and Well Being : the Booklet

by Tony Samara


People around the world have been asking the same question for millennia, How can I have good and long lasting health?A" This book takes you on a journey to explore the benefits of Theriaca Elixir, the state-of-the-art botanical formula created by Tony Samara. You may find that this journey answers the above question. You will also find and encounter very profound information regarding some of the most amazing plants, mushrooms and minerals in this beautiful world of ours as well as cutting edge scientific research. The book also expands on the ways to use Theriaca Elixir not only for your physical health, but also to bring this joyful and abundant experience into all aspects of your life, financial, social, ecological, mental, emotional and spiritual. In his foreword to this elucidating read, Tony Samara introduces us to the depth and to the purpose behind our experience as we enjoy the gift of Theriaca Elixir. This book is a must read for anyone interested in health and in creating an abundant life!

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PranaBeats's picture

Wonderful, wonderful. The most accurate word to describe the work. Full of wonders, nice and not so nice ones.


wonderful, wonderful

what is what wonderful, wonderful?

NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 22:03

From the Heart

Rahma's picture

Tony Samara's quote, ‎'The Heart is the centre of my life's work,' certainly describes his dedication to realising the evolution of human consciousness.

Tony Samara, my guide

Wahido Theriaca's picture

“I met Tony in 2001 just when my spiritual awakening started happening. That was when I asked him to start to work with me.

thankful to the Almighty

gora's picture

Accept my heartfelt Namaskar,

Con Opinions

Too commercial, too much body concentration

anderlaus's picture

I looked at the links - certainly not my definition of spirituality - looks like a business - a marketing machinery, too organized, simplistic ideas, products to sell, and above all - too centred in t

Wahido Theriaca's picture

Which website/links did you look at?

Dear Anderlaus,

You must have seen the wrong links as nothing that Tony does is commercial or with the aim of self promotion. His work is solely directed to the awakening of the human potential.

Are you ready to be awakened?

Wahido Theriaca | Sat, 05/07/2011 - 22:03
anderlaus's picture

Awakening of what?

I looked at the links that you posted.

Sorry but your reply just demonstrates what I was thinking. My notion of awakening and yours seem to be different.

anderlaus | Sun, 05/08/2011 - 07:19
Rahma's picture

Tony Samara

Dear Anderlaus

I do not write the words below in order to convince you of needing to follow the teachings of Tony Samara or to justify my beliefs. Who Tony really is is still an enigma to me in many moments but what I do know is that Tony is not your regular New Age spiritual teacher such as Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra....yet many would compare him to these.

I am fairly widely read (well not recently but in the past) and had an interesting spiritual journey prior to meeting Tony (we met in Australia during the 1990's). I have read and enjoyed many different methods and meditations and I understand that truth needs to emerge from oneself. But as we seekers all know....there is something more that we are still seeking.

What I would like to mention is that from all of my experiences with Tony and my observations of the work that he does with me and everyone who he comes in contact with is that he surely exemplifies one who is a spiritual master....a true enlightened being. He could be compared to an Osho of our times or similar. He is no longer seeking anything. He is pure essence....divine love.

I do not say this to sound egotistical or to place him upon a pedestal or create a new religion from him or whatever but just to speak this truth. He knows all and has the keys to lead us to freedom if we are open and trusting and ready.

I am not sure if my explanations are clear to you. I used to be more eloquent with words but as transformation continues for me I find it more difficult to put them together in an understandable way for some people as my heart knows but the words cannot express the depth of the feelings/concepts that I am seeking to convey.

Thank you for being part of this journey of life and for helping me towards greater wisdom and depth and love.

Have a wonderful day.


Rahma | Fri, 06/10/2011 - 17:18