Timothy Conway

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Spiritual Teacher
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June 5, 1954
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Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA
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Taungpulu Sayadaw, Mother Krishnabai


Timothy Conway was born in Manhattan, NYC on June 5, 1954, 1:20 pm.

He was raised by loving parents within the Roman Catholic tradition and taught by progressive Catholic sisters and priests in Los Angeles.

In February 1971, when he was 15, he says he had a sudden, vivid, and completely life-changing spiritual experience occurring not by efforts or drugs. He says it was an exploding open of the heart-mind with the non-dual realization that “God alone is Real, here and now, and we, the personified manifestations of God, are all truly made of divine spirit, love, joy, and Peace”.

He was about to become a priest when in Fall 1972, while attending the University of California at Santa Cruz, he was introduced by a highly-psychic western sage to the path of “Who Am I?” transpersonal Self-inquiry, and urged to make a deep study of the Advaita Vedanta sage Ramana Maharshi and other sages of Advaita, Zen Buddhism, and similar eastern and western paths of awakening.

During the years 1972 to 1976, he studied for a Bachelor degree in Arts with studies in Psychology and Religion at UC Santa Cruz and in 1979-1988 for M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, including a Master thesis on the phenomenon of “energetic empowerment” within our religious traditions, and a doctoral dissertation on optimal well-being and spiritual realization within the different psychological and mystical traditions.

In Fall 1980 he made his first long trip to Asia and Europe (and to various parts of the USA) to meet and learn from sages, saints and adepts. During this trip, he spent a brief time as an ordained Buddhist monk in upper Burma under the Arhat (perfect master) Taungpulu Sayadaw who gave him the name “Dhammapiya” (Sanskrit: Dharma-priya), which means “Lover of the Spiritual Teaching”. He also traveled in India and there, he claims, he was encouraged to begin sharing the Advaita spiritual perspective by sage Annamalai Swami (a spiritual son of Ramana Maharshi) by Nisargadatta Maharaj of Bombay, and by several other sages, including Yogi Ramsuratkumar of Tiruvannamalai and Mother Krishnabai of Anandashram.

From 1980 onward, he has been given talks and wrote papers on non-dual wisdom, non-dual devotion, and other topics in spirituality and transpersonal psychology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He wrote several books, including "Women of Power & Grace: Nine Astonishing, Inspiring Luminaries of Our Time" that includes the teachings and lives of Amma or Mata Amritanandamayi, Anandamayi Ma, Anasuya Devi, Shyama Ma, Hazrat Babajan, Pelagia, Francesca Cabrini, Therese Neumann and Maria Skobtsova. He compiled a comprehensive 2-volume work about India’s Sages, featuring over 150 adepts and texts of non-dual teachings in Hindu, Buddhist, Tantric, Jaina, Nirguni Sant, Sikh and Sufi traditions.

He works on a trilogy of books on “Spirituality in the New Millennium Series”, applying non-dual spirituality to religion, science and politics, along with a book of satsang talks dating to the early 1990s.

He is living in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife Laura and three cats and gives at his home satsangs and conducts meetings.


An article by Timothy Conway titled "Neo-Advaita or Pseudo-Advaita and Real Advaita-Nonduality" is available in http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/neo-advaita-or-pseudo-advaita-and-real-adv....



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