Thuli Baba

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Tuli Baba, Thulibaba, Tulibaba
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Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India
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Vadivel Swamigal - his father who was his spiritual guru and taught Advaita


Thuli Baba is an impressive traditional guru.

His manner of speaking is more like a quiet song - melodic and fast. Though he looks stern, when he smiles, it's a radiant and contagious smile that there is no doubt about what he says. And he almost always smiles.

He doesn't speak English but his words are translated to English simultaneously.

He was born in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu and was instructed spiritually on the path of Advaita by his father, Vadivel Swamigal.

He lives with his devotees and gives satsangs in his Anbin Kudil ashram at Komboor village near Nerinji Pettai.


Quotes of Thuli Baba:

It's not something that can be reached from outside. No, no, no. Inside. You're it. This is not a subject that you can get that Guru gives his followers. This is not such a thing. There is no distance that could get to it. It's not so much that is somewhere to be, and you need to get there, that would get this.

When we look at the world and remind ourselves that we are what we eat. It takes many years of sadhana. Will you keep reminding yourself: We are what we eat. We are not different from the Lord, not different from the Almighty.



Anbin Kudil (Anbelkudil) Ashram
Nerangepet, Mettur,
near Bhavani, Tamil Nadu , India

The ashram is located in Nerangepet, Mettur, near a village called Bhavani in Tamil Nadu, within 5-hours drive from Tiruvannamalai.

Bhavani (பவானி) is a special grade Municipal area in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India.

It is a peninsular island area situated at the north of Erode City, lying at the confluence of the rivers Kaveri, the largest river in Tamil Nadu and Bhavani, the second largest river in Tamil Nadu, with Akash Ganga. Hence this place is known as the Triveni Sangamam of South.

Bhavani is about 14 km away from the Erode Junction Railway Station and nearly a 10 km drive from the Central Bus Station at Erode.

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The nearby Sangameswarar Temple, built at the confluence of the rivers, is a pilgrimage and tourism spot. This Siva Temple is a shrine at the confluence of Bhavani, Cauveri and Amrutavahini rivers(Mukkoodal). The temple is located on the northern bank where the rivers meet. It is believed that no evil will befall those who visit this Temple.

The five hill temples of this area such as Sankagiri, Tiruchengode, Padmagiri, Mangalagiri and Vedagiri were surrounding this Temple.

Books & Media

Recommended Books: 
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Blueprints for Awakening: Rare Dialogues With 16 Indian Masters On The Teachings Of Sri Ramana Maharshi (includes PAL/computer viewed trailer DVD)

by John David (formerly Premananda)


Blueprints for Awakening is for everyone who has an inner passion to know who they are and what they are doing here as a human being. It is for all who ask the question Who am I? and for those who are looking for guidance on the teaching of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi to be as you are.

As time passes, many great sages become legendary, as the average man cannot even comprehend the possibility of the infinite wisdom they lived and loved as their own true nature. Slowly and steadily, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi too shall be part of that legend. --Swami Suddhananda

In India he is regarded as a Saint and many consider him the most important guru of recent times: Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, simply called Bhagavan, God, by his devotees. Premananda has succeeded in coaxing sixteen important Indian Masters to speak into his microphone. He asks each of them the same set of questions about the teachings of their fellow Master, Sri Ramana. The result is a compendium of astonishing wisdom about the biggest secret of all times: the nature of our true Self and how to realise it.

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I heard incredible reports about him

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I heard several good accounts about this sage from people who were with him when he was residing close to Tiruvanamalai in Tamil Nadu.

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Heart opens and tears fall

What words can truly express a Satguru? Baba is beautiful. Beyond words. Mind has all kinds of opinions and preferences, yet there is this Ocean of compassion here now in body still who humbly offers darshan. His direct devotee-assistant Bhisma ji is a beautiful example of His teachings and presence; the fruit of His compassion and grace. In satsang, we sing from the Ribhu Gita, throughout Baba sings and gestures with sacred mudras. He is otherworldly. One friend mentioned, "I've seen a lot of gurus, but coming here, it's like he's not even there. It's like no one is there." Profound when you just surrender to your own Supreme Self and leave the mind at the door with your shoes. Heart opens and tears fall. His mischievous laugh is a blessing to hear. The setting is very traditional with prostrations, fruit and flower offerings & prasAd. It is a beautiful experience. YES pray you sit with Baba next time you are in India. He is in both North and South India at different times of the year. Blessings. Om shanti

anandani | Tue, 05/13/2014 - 19:46