Thakur Anukulchandra

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Radha Soami
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Himaitpur, Pabna district, Bangladesh
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Anukulchandra was born on 14 September 1888 in Himaitpur village in the Pabna district of Bangladesh. His father was Shibchandra Chakravarty (Shandilya Gotra Kanyakubja Brahmin) and his mother was Manmohini Devi.

Anukulchandra set up a Satsang ashram, first at Pabna in Bangladesh in 1946, and then at Deoghar in India, for fostering spiritual development.The Satsang ashram at Deogarh has now become a major place of attraction in Deogarh. The four ideals of Satsanga are education, agriculture, industry, and good marriage. Actually Anukulchandra did not 'set up' any organization. The organization evolved around him. Schools, charitable hospitals, engineering workshops, a publishing house, and a printing press came up. He never wrote any book. Except one -Satyanusaran' (The Pursuit of Truth), but this was only a letter to one of his disciples Atulchandra. However, conversations of various people with Sri Sri Thakur was recorded, and his direct sayings were compiled. This has given birth to the vast literature of his direct teachings; noted among these are Satyanusaran, Punyapunthi, Anushruti, Chalar Sathi, Shashvati, and Pritibinayak.

Anukulchandra was initiated (called 'Dikhsha') by his mother on behalf of Huzur Maharaj of Radhaswami Satsang, Dayalbagh, Agra. But he had been showing tremendous spiritual signs right from his advent. He used to do 'Kirton'/Naam-Kirton ("Hare Rama- Hare Krishna"). Sometimes during this, he would go into a trance. His utterances during these trances known as “messages” were later collected and published in a book called Punyapunthi. It was at this time that he started being addressed as “Thakur”.

Mother Mata Monmohini Devi was deeply inclined to spiritualism namely prayer to the Almighty and her meditation. She was initiated by Huzur Maharaj of Dayalbagh, Radhaswami Satsang of Agra. Her spiritualism consolidated in her initiator Huzur Maharaj Ji through whom she used to taste the nectar of Heaven almost in her everyday life. In 1946 Anukulchandra went to Deoghar in Bihar and an ashram came up there as well. However, he remained unsatisfied with his followers as they could not follow him the way he wanted. He had proclaimed that unless the human society adopts the marriage rules of Varnashram, there will be no peace in the world and all development work will prove to be futile. He did not return to Pabna after the partition of India, but continued to live in Deoghar, where he left his mortal frame on 26 January 1969.


His teachings range over almost all subjects of the world, including pure sciences. He had predicted & explained the dangers (in a scientific manner) in 1920s itself. He has given immense knowledge of the origin of the world, humans, history of the world & Indo-Aryans in particular. He spoke in details about quanta, atoms, and sub-atomic particles and has given detailed explanation on how all these created the cosmos. No one knows how he spoke on all these, many of which were discovered later by modern science. His explanations of Human Eugenics laws & dynamics of Varnashram is exhaustive. He has said that we must know the science of human breeding, to produce better quality people. All his principles are based on Ayurveda & other Vedic concepts. But his explanations are surprisingly modern.

According to Sri Sri Thakur, the Vedas were expressed at the North Pole itself. The Aryans were practitioners of the Varna system and had a proper science of marriage. This was based on genetics & eugenics.

Sri Sri Thakur said that the Supreme being (Ultimate GOD) is one & only one. All the Prophets are same and there is no difference. His ideology is based on three major concepts:

1. GOD is one and all Prophets are the same. The Latest Prophet is always the Fulfiller of all the previous prophets. He said Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Chaitanya & Ramkrishna Paramahans have been the Prophets & we should respect them all. Blasphemy to anyone of them is blasphemy to all.

2. Living Ideal (Guru in flesh & blood/ a living Guru). He said that the abstract God can not be comprehended by humans. So, we need a living Guru who has the attributes (some, if not all) of God. This Guru is the living embodiment of all ideals of life. When a Prophet comes he is called Sad-Guru, the most perfect Guru, and blessed are those who get such a Prophet. This chain of Prophets will continue as long as the creation exists.

3. Marriage on the principles of Varna system. That is first marriage of a man in his own varna (Savarna Marriage), then he can marry females of the lower varnas (Anulom Asavarna marriage/ Hypergamous marriage). The former is to preserve the original genetic stock of the lineage, and the subsequent ones to breed new bio-diversities. But he warned against Hypogamous (Pratiloma) marriages, where the girl is from higher varna. Progeny of such marriages are distorted by birth, as, Sri Sri Thakur "inferior sperm destroys the nodules of a superior ovum". These people, however brilliant, are anti-existence, anti-life by birth, and can not be cured.


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