Tarun Sagar

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Fast Facts
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Krantikari Sant
Jainism, Digambar Jain
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Date of Birth: 
26th June 1967
Place of Birth: 
Guhanchi, Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, India
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acharya vidyasagar


Jain Ascetism in the tender age of 13 years.
First Jain Muni whose pravachan(Elucidations)telecasted in 122 countries including India.First Jain Muni who is available on Internet.

First Jain muni who started a movement called Ahimsa Mahakumbh to stop export of meat and leather from India.
First Jain muni who had pronounced that Bhagwan Mahavir is to be freed from Janis and temples, His thoughts and teachings should be for each individual. It clearly shows his revolutionary thoughts.
First Jain muni Written no. of books in Hindi and Sanskrit.

Muni Shri Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj is the first Digambar Saint who is popularly known as the revolutionary Saint in the jain community. Yes, it is very surprising as Saint and Revilutionery Saint does not go together, but the truth is a truth. " I have come as a revolutionary messenger and not as a messenger of peace, remember I have come with the sword of revolution and not with a message for peace, because peace is not possible without a revolution under the present circumstances of the country and society". These are the roaring notes of the Revolutionary Saint Jain Muni Shri Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj which echoed around the fertile land of revolution of Meerut during his first address of the speech. With the result, everycorner of the city was awakened and ten to twelve thousand credulous listeners started to attend the speech of Muni Shri which created a new history of Meerut, the pleasant odour of which had spread in the city and an ocean of culture and moral was rippled



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Pro Opinions

Revolutionary speaker


Truly he is revolutionary in Digambers and at other platforms also. I prefer his style of speaking which is very different when listening on TV and during his programmes.