Tapovan Maharaj

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Chippu Kutty, Subramanian Nair, Shri Swami Tapovan Maharaj
Vedanta, Sanyasi
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Place of Birth: 
Palakkad, Kerala, India
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Known disciples: Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Sundaranand


was a Hindu Sannyasi and Vedanta scholar who taught both Swami Chinmayananda, the founder of the Chinmaya Mission Movement and Swami Sundaranand .

Born in Palakkad, Kerala as Subramanian Nair, Tapovan Maharaj exhibited a thirst for spiritual knowledge and self realisation, also being an accomplished public speaker. He left the modern education system early and dedicated himself to the study of Sanskrit and the Vedanta. After his brother became employed as a lawyer, he entered the order of Sannyasi.

Tapovan Maharaj did not believe in the system of "ashrams", and was known for his strict solitary lifestyle in the Himalayan region of Uttarkashi.

He authored two books on his travels through the Himalayas: "Wanderings in the Himalayas" (Himagiri Viharam] and "Kailasa Yatra." Swami-ji exhibited a deep love for nature and his accounts of his travels demonstrate such. His autobiography, written in Sanskrit is titled "Ishvara Darshana". He attained Mahasamadhi at the age of 68 in 1957.

Swami Sundaranand is believed to have received sprititual transmissions from Swami Tapovan Maharaj on Swami Tapovan's passing on January 16, 1957.


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Himalyan Master

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His life account is real inspiration to the seekers. His book on Himalayan journey is really inspiring.