Swati Shiv

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Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Behaviour Analysis
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Jaipur, India
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Swati Shiv is a registered practitioner of alternative medicine. She practices spiritual healing, training and therapy by using Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy and Life between Life therapies.

Owing to practical experimentation and experience, she has come to realize that any one method of healing does not suffice to heal all kinds of problems, one encounters at the physical and emotional levels of existence. Each technique has something unique to offer, and often an integration of these techniques may speed up the process of healing, while also making it more effective.

Through using these therapies, she helps people access their subconscious mind so that they can understand the information stored there, and interpret it in order to heal their emotional disharmonies. This understanding helps in healing various kinds of mental and physical disorders. For example, it helps to heal problems like depression, lack of focus, fears and phobias, asthma, earache, arthritis, weight loss, addictions, feelings of misfortune etc.

Swati Shiv is a spiritual healer and self-empowerment therapist. She specializes in healing emotional trauma with unknown causes. She has been practicing hypnotherapy and past life therapy for several years and has helped several people heal from physical diseases and mental problems by helping them understand their soul’s perspective and purpose of life.

She has also written three books which explain why a soul plans a human life and how understanding and aligning with the soul's purpose is necessary to find happiness.


Synchronizing the goals of body, mind and soul.

The body, mind and soul are treated as one single entity. Healing and happiness is achieved by synchronizing the goals of the body, mind and soul. Her practice employs an integrative approach. She is also a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming, Reiki Master, practitioner of Advanced Pranik Healing and DNA 2 Theta Healing. She also uses concepts from Craneo-sacral Balancing therapy and Behaviour Analysis.


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Redefining Happiness

by Swati Shiv


Redefining Happiness illustrates how to overcome negative feelings through using energy reversing techniques. It goes beyond rationalizing out worries or wondering about why they happened, to healing problems from a direct approach on rotating our internal emotional and energy focus. The techniques help us access our subconscious mind and remove negativity from the core soul levels. Redefining Happiness seeks to raise people's beliefs on happiness again by teaching how to redefine success and erase sadness by using different techniques of handling negative feelings. The science of seeking happiness works on a key understanding of the Laws of the universe. Redefining Happiness details several practical techniques of healing negative feelings, from a soul's perspective. The book shows a completely new way of getting out of traumas, depressions and heart breaks. Healing and empowering the soul is the only way to realize happiness from within.