Swaroop Pramanick

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Dr. Swaroop Pramanick, Doc, Swaroop, Bhau
Shri Parampara, Hinduism, Advaita
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Date of Birth: 
27th November 1973
Place of Birth: 
Shantipur, India
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Born on 27 November 1973 in Shantipur a few kms from Kolkota, Dr. Swaroop Pramanick holds this fact dear that he was born in the land of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Raised in a cosmopolitan family & neighborhood in Mumbai, Swroop as a boy had a busy childhood full of studies, music & Sports. Grown up on the music of Kishore Kumar he would constantly sing his favorite songs, a habit he has still not dropped. He was a state level badminton player, a passion he had to drop for a bigger goal, to be a doctor. Life was on a carefree rebellious streak until he met Bhagyashri, his future wife in college.
Life had a lot in store for this young couple. The early demise of his father and a series of events there after, turned life around for them. A sudden surge of Gajanan Maharaj in life changed the world for them. Swaroop went through a series of experiences that were beyond the capacity of anyone around to comprehend. The influx of a divine power could only be understood by the bearer. With the love of his life by his side, this teenager bowed to the divine will, with his head held high & arm wide open. The journey since has been a wild ride, literally. Not only did he keep his head sane, he retained his rebellious streak & made this whole thing look good. The existence of Gajanan Maharaj in every aspect of ones life was bound to bring changes. His response to this challenge was a journey to rediscover & rebuild himself for Maharaj. Swaroop developed a voracious hunger & an equal appetite for knowledge. Reading all the scriptures, philosophies & every great master he began growing in stature. The rebel in him would not let him rest until he would practice what he learned. He would delve deep in to the subject he was learning by talking, discussing & living it. He observed strict rituals & Anushthans from time to time. This lead to several others around him gaining knowledge of a new concept every time he was on a new subject. The study always led to the next topic & then the cycle would continue. This mode of gaining knowledge lasted for a long time & led to many a journeys. On one such journey he met his Satguru Shri Kaka Maharaj Dhekane. After receiving Diksha in Kriya Yog from his guru, Swaroop now began a renewed journey. Bhau, as he was fondly called now had grown close to the Advaita philosophy & accelerating in meditation. As always was, many around were benefiting from his experiences. He was in a few hearts a Guru already. This journey had lasted for a decade by now.
But it had not been a spiritual journey alone. Bhau had built the temple of Shri Gajanan Maharaj ,brick by brick, tile by tile and person by person. Maharaj had moved out of a 200 sq feet living room in to a sprawling 1500 sq feet temple. Besides this he is a high ranking dentist with a successful practice. He is an ideal for people to see how spirituality & life can be balanced & be successful in both. 14 years after the journey began, friends turned family had realized the real purpose of Him & Maa being around. The Shri Parampara was thus started for the ones who could not get enough of them in life. The reins of this new order were handed over to the woman behind the successful man, our own Maa. This gave the seekers a unmatched advantage to gain knowledge from Bhau, Love from Maa & self from Maharaj.
The journey so far has been a life altering one for both Maa & Bhau and all those with them. A few things however have not changed. The good moments of friendship are still enjoyed. Bhau has not lost the sportsman in him & still scrapes a knee to take that catch. Ice cream , chocolates , Wada Pav & a good cup of tea are still enjoyed. He still sings with the passion he sang Kishore Kumar,now the songs have changed. He still laughs uncontrollable at jokes, now the meanings have changed.
With Maharaj within, Maa on his left & us around a new journey has begun.


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Some of His strikingly significant teachings which I remember:
"Love .....is not a person....Love is the presence....Presence of the almighty Sat-guru."