Swamy Shivananda Maharaj

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Andhra Maharaj (only in Ganugapur)
Datta Sampradayam
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Sripadavallabha Swamy, Nrusimha Saraswathi Swamy, Manikya Prabhudeva, Swamy Samartha, Sai baba, Gajanan baba, Tajuddin baba,Vasudevananda Saraswathi Swamy, Gulab baba


He is believed by his followers to be a dattaavadhoot and rarely anybody knew about his birth, parents and where he came from. He is known to some people since 20 to 25 years. Swamiji dedicated his life in spreading about Gurus, Guru Seva, Lord DATTATREYA and His incarnations, "GURUCHARITRA" and all about the great saints of the world. Swamiji has conducted many GURUCHARITRA sapthaha paarayanas (reading the book in 7 days) all over Andhra Pradesh, India.

He used to stay in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh in an ashram called "SRI SHIRIDI SAI GURUPAADUKA PEETAM" and recently moved to GANUGAPUR (Gulbarga Dist, KARNATAKA)where he constructed an ashram called "SREEPADAVALLABHA MAHA SAMSTHANAM."


Recently swamiji has undertaken the "Dattakoti" project and named it as "SREEPADA SREEVALLABHA AUDUMBARA ANUGRAHA VANN." (you can see the proposed plan in "Photos" column). This project is considered to be the biggest project of Sreepada Sreevallabha Swamy at present.

About the PROJECT :

This project is a spiritual garden of 108 statues of 1st Dattavatar Sreepada Sreevallabha swamy with 1 crore hand written "SRI DATTA" names underneath each statue making it a total of 108 crore "SRI DATTA" names which are already completed.

* 108 Holy Feet (paaduka/paadukalu)
* 108 Fig (Audumbar/Medi) trees
* 108 Basil Plants (Tulsi)
* 108 Serpent God (Nag Devta)
* 108 Lamps (Jyoti/Deep)
* 3 Holy Cows
* Holy Fire
* Sanctum of Lord Dattatreya
* Nakshatra Vann and Rashi Vann
* Datta ashtothara naamaavali, one at each statue carved in front making it possible for chanting while doing circumambulations (pradakshina/parikrama)

According to our ancient scriptures nothing is greater than the power of Naam (chanting a Name). Worshipping the Naama is considered as the ultimate and the best. The power of one crore handwritten names or spelt is equal to visiting 108 holy temples. Hence one parikrama around this spiritual garden is equal to visiting 11,664 Lord Dattatreya temples (108 crores of Names X 108 Stupas = 11,664)

How it started:

Actually it was not started by swamiji himself. Gopal Rao (an avadhooth) came in the dreams of his devotee Jaya Prakash Reddy who is serving as a chairman for Gopal baba Ashram and temple in Chintal, Hyderabad and told him about the project and to encourage people to write 108 crores of "SRI DATTA" names. He said he will later inform him to whom to handover the project. Accordingly he started spreading about the project and encouraged every devotee to write "DATTA KOTI." In his tour to Vishakapatnam he came to know about swamiji and gave him DATTA KOTI books. After completing 67-68 crores, Sri Vasudevananda Saraswathi Swamy/Tembe Swamy came in his dreams and told him to handover the project to Swamiji and already written Datta Koti books. This project was handed over to swamiji after shifting to Ganugapur, Karnataka. After Swamiji took the temple project, amazingly 125 crores of "SRI DATTA" names were completed within a period of 3 months.

At present Swamiji is very dedicated and busy with this project.


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Sripadavallabha Maha Samsthanam
9/102 Near Sangam, Srikshetra GANUGAPUR,
Gulbarga Dist., Karnataka 585 212, INDIA
08470 - 290255 / Mob : +91 9611216234