Swamy Rama

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Date of Birth: 
8th June 1903
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In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
25th September 1972


On rare occasions, a soul of the highest stature enters the world. One that comes to uplift creation and put man's feet back on the path to God. The Glory of such a One is of such simplicity, beauty and grace that one is inspired just being in His presence - words are unnecessary! Such was and is the Glory of Rama. He could have destroyed this world with a passing thought but instead cradled it tenderly in His hands and gave it life with His own sweet breath.

His humility, love and selflessness was so great that only a glimpse of it could be caught, even by those who loved him dearly. Beyond time and space, He cared not what religious path you chose, He embraced them all. His face was equal to all. He stood apart, taking no credit for the day as He lovingly and gently led from behind in guiding souls Godward.

Rama was born on June 8, 1903 and took His MahaSamadhi on September 25, 1972. He was born in Telhara, a small town in the State of Maharashtra, India and left home at an early age in search of Truth. He was born at 4:00 AM on the Hindu spiritual day of Ganga Dashahara. Mythology says that Ganga, the sacred Hindu river, descended on this day for the benefit of mankind.

Looking at Rama's horoscope, his grandfather and another astrologer predicted that Rama would leave home to do sadhana in search of spiritual enlightenment and having attained it would move around the earth distributing the treasure to one and all. All of this came true. He did the arduous spiritual sadhana in the forests of Kashmir and in the Himalayan mountains. He reached His goal within a few years. The remainder of His life was spent in freely giving to all, the spiritual truths He had discovered. No one was a stranger to Rama and he called no one disciple, everyone was a friend. He appeared as a normal man and did not wear ochre dress. His appearance was pleasing and His manner friendly. To the passerby He appeared as an ordinary person, but he could change lives with a glance.


Swamy Rama's Ten Principles for Happiness

1. Remain wakeful and make a constant conscious effort to speak the Truth with your physical and mental organ of speech.

2. Sound health is a very useful aid in one's spiritual progress. Thus try to keep your physical body healthy by eating properly and exercising regularly.

3. Chant constantly the name of God with each breath in and out, faithfully and devotedly keeping your goal in mind and remaining wakeful.

4. Avoid the habit of taking intoxicating drugs or alcohol which gives rise to lethargy.

5. No power on earth can take away my cheerfulness, courage and joy. Let this conviction be an inseparable part of your life. Try to always remain cheerful and happy.

6. As far as possible try to be helpful and charitable to others with your physical actions, beneficial positive thoughts and agreeable speech. Do not hurt any one's heart.

7. Holy company, righteous thoughts the study of the sacred scriptures and good behavior are the four things to be practiced respectfully in life always.

8. No matter what inconvenience and pain you may have to undergo, never ever hate others, especially your near and dear ones. Make a continuous effort not to be disturbed, disappointed and restless.

9. Leave aside laziness. With enthusiasm and regularity observe the disciplines of the spiritual practices and other observances for the complete development of the personality.

10. With the remembrance of God and a pure, guileless and cheerful smile, try to perform your daily activities in the Light of Fearlessness, Unity and Bliss of that Supreme Being.


Pro Opinions

Coming events cast their shadows before


'Coming events cast their shadows before' is the proverb which happened verily true when studying the life of Swami Rama who treated his disciples as friends.