Swami Sri Sudarshanacharya Ji Maharaj

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Bhakti, Satsang, Sanatna Dharma
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India, South Africa, Nigeria, USA, Canada
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Padla, District Savai Madopur, Rajasthan, India
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Baba Ganeshpuriji of Mendipur Balaji, Guru Sri Govindacharyaji guru


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The Sri Sampradaya was started by none other than Lord Sriman Narayan at the behest of the almighty Mother Mahalakshmi and it still continues as the Sri Sampradaya, but when His Holiness Sri Ramanujacharya appeared in this tradition it also got the name of Ramanuja Sampradaya, or tradition.

To give an introduction to Guruji is like showing a candle to the sun in broad daylight. His holiness Srimadjagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Sudershanacharyaji Maharaj, or as he is fondly called as Guruji or Gurumaharaj by most of his followers, was born in the state of Rajasthan, District Savai Madopur, Village Padla, in a prosperous brahmin family who worked as farmers. He was named as Shiv (shambu) Dayal Sharma.

Since childhood he was an ardent devotee of Lord Narayan and had a fire inside him for helping others. When he was a mere three and a half years old he heard a saint sing the words "liy a diy a tere sang chalega, dharam karam ka naata hal, sai naam ki chinta kar le, dene wala daata hal" (whatever you give and take will go with you, religion and deeds are your associates, worry about taking the name of God, Lord is the giver). The words had a tremendous impact on his mind and that diverted him to the path of devotion and the words of that saint had such an impact that no material thing or desire ever touched his mind thereafter.

When he was a mere seven years old and was in Mendipur Balaji's famous balaji temple under the eye of the temple head priest Baba Ganeshpuriji, their occurred another incident from where he got the inspiration to help the world and to follow the path of devotion of the lord. The incident was that, in that temple a lady who was troubled by spirits used to come daily to the temple and for about a month sat quietly in a corner of the temple. When Guruji saw that lady he got the thought of helping her and he prayed to Baba Ganeshpuriji to cure her of her problem. Baba replied that the condition of the lady was due to her past deeds. Seeing no improvement in her condition he again prayed to Baba to cure her, Baba replied "her condition is so because of her past deeds, rest, leave it on Hanumanji let him decide." When he saw the pitiable condition of the lady the feeling of helping others got deep rooted and he took the pledge to help the world. Under the influence of the pledge he requested the Baba once again to help the lady. At the insistence of Gurui, Baba Ganeshpuri]i threw some ash on the body of the lady and as soon as the divine ash touched her body the lady started shaking and started talking. The spirit inside the body of the lady told them that the lady was a fifty-fifty partner with it in business and she had taken three and a half lac rupees that belonged to the spirits. He called him to her house one day and she poisoned him to death.

Since then the spirit had vowed to destroy her whole family. It had already killed two of her children and she was the only one left. Baba asked the spirit that what would he do with the money now, to which he replied that it was his problem what he would do. The lady returned the money and she got cured. At the behest of the spirit the priest got a dharamshala (a place where people stay for free) constructed. After the incident Guruji asked Baba that what was the cure to all such problems? Baba replied "help the world". Gurui asked how could he help the world? Baba replied "learn sanskrit and study the scriptures". With the aim to help the world of all its problems Guruji started out to find a suit able Guru to teach him. And finally in Bada Khatla, Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh), which is one of the oldest schools for sanskrit students teachers and scholars, he found the right teacher in his holiness Guru Sri Govindacharyaji who was a guru in the Ramanuj tradition. He was formally initiated as a disciple of his guru and completed his study under his expert guidance. After completing his study he went to Kashi in quest of further knowledge. He read the vedas, shastras, purans, Darshanshastra etc, and obtained a tremendous knowledge of religion from its root. He not only got a test of the powers of holy mantras, but also got them under his control.

With the inspirition he got from Baba Ganeshpuriji, and the order of his Guru Sri Govindacharyaji, he went to the deep forest of Bangarh about 200km from his village and started severe penances. He continued his austeries and penances for 12 years. During his period of penances he made and stayed in huts near Todabhim at Panchmadiarayanimata, Bhartuhariji and Pandupur. During the final stages of his penances one Saint, who appeared to be Muslim by appearance (Lord Narayan) came to him and said "My devotee you are hungry since three days;I have bought you three rotis (flour made eatable); eat it" . But Guruji said "No dear Saint, I wont eat them". Then the Saint said "You eat two, I will eat one". Guruji refused. The saint said "Fine, you eat one, I will eat two". Gguruji refused once again. So in front of Guruji the Saint ate all the three himself. After eating them he said "Looking at your penance, your divine aim and your pledge of helping the world I had come to give you all the three worlds but you refused. But never mind, tomorrow before nine in the morning another Saint will come to you and dont refuse to take food from him" Next day at the given time a Saint came and insited Guruji have food. Guruji, on the advice of the Saint who had come a day before, took the food which was offered to him. The saint gave Guruji a benediction that whatever Guruji will want he will get. Since that day the world has been benefitted in all the possible ways from Guruji and this tradition will continue.

The condition that the Saint put was that, dont expose yourself to the world for some time. Start your work of helping others in a quite manner. Guruji stayed in Delhi and in an invisible manner he started his work of helping the world. With the permission and the insistence of Lord Sriman Narayan he laid the foundation stone of Siddh Daata Ashram on the Surajkund-Badkhal Road, Faridabad, in 1990. The place is in itself a place where many Saints have done austerities in the past and is divine. This time Guruji started exposing his real self and powers to the world. He pledged to make the Ashram a divine place for the common man. The Ashram is spread over nine acres of land. In 1996 on the holy occasion of Dasharra, the foundation stone of Sri Laksmi Narayan Mandir was laid by Guru Maharaj himself.

Previously it was a belief, but now it is a proven fact time and again that anyone with true belief comes to the Ashram has all his wishes fulfilled. Here for the service of devotees and to guide all devotees into the true path of righteousness, Guruji is always their to solve their problems of any kind. Not only people if India but from the world over their have been devotees & have witnessed with their own eyes the power of Guruji and his dedication and love towards humanity. Guruji has proved to be a jewel in the crown of the Ramanuj Sampradaya and the Vaishnav world, for which all the Saints of the Sampradaya, to acknowledge his devotion to God, love for humanity and his dedication to help the entire world, unanimously gave him the highest respect and position in the Sampradaya, the position and level of a JAGADGURU. At the holy banks of the river Ganges and the divine occasion of the Mahakumbhmela in Haridwar in the year 1998, in presence of Jagadurs of other Sampraday's, Peethadeeshwars, Tridandi Swami's, Guruji was bestowed with the honour of JAGADGURU . This was truly a splendid function which people will never forget and those who missed will always regret. Since that day Siddh Datta Ashram came to be known as Siddh Datta Siddhpeeth. "Sri Sriyeh Namah,Sri Ramanujayeh Namah, Sri Saryo Serve Siddayeh Namah"


Anant Sri Vibhushit Sri Jagadguru Ramanujacharya, Indraprastha-HaryanaPeethadhiswar,Swami Sudarshanacharyaji Maharaj, who is occupying a seat in our heart and soul, can be seen in different forms as per feelings of the individuals.
He always goes on scattering the unique light of his mercy, grace, kindness, and blessings in our trivial lives.
He not only washes our sins and evils of the previous several births by means of holy water of his discourses but also provides the liberation to his devotees for ever by cutting the shackles of the bondage of birth and death of this mortal world.
Sri Guru Maharaj casts a spell such a magic on the people that they forget the petty materials of the world and raise themselves above from the considerations of 'mine and yours' and finally begin to move on the path going towards God.
The fortunate Guru Brothers, Sisters, and devotees, generally make a dip into the Triveni of divine discourses of Guruji and get the bliss and holy communion we get at the time of dip into the discourses, but that we forget after sometime and again we entangle into the cycle of Kama, Krodh, Mada, Lobha, Moha (Lust, Anger, Vainity, Greed and Attachment) of this materialistic world. Then, we do not (Triveni = Three Rivers - Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) remember that we the human beings, are the creatures of That God.

God sends man in this world to do welfare of the world. Sri Guru Maharajji reminds us again and again by his ambrosial-words and divine messages but we, the ignorant/ stupid and selfish by birth, adopt a number of vices in our lives. So, it is just an appeal and small effort through this book to convey you the very ambrosial-words of Sri Guru Maharajji, in the form of his blessings so that you may imbibe and follow his message in your lives. As it is our first effort, so we are sorry and beg your apology for the errors knowingly or unknowingly committed in this book. Together with, we expect from our Guru-Brothers also to forgive us for the mistakes that have been made in this book.

As a first effort, we present here before you a ditto translation of the divine satsanga (discourse) made by Shri Guru Maharaj on 21st March, 1997 in sector 16, Faridabad. You just meditate it, sing it,dip into it, holding on firmly its any one point or a line or a maxim and become MiraBai, Karmabai or any other recognised devotee to God.

Kabira ve nar andha hen, Guru ko kahte or I
Hari Ruthe to thor, Guru Ruthe Nahi Thor II

The supreme significance and meaningfulness of human life is to remember God, because our body surely gets strong by eating good food but our soul remains weak. The food or diet of our soul is The name of God'. So, let us recite His Name for some moments "Sriman Narayana Narayana Narayana " The same word 'Sriman Narayan' has been termed as "The Spreme Essence Parbrahma" by Vedas, Shastras, Puranas and all other scriptures.
Baba Nanak Dev of Punjab region, had studied all four Vedas, the Puranas, Shastras and Smrities. He also regarded God, Sri Hariji as 'Absolute Adorable, The Supreme Element".


Baba ordains that," I was a Nirankari Nanak, bur when I knew that there can't be salvation without surrenderence", So, I accepted sharanagati and I became Nanak Das.
He prays -
All the devotees, satsanga lovers and Guru devotees! Welcome to all of you for coming here for sake of God. I am watching Laxmi Narayana within you; as saint, poet Tulsi has said-'The whole world is like Sita Ram, so, accept my salutation" My dear! As you know that human body (specie) is rare, We are afraid of this evil age, Kaliyuga (present age) is very bad, this is true too. Because, there is no purity/ sanctity or holiness anywhere in this era. This kaliyuga is full of dirt and evils; ocean of sins. Man's mind is like a fish, as the fish dies without water. So, we are like a fish that is living in the sea of sins. This is true,

but my dear ones! You need not worry about. God has graced upon you. He is an ocean of mercy. He always showers His kindness upon the creatures. Although, we have become lakhpati or crorespati (multimillionaire) in this era - means, we are artificial/fake patis (husbands/ owners). The real treasure which God has bestowed/ granted upon us, is His grace. He has removed our sins committed by our mind. Only the sins made by our physicial body, would be counted. So, if you decide to perform a yajna in your mind or do any beneficence for other, you will certainly get its reward; But it should be done with a true faith and feeling. It is a great grace in this Kaliyuga.

Saint Tulsidas has said that No Age or Era would come like Kaliyuga. Only one should have true faith and trust in god. For, no relation lasts without true faith in this world. May be any relation - like Husband-wife relation; father-son or friend-friend relation. The Jeeva (creature) can cross easily the ocean of this world just by eulogizing of Sri Rama/Sri Krishna. So, No need to be scared. Don't find excuses. Just seek the reality. God's Maya (illusion) is a Nartaki (dancer) which makes every jeeva dance. The reverse of Nartaki is Kirtana (recitation or praying God). So,this dancer can be stopped by doing God's Kirtan.

In kaliyuga, there is no need to perform big works, yajnas or muttering the mantras to achieve God. This Nartaki/ the deception will automatically be prevented, if you just start meditating Him. God is the husband of Maya. So, if we praise God, Maya can not trouble you. She will not go against her husband. So, my dear audience! This kaliyuga (age) is not so bad. It is too good. If we fall in mud, we will be stained. But if we dip into pure water, we would be able to wash out our dirt and mud too. What is this pure water? That is the name of God. This is only essence in Kaliyuga. Baba Nanak says -


The life of a man who does not do the duty for which he has taken birth, is worse than a pig or dog; and the job is - to remember God, His prayer, His worship, His Psalm. My dear friends! we will get the fruit of Kirtan when the true humanity enters within us. As we put in anything antibacterial in a container, its content turns into different nature. So, is the case with a human being without humanity. Anything sacred also becomes impure in a bad character. Ravana, Kumbhakarn and Meghanad all were killed by God Rama, because they all were wicked powers. So, it is very necessary to bring human qualities within yourselves. My dears, I often repeat one thing again and again. A particular medicine is made for a particular disease. You should not change the medicine again and again. For bringing humanity, first we should bring a change in our eatings and drinkings, habits and in our livings. If we use meat and liquor in our food, then we are no more a human being. We are just devils/rascals/ wicked men, If it is the food for God or deities or man, then give me such example? Is there any scholar who can tell me that meat/or liquor have been the food for man? Actually, it was for the demons only. Man has always been the vegetarian/eater of fruits and vegetables.

Sage Nachiketa, by the order of his father went to Yamlok (abode of death) and wanted to meet Yamraj (the king of death). Yamraj said to him to stay in guest house.
Three days passed in guest house, 4th,5th and 6th also on the 7th day, Yamraj said," call the guest here" Nachiketa bowed down and stood silently. Then Yamraj asked Nachiketa," Do you want to ask anything?" Nachiketa asked him,"What is praan (supreme soul)? What is its colour? "Then Yamraj told him that 'the food grain is life'. Now think, as the food we eat, so will become our life, wit,mind and body. If our vessel/container is dirty or impure, then even pure what we put in, will turn into impure, It will ripen the same fruit. As, the seed sown in the barren land,does not grow/does not produce any fruit, so is the effect of good and bad food (veg. and non-veg.).

God incarnates on the earth for sake of man only. He does not ascend here for celebrating picnic or tour. As God Krishna says in Gita-

'Yada Yada hi Dharmasya, Glanir Bhavati Bharata I
Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Tadatmanam Srijamyaham II
Paritranay Sadhunam Vinashay Ch Dushkritam I
Dharma Sansthapnarthay, Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge II

Whenever, Dharma (religion) decreases, and Adharma (unreligious activities) increases, then I (Krishna) take birth/ incarnate on the earth to protect the good and virtuous souls and to destroy the wicked ones. Here, Sadhu means the virtuous and noble persons and not the persons wearing the monkish/saffron coloured clothes.

So,my dear listeners! God protects the virtuous souls. We should not live for ourselves only, otherwise, there is no difference between a man and an animal. If we live for others, then our being a human being is successful, otherwise animals and birds are far better than us. It is man's duty to do benevolence for others. Noble men's duty is to do mass-welfare. Maharshi Ved Vyas composed 18 Puranas (mythologies). He inferred out only two things off them.

"Paropkaray Punyaya, Papay Perpidanam".

Means there is no greater deed than to munificence and no bigger sin than to oppress or afflict pains on others or sadism either by tongue or by mind or by actions. Therefore, have good feelings for others. Whatever you are, you may do beneficence anyway, by any means. It is not necessary to be a very rich person to do good for others. If you are poor, you may also contribute by your body and mind. All are equal in the eyes of God. He will certainly shower His mercy upon all of you.

Now, One should decide his target after becoming a human. If you put a diamond or gold in a shelf, and do not use it, then it is like an ordinary stone. It has no value, until used. So, set your target. There are two main targets, viz..spiritual and materialistic or physical.
Physical or materialistic target means to earn a lot and lot of money while spiritual target leads you towards God, So, if you choose M.T. then lust, anger, ego, attachment and greed arise in a man. He remains entrapped of these vices. Hence, decide for what you have come in this world. If we do not move towards this target, we are no more a human being.

I do not say that you should become free from the worldly things or get detached like me (Baba) or dissipate your property and/ do not run your business. Actually, we do need these things - house, cloths, vehicles, business etc etc. But this is not our sole aim.
God Krishna says to Arjun - Do battle as your duty but don't forget me (Krishna) also".

People often complain that Baba," we should do psalm/ prayer or we should do our business ?" But my dear ones - follow Krishna's order. Arjuna was Krishna's great dear disciple, so, when Arjuna became Sharnagat (Surrendered), Then god Krishna started preaching him of knowledge.

So, a business or profession can not be defined as Karma (action). It is just a means of our livelihood/a source of our living and not a true karma. True objective (karma) is to remember God/ to chant His name to go for Divine Abode. If a man aims to adopt materialism, then there is no difference between a man and an animal. An animal also does the same activities as a man does. We get the bliss automatically after having achieved God. If we follow materialism, we become the subject of birth and death again and again, this process/ cycle of birth and rebirth goes on.
So, we require the spiritual inclination to cut off the bondage of this chain. Firmness is essential to set the target/ to achieve God.

Therefore, we keep fast to bring firmness in our resolution. Keep fast for sake of God, whomsoever God,you worship, there sould be firmness in your performances.

Some ladies have fasting in the month of May / June. They do not drink even water in such a hot season, while doctors say that one should drink 10-12 litres of water a day during those hot summer days. So, how is that possible to remain without water? My dear friends ! It is possible due to having firm faith in anything. They do all the domestic works and their duties also, and that too without taking water. One should decide ones goal, then have firm faith in God. Mira had firm faith in God Krishna. Mira could see Krishna by her own eyes directly.

(M.T. - Materialistic Target )

So, if we are good human beings and we have an aim/ target to meet God, we will certainly reach to our destination. If you sitting here at Faridabad, ask some body how far Delhi is ? And you do not move at all, you can never reach to Delhi. So, you will have to move forward with a resolution in your mind to reach your goal. An example in this context- four persons were drunken by taking Bhang (a drug made of cannabis sativa). They got in a boat at the bank of Yamuna river near Mathura. They said, "Today is full moon day, we have taken a good quantity of Bhang, our mood is fine, so let us see the Taj Mahal by riding in the boat". Taj Mahal is just 25 km far from Mathura. Then they started rowing the boat.

They rowed the boat whole the night. The morning came, the people started coming there to take bath. The drunkards asked the passers- by which city it was? The people replied it was Mathura. It was Vishram Ghat itself where the drunkards had taken the Bhang. The drunkards were surprised to know that it was the same place and they did not move at all. Whole the night they rowed but in vain. The reason was that the boat was tied with a stake. They did not untie the rope and so, they remained at the same spot in drunken mood.

Hence, my dear devotees! I mean to say is that we all have five vices within us viz.- Kama, Krodha, Mada, Lobha, Moha (Lust, Anger, Ego/pride, Greed and Attachment). Until we get rid of them / leave them, these vices which act like intoxicants/ drugs, will not let us move forward or towards spirituality. The life remains tied with the attachment-rope. So, we are unable to go anywhere. I also think many a times to go somewhere leaving this Ashram, but can't go due to attachment. We have supposed this world as Vishram Ghar (resting spot). We have considered the comforts of the materialism as our sole aim and we are rowing our boat at this Vishram Ghat Only. My dears! This boat of life will remain stayed here only. It can not move towards Divine abode. So, losen your rope of attachment and reach your destination.

After deciding the aim, we have to think which way the boat is going. If we untie the rope, it starts moving in the direction of the current. So, there is need to remember the name of God, to follow the guide-lines of the holy-books and the saints, so that it (life- boat) may move in the right direction. The boat has a hole in it at a certain level because without the hole, the boat will sink otherwise. So, the able boatman keeps on throwing out the extra filled water in it. The boat has one hole but we (The people) have ten holes in our body (life boat). Now, Think, how can the life-boat cross the sea of world without an able boatman. So, what is? and who is this able boatman?

'Mahajan yen Gata Sa Panthah'

The path followed by the Great men, sages / saints and accomplished persons, is the real path and they are the able boatmen who help in crossing the life-river. Many educated people argue that satsanga is not useful." Where does God live? Who is God ? How is He? Why should we waste our time in attending Satsanga or listening the discourses? We can listen or watch it on TV/ radio/. Actually, we (The people) are considering the useless things as good and vice-versa. What a pity! We falsify the reality and do not accept the reality. Nothing will go with us. These worldly externals should not be our targets. This type of target is false.

The only target is God. Although,

Darash Parash Majjan Aru Panna I
Harai Paap Kah Ved Purana II

My wise devotees do not know that the human body emits a kind of radiation (rays). So, if you (the audience) come in direct contact to the sages/ saints, then the rays have a magic effect on the audience. The deities/ Gods have more powerful rays. God Himself is complete brilliance/ refulgence. He is such a glow that the sun, the stars and moon all are shining with that glow. The people of different religions call Him by different names. So, see Him (the divine light) in all forms. The god is supreme light. The moon was created by the Eyes. So, this supreme radiation can be obtained only by attending the satsangas. TV. can not provide you that kind of rays/ radiation. TV. can give us only the words and makes us see the faces of the speakers but not the kind of radiations, sweetness and tender sentiments of satsangas.

In this Kalyuga (age/era), we people have started thinking that satasanga has no importance. Many people say that it (satsanga) is not organised on Sundays or on holidays and that too between 11.00 am to 1.00 pm., because they watch T.V, programmes till 11.00 a.m. . Surprise! It is unfortunate. The people have considered the satsangas so useless and trifle thing that they can not leave their T.V. programmes and other ordinary jobs. Is it so cheap and inferior thing? - that they can't spare their time for this great cause. Moreover, a number of people give their pleas that only the sinners attend the satsangas. Why we? It appears that God Shiva is the greatest sinner, because He demands only one boon from God Vishnu -

'Baar Baar Bar Mangahu, Harashi Dehu Sri Ranga I
Pad Saroj Anpayani Bhagati Sada Satsanga II

Sri Ranga means - God Narayana who exists in all the three Lokas (worlds). He is pervasive in every atom of the things/ objects/ bodies. So, God Shiva demanded only one thing again and again from Narayana that was the service for Lotus feet of God, His devotion, His Shelter. God Shiva was not an ordinary person. He was the Creator of all four Vedas and a great ascetic. Even then he wanted only God's shelter. Many a people here attending satsanga, remain worried about their shoes lest somebody should take away them. Means shoes are more important than satsanga / God. But my devotees! You can not attain your goal without a Guru/ satsanga (company of pious people)

'Binu Satsanga Bibek Na Hoi I
Ram Kripa Binu Sulabh Na Soi II"

Therefore, no prudence occurs without satsanga. Now, you will ask-what is the difference between prudence and knowledge? I would say there is a big difference in these two things. Knowledge is such a thing which even the animals and the birds have, even the small insects like ants have knowledge but prudence is not found in every man. Only a few people are prudent, knowledge is an ordinary small thing. Everybody can have knowledge by reading books, I can be a scholar to make arguments, I can be proudy. A man can become proudy and debatable by having a good amount of knowledge or riches but he can not be a prudent to do good for others or to achieve God by possessing these things. So, prudent (Bibeksheel) people are better than those having erudition/ knowledge.

So, the only accessible route to God, is Satsanga. One needs not to spend much money for this sake. It needs not big Yajnas or donations as these performances make a man proudy. God is not achievable through proud. Once Garudaji (Vehicle of God Vishnu) got haughty and said that if he had not gone to Rama, then He (Rama)would have died when He was tied with Nagpash. So, he (Garuda) had saved Rama. God Brahmaji said to Garuda, "Do not tell this thing to any other. But Garuda did not follow Brahmaji words and went to God Shiva as he wanted his appreciation for his work and so told Him also the same words. God Shiva too, warned him not to utter his boasts to anybody else. But, again he did not pay any heed to Shiva's words and told Him instead, why should he not convess about his great work.

Then, he reached to Sage Narada. Naradaji asked him the reason of his impatience and perplexion. Then, Garuda narrated Him all about his having approached to Brahma, Shiva & other Gods; and he also asked why should he not tell about his having saved God Rama's life. Then, Narada told him that first, he would remove his ignorance, ego and infatuation, otherwise he would have to fall into hell. But how, he asked? Sage Naradaji, then replied him the way that-

"Tabahun Hoi Sab Sansaya Bhanga I
Jab Bahu Kal Karia Satsanga II

Means Garudji! Now, you should attend satsanga for many years. Then only your infatuation will be waved off. He did so; and his ego vanished. So, this is the greatness of satsanga. Until you get detached yourselves from moha, you will not be able to reach to God.

The influences of our previous birth have impact on our lives, otherwise, this Jeeva (soul) is true and pious. As it is the part of Supreme God.- 'Ishwar Ansha Jeeva Avinashi'. So, Jeeva changes its form/ body only. But then, why do we need satsanga? Often the scholars put up these arguments. This is necessary because we are tied with the result of our previous - birth's actions; and the vices like kama, krodh, mada, lobha & moha (lust, anger, arrogance, greed, and infatuation) have been linked with us. We are not able to leave these vices. This Jeeva cannot be stainless without quitting them; only pure and stainless man can achieve God.
Here is a story :- some tribal people took away a king's son. They began to bring him up in their own village. After a course of time, the prince became quite a robust and strong man. On the other hand, the king and the queen both went on weeping due to their son's disappearance. They turned almost blind. In the mean time, a saint arrived there and he said that king's son was alive. The king asked him where his son was. The saint told that the prince was in a tribal colony. Then, the king ordered his servants to bring his son back as soon as possible. At this, the saint started to say to the king-lest your son should refuse to accept you as his father. What will you do then? The king said, yes it might be possible, Then what is the way?

The saint told that he (the saint) would go there first; He would try if the Prince might agree with him. Then the saint went up there and imparted the discourses for many days; he went on saying there that he (the prince) was the son of a king. At this, that young man (the prince) uttered angrily, saying Oh Baba! keep quiet, don't chatter, get lost from here otherwise I will kill you. The saint said, do whatever you like, o.k but "I am telling you the truth." After that the saint went on saying the same words off and on. One day the boy thought over this-"that the saint is not causing me any harm; He is saying the same thing again and again. There is something a sure fact.

Then, he asked, Oh Baba! "tell me the name of my father." Baba said." I won't tell, but you are emperor's son." Now, the boy started coming to baba and asked the name of his father. The saint angrily said." 1 am not your father's servent, I won't tell, do whatever you like. " At this the boy got too much curious and restless. He insisted on and began to weep; Baba tell me the name of my father or I will die by eating poison. Then the saint Baba agreed and took him to the king. The king and the queen became very happy after meeting the boy. Now, you might have understood the meaning of this context. My devotees! The lust, anger, arrogance, attachment, and greed are the tribal men (nomads).

This jeeva is trapped in the tribal's colony, who is this universal king? He is the same absolute Supreme God. We, all people are His sons. We have forgotten that Emperor after having trapped in Kanjar's village and got ready to break baba's neck; as these babas/ saints are hypocrites and sanctimonious; God is stone. They do nothing; and so many other blames. Even then these babas deliver the satsangas for the welfare of mankind. It is your choice whether you follow it or not, but it is true.

So, a saint acts as an agent to carry a man near God. He (the saint/baba) can tell His name and address; God can be approached this way and that way. This is the effect of satsanga. Satsanga is not a story. My dear ones! a number of religious scholars come in this city and tell the tales but I am only His slave. I am telling you the essence only, I can also explain you the Ramayana or Bhagavat's story in a few days. So, what I am saying to you, is not the fable. It is the truth told by the saints. Therefore, satsanga is very essential to be attended, as prudence is awakened by satsanga. God cannot be attained without prudence. It is the prudence only which shows us the right or the wrong.Now, you will ask me how the prudence should come? The answer is - the moment when the prudence enters in the body, one feels renunciation and detachment.

It does not mean that we should leave our home, when, a man gets detached from the worldly things inspite of becoming prosperous or erudite, he gives credit to God for every thing/ every achievement. Saint Tulsidas got prudence through a couplet uttered by his wife-

"Jitana Het Haram son, utana Hari Son Hoi I
Chala Jay Bekuntha Ko, Roki sake Na koi" II

Today, husband - wife quarrel every day, even then no prudence wakes up. Tulsidas left his home, went into the forests and wrote a world famous scripture, The Ramcharit Manasa.'

My dear ones! When Vivek (prudence) arises, Akchhayavat (indestructible tree) establishes. This Akchhayavat never perishes under any circumstances. This is called firmness. One should be firm after deciding the goal. Firmness is the prudence which is the essence of all the scriptures. This is the supreme essence for which we have come in this world to attain God. So, first renunciate yourself, as a Bank Manager does not have any attachment with the money deposited or withdrawal. He always remains neutral. So, is the case with a person whose prudence or judiciousness is awakened.

My dear friends! Satsanga is not a listening thing only, but to imbibe it also. As we become happy by getting salary and not by just words, so is the case with satsanga. Get delighted by listening it. You will certainly be benefited by satsanga.

Satsanga has a unique effect on our lives. If it were not so significant, God Shiva Himself would have never demanded this. Once, God Shiva went to Kumbhaj sage. Next time He went to sage Bhardwaj. He had adopted this (satsanga) in His life. Why? Because He knew the importance of satsanga. As a cow eats grass, wanders here and there, drinks water wherever she gets. Sometimes, people beat her also but she gives us sweet milk, which is ambrosial. The milk has so many qualities naturally. When the sun rays fall on the backbone of the cow, then a kind of golden chemical is prepared in her body. This chemical increases the intellect, splendour and vitality in a man. Similarly, these saints/ babas wander from place to place like cow, study the different scriptures, imbibe the essence, contemplate it and then deliver it to you in a simple language. Whatever you give us to eat and drink, we just take it and remain satisfied with that only, otherwise we keep fast, if not get anything to eat.My dear ones! You get such words from us that your beneficence is sure by their unique effect.

So, the saints or babas are like that cow which provides the nectar - like essence to the world. I tell you the greatness of satsanga again and again. Here, goes on a story-There was a thief; a satsanga was going on nearby him. The thief was about to die. He, before dying, told his four sons not to hear/ attend satsanga at all. Never let any brahmin see the door of your house; do not donate anything; then only my Pranas (life) would end/leave my body; give me the word. All four sons promised; and the man died. After sometime they (the sons) went to steal at the king's palace.
They stole a big money and ran away from there.The king's men followed them. The thieves ran in different directions. One of them ran towards the city. There a satsanga was going on, along the way. He joined it. The topic/ context of the fable was- the angels or the deities are immortal.They move above the earth; they have not shadows because they have no earth element in their bodies. So, they are effulgent, do not walk on the earth. The thief heard this all in the discourse and had a view of baba also. After a while, he went away from there. In the meantime, the king's detectives had discovered the thieves house but they needed some proof. For this, a woman detective put on the guise of kali deity and approached to the door of the thieves house. She knocked at the door in disguise and called the thieves by their names. Three of them came out. They saw that a four armed kali deity was standing before them.

She said," O fools! You committed a big theft but you did not offer me even a bit out of that. I will finish you all. The three brothers (as fourth one was still sleeping) began to say, "Mother, we have made a big robbery; and you deserve to be offered much out of that booty; It would need some time for this purpose.
If we had done it at once, people would have raised their doubts. Therefore, wait a little more. She said, " No, no, I will not wait any more. You should offer me tomorrow itself. The three brothers said okay. In the mean time, the fourth brother also came out there, lighting a lantern. He moved the deity around. He observed that her feet were touching the ground and her shadow was also lying on the earth. Then, he went in, brought the sword and cut off the head of the guised detective.
When other three brothers asked him what he had done? He replied that she was not a deity as he had heard in satsanga that deities/ angels do not have shadows, feet not on the ground. I did see that she had shadow as well as feet on the ground. It meant that she could not be deity. She had been sent by the king to arrest us. If our theft would be proved, we all four brothers would be hanged. Now, we are saved, our money is also saved, so my dears! Such is the strange influence of satsanga.
The fourth brother had learnt the words said by some Preceptor in satsanga and applied them at the right time and he could be able to save the lives of his brothers & himself, Now, you may see the magical effect of attending the satsanga, They ( Brothers) condemned the promise done by them to their father at the time of his death. After that, they got organized a satsanga katha (fable) headed by the same saint. They relished the satsanga katha and became the devotees of high order.

Dear devotees, this is the story of Bhakta Mala. The greatness of satsanga is illustrated in Bhakta Mala. So, when so many thieves and dacoits might become the great devotees by means of satsanga, then why not we and you? We are neither thieves nor so big sinners. But a little bit stealing we do surely. We are a bit thieves as we are eating and drinking everything given by God but we are not remembering His name, I am also included in you. I am a big thief, you are small thieves, Because, we are not uttering His name inspite of getting human body.

'Bade Bhag Manush Tan Pawa I
Sur Durlabha Sab Granthahi Gawa II

We are highly fortunate to get this human body. A man can not create or produce this human body by paying money or by performing yajanas or by giving big charities. It is obtained by the grace of God without paying him anything in return. God has given us everything free of charge. Light, heat, air, water and food grains, all free of charge. We have not to pay the bills for any of these things. Our government or the concerned agencies cut off the connections of electricity/ water for not-payment of the bills.

But my dears, see! God has blessed us the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and Lakes, the Rivers, Oceans, Mountains and trees without charging any amount of money from us. No tax, no fee. So many minerals are being excavated from the earth but no tax for land. God opens the milk booth/ factory for us, 72 hours before taking the birth of the child. This milk has all the qualities, hot in winter, cool in summer, free of cost, servants free, to bring up the child. Still, we the ingratitude and dishonest, do not even thank Him for His kindness and gratefulness.

When we perform Aarti to God, we chant -

Tan Bhi Tera, Dhan Bhi Tera, Man Bhi Tera I
Tera Tujhako Arpan Bhagvan, Kya Lage Mera II

But if, some babaji/ saint begs a bread, then you abuse him, call him by several insulting names/adjectives. It is the insult of God. Much of the money is filled in the shelf but not even a bit out of that in the name of God. What a travesty?

Only God is the husband/ owner of Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth), you can't, if you will try to become Her husband (owner), you will be beaten badly by God. So, use that Laxmi/ money for the service of God, as she is His wife. So, are we not thieves? I am myself a big thief, because I am collecting the donation given by God as well as by you.

But my friends! It is all for an objective, for a purpose. Let me remove your doubts. I am using that all for constructing this Ashram, this temple. This, I am doing for God, for you not for myself.
If you too, make such a target or goal, then certainly it may cause the welfare of India as a whole. Others welfare should be the motive of every man.

My dear friends! I am not wasting your time. The greatness of satsanga is really peculiar. So, all of you should attend satsanga and fix up some of its value in your heart. An example here:- Two horses made of Gold, were on sale. Both were of same kind, same weight, same make. The price of one of horses was rupees five thousand, the other horse was for rupees fifty thousand. The buyer asked the difference between the two horses? He further asked, the specialty of the other horse?

The trader/ seller replied that both the horses are made of pure Gold by the same workman. But see the difference- the trader then put in a big straw into one of the ear of the first horse carrying the price for Rs. 5000/~ and took it out from the other ear. Then he put the same straw into the ear of the second horse carrying the price for Rs. fifty thousand, but the straw went into the stomach of the horse, instead of going out from the other ear. Means the second horse assimilated the thing in his heart but the first one made the stuff out after putting it in.

So, my friends, try to become the second horse. Imbibe the good things in your mind. Listen to the religious discourses attentively leaving/ forgetting the worldly useless things. Follow the ideal references and examples in your real life. God will certainly adopt you. This is the essence of satsanga.




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