Swami Shamanand

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Shri Sadguru Swami Shamanand Maharaj
Hinduism, Sakhol Satya
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Udupi, Karnataka, India
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Other Related Gurus: 
Swami Acyutanand, Raghvendra Swami


Swami Shamanand was born in 1927 near Udupi in Karnataka (now known as Uttara Karnataka) to a ‘Padhmanabh Vaishnavpathith Brahman’ family. His devotees do not know much more about his childhood.

He left home at an early age in pursuit of spiritual awakening and devoted his time to teaching basic moralities, significance of truth and travelling across India (mainly to religious places).

When he visited Raghvendra Swami's Samadhi, he said Raghvendra Swami gave him drishtant (vision or divine appearance) and instructed him to visit Bhagawan Nityananda to seek Sanyasa Diksha (believing that only a guru can take him beyond intellect to the realm of being).

Swami Nityanand then advised Swami Shamanand to go and see Rajguru Shri Swami Acyutanand. Swami Acyutanand then offered him diksha when he was then only 18 years old.

Swami Shamanand continued his sadhana for many years. He went to Bhatwadi (Ghatkopar West) where he laid the foundation stone of the Mahakali Mandir. Locals mention that he carried the divine mother Mahakali in the form of live Jyothi (flame) to establish it here for common people’s prosperity.

In 1972 he moved to Parshuram Temple near Mahendragiri Parvat and in strict self discipline continued to practice intense meditation and severe penance, after which it is believed by his followers that he achieved enlightenment, sacred power and bliss. His followers believed that his prasad (religious offering consumed by worshippers) had healing power.

Later, he returned to Karnataka and took shelter in a shed at Gandadhar Joglekar’s Baug for some years and then founded an ashram in Bijjur, Gokarna in Karnataka with the help of a few followers from other parts of India and a small group of Bijjur people.

Swami Shamanand brought followers together irrespective of their religion, caste and social status.

He took samadhi on 23rd of January, 1989 at 04:20. About a month before his samdhi, it is said that he told his followers "I will always be there for you".


In his teaching he encouraged people to believe in Sakhol Satya (Pure Truth) and simplicity, and urged people to work for the betterment of society and not to achieve fame.

He stressed the importance of sharing knowledge, water the thirsty, give food to hungry and clothes to the needy, he repeatedly encouraged the followers to offer 5% of their earnings towards charity,


His ashram is located in Bijjur, Gokarna, Karnataka

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