Swami Rama Tirtha

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Swami Rama
Vedanta, Spiritual patriotism
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Date of Birth: 
October 22, 1873
Place of Birth: 
Murariwala, a village in the district of Gujranwala, Punjab, India
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
October 17, 1906
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Rama Tirtha was born in Murariwala, Gujranwala district, in Punjab (now in Pakistan). When he was a few days old his mother died, and he was raised by his elder brother Gossain Gurudas. After receiving his Masters degree in mathematics from Government College of Lahore, he became Professor of Mathematics at Forman Christian College in Lahore. A chance meeting with Swami Vivekananda in 1897 in Lahore inspired his later decision to take up the life of a sannyasi.

In the late 19th century, he became well known in Punjab for his speeches on worship of Krishna and later through lectures and essays on Advaita Vedanta. He eventually entered the monastic swami order in 1901, leaving his life as a math professor, husband, and father. A maharaja sponsored a trip by Rama Tirtha to Japan to teach Hinduism. From Japan he traveled in 1902 to the United States, where he spent two years lecturing on the essence of Hinduism and other religions, a philosophy he called "practical Vedanta."

His talks also included denunciation of the caste system in India. Regarding the importance of education for women and the poor, he said, "Neglecting the education of women and children and the labouring classes is like cutting down the branches that are supporting us, nay, it is like striking a death-blow to the roots of the tree of nationality. He began an organization to aid Indian students in American universities, arguing that India needed educated young people and not missionaries. To solve the problem of poverty in India, he suggested bringing young Indian students to American universities, and helped to establish a number of scholarships for Indian students during his tour of America.

Upon his return to India in 1904, he received acclaim for his tour of America, with large crowds thronging to his public lectures. In 1906, he withdrew from public life, weary of the public adoration and large crowds, moving to the foothills of the Himalaya. There he prepared to write a systematic presentation of his 'practical Vedanta.' His book was not finished, as he drowned while bathing in the Ganges on October 17, 1906.


You have simply to shine as the Soul of All, as the Source of Light, as the Spring of Delight, O Blessed One! And energy, life activity will naturally begin to radiate from you. The flower blooms, and lo! fragrance begins to emanate of itself". Awake India! Respond to this call of Rama. Realise the Bliss that is Yourself. Come now, live the life in the Atman. From this moment let Rama enter into your heart and animate your actions and inspire your actions and inspire your very life! May his Divine Spirit vivify and raise India to her pristine glory and Vedantic grandeur! Live in Om!


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Excellent Mathematician converted into Monk


Swami Vivekananda was an excellency of ideal monastic life just-like the very, very bright flame of a lamp of wisdom who lit up another such lamp called Swami Ram Tirath.