Swami Purnanand Saraswati

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Fast Facts
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Shri Swami Purnanand Saraswati
Dattatraya, Saibaba
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Date of Birth: 
11/05/1941 vaishakh shuddha pournima (buddha pournima )
Place of Birth: 
Salem, Tamilnadu, India
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Swami Purnanand Saraswati follows the teachings of Lord Dattatreya and Saibaba.

He lives in Narmada (Bharuch) district, Gujarath at Tapovan Ashram on the banks of the river Narmada(Uttar Vahini).

He has observed "Chaturmasa Deeksha" at all shrines of Shakti Peethas, shrines of Twelve Jyothirlingas and other important places of India. He has never observed "Chaturmasa Deeksha" twice at the same place except for the eighth shrine of Jyothirlingas, Aunda Naganath.

He stayed for a long time for his own tapasya at Rishikesh and in a hut in the farms of Shri Vasanth Bhai Patel in Gujrath before the Tapovan ashram was established for him.

He has not come out of that ashram for more than 12 years as part of what is called "Kshetra Sanyasa".

He gives darshans for devotees after 10 p.m. everyday and he blesses everyone in person except on Thursdays. On Thursdays, he comes out and participates in the Pallaki Seva of Shri Sai baba and holy Padukas of Shri Poondi Swamiji.

He gives holy bath of Narmada on every Guru Pournima to all devotees.


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