Swami Kedarnath Maharaj

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Sri Swami Kedarnath Maharaj, Baba
Spiritual Teacher
Vedanta, Anandamayi Ma
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Swami Kedarnath Maharaj is a direct disciple of Anandamayi Ma. He is said to have practiced intense tapasya and yogic discipline for several decades before finally coming to Anandamayi Ma for advancing his sadhana. He enjoyed intimate association and received direct guidance from her during the last six years of Her life.

He established two ashrams of Anandamayi Ma with the intention of spreading the divine teachings of her, and creating a center open to all sincere seekers who have a desire to learn and practice true spirituality and selfless service.

Swami Kedarnath Maharaj has written several books about practical spiritual life and the teachings of Anandamayi Ma. He has recently released a six-volume series entitled "Sri Anandamayi Ma Vachanamrit" (The Immortal Teachings of Sri Anandamayi Ma). The last (Sixth) volume was recently published and is taken from his own personal diary of his interactions and experiences with Anandamayi Ma spanning six full years. He has also authored two philosophical works, "Purna Pragyapti Darshan", and "Ma Anandamayi Vedant".


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There are over twenty five ashrams in North India dedicated to Sri Anandamayi Ma, run through the governing body of the Anandamayi Sangha. In the 1990’s two independent ashrams were opened in the name and under the Patronage of Sri Anandamayi Ma. One is in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh (Central India), and the other is about two hours south in the ancient and holy pilgrimage site of Omkareshwar, on the banks of the sacred Narmada River. The founder of these ashrams is Swami Kedarnath.