Swami Jananand Baba

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Siddha Yoga
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Maharashtra, India
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27th December 1982
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Swami Jananand Baba was a devotee of Bhagwan Nityananda and under the direct orders of Bhagwan he looked after the Swami Nityananda Ashram at Kanhangad.

There were several devotees of Bhagwan in the monk order, but three of them were considered of very high order in their spiritual accomplishment and their devotion to Bhagwan.

First of whom was Tulsi Amma of Ananda Math, Manna Gudda, Mangalore, whom Bhagwan described as 'vairaga murthi' who has seen the 'Sun' (meaning the eternal Nityananda).

Second was Shree Dayananda Saligram Swami of Swami Nityananda Ashram at Mahul, Chembur, Mumbai whom Bhagwan described as 'Agni Devata'- the fire god. So faithful was he to Bhagwan in his devotion that at times Bhagwan said that he himself could not change what once has been decided by Saligram Swami.

Third was Swami Janananda Baba of Swami Nityananda Ashram of Kanhangad whom Bhagwan described as 'Dattatreya Avatar' and he is the only monk devotee whom Bhagwan alloted the Ashram made by Bhagwan himself.

All others had made ashrams on their own and for themselves, whereas it was to Swami Janananda Baba that Bhagwan handed over the charge of Ashram set up by Bhagwan. Swami Janananda Baba in turn looked after the Ashram as his Master's Temple and never tried to propagate his own image. For every thing, he held Bhagwan as the cause and worked like a true 'Karma Yogi'.

The three devotees of Bhagwan had taken birth with specific purpose , when Bhagwan was performing his leela on this earth and became his devotees through their association with Bhagwan in their past lives. Bhagwan never gave them 'diksha' as such although he gave a new name to Saligram Swami who was initially known as Dayananda Saraswati. Their aim was to set examples for the devotees in regards to service to God, Guru and humanity at large. Tulsi Amma had come to show what was 'vairag' - sacrifice and 'guru bhakti'. Saligram Swami to set example of how to perform one's duties and at the same time make spiritual sadhanas. He also showed how to give up the body when death approaches i.e. with the recitation of fifteenth chapter on 'Purshotam Yog' of Gita and 'Ramraksha Sthotras' of Buddha Kaushik Rishi. Swami Janananda took birth to set an example of devotion through 'karma' as described in Gita. All his life he worked hard with total devotion to his Master. He also kept all his spiritual power subdued and never tried to make name for himself. He always kept the name of Bhagwan in forefront in whatever he did. One thing was common in all the three devotees and that was none of them ever claimed to be Swami Nityananda's disciple. They all said they were his devotees and at no point of time did they claim to be heirs to Bhagwan. In that, was their greatness. The ashrams they headed were dedicated to Bhagwan. They kept no attachment to name, fame and worldly properties. Like their Master they did not appoint any disciples to take over their 'peetha'. They lived all their life saying "Thy Will be done".

Bhagwan's love for Swami Janananda Baba was unparallel. It was only to Janananda Baba that Bhagwan recommended severe penance by ordering him to go to Himalayas and Nasik as he found great physical strength and spiritual progress in him. At Gangapur, the place known for Lord Dattatreya, near Nasik, Bhagwan made Swami Janananda perform an 'anuasthan' (pooja). When Baba came to Ganeshpuri, Bhagwan asked devotees to receive him with great pomp and gaiety. Bhagwan had at that time moved to Kailash and his old Ashram was used by devotees except for Bhagwan's own room. This room was not allowed for anybody to use. Bhagwan asked Swami Janananda to stay there and this was indeed a great honor. Bhagwan then ordered him to take charge of Kanhangad Ashram and complete the work of the caves, which Bhagwan had started . Accordingly, Baba moved to Kanhangad and stayed there for the rest of his life and also took his Mahasmadhi over there. To some of the devotees including Swami Muktananda and Saligram Swami, Bhagwan asked to visit Kanhangad regularly. Bhagwan's love for both Kanhangad Ashram and Swami Janananda was quite evident by his desire to meet Janananda and visit Kanhangad during his last days. He requested Shri Laxmansha Khoday to arrange for taking him to Kanhangad. He also asked Shri Devraya Pai to make necessary arrangements to take him to Kanhangad. It appears from his utterance during his last days of his earthly presence to leave his body in Kanhangad. Unfortunately none of the devotees could meet this request. On the night of 7th August 1961, just one day before he took Mahasamadhi, he constantly remembered Swami Janananda and repeatedly asked whether he has come. When Bhagwan was told he had still not being able to reach Ganeshpuri, Bhagwan was very disturbed. It was unfortunate that Janananda Baba could reach only on 9th and not before Bhagwan attained Mahasamadhi on 8th August 1961 at 10.43 am.

Swami Janananda Baba commanded respect as the most senior devotee of Bhagwan. Before Mahasamadhi, when Baba visited Mumbai in 1982 he was personally received by Swami Muktananda at Ganeshpuri. Guns were fired in his honor and Swami Muktananda took him to his ashram first. Here he washed the feet of Swami Jananand Baba and he himself first, partook the 'pada teertha' and then distributed it to all his disciples. He gave his personal car to take Baba to Ganeshpuri and visited regularly to enquire about Baba's health. At Ganeshpuri, Baba took bath in the hot water springs and paid his tribute to Bhagwan at his samadhi. First arathi was performed of Bhagwan's samadhi and then the same arathi was waved before Swami Jananand Baba, a rare honor. Till today no person has been offered arathi in front of Bhagwan and more so with the same arathi which has been first shown to Bhagwan. This was Bhagwan's way to acknowledge his sacrifice and hard work dedicated to Bhagwan. This was last visit of Baba to Ganeshpuri and also an opportunity for Swami Muktananda to pay his respect to Swami Jananand Baba, before Swami Muktananda's samadhi on 2nd October 1982, the day Swami Janananda left Mumbai for Kanhangad.

Swami Jananand Baba attained his Mahasamadhi on 27th December 1982, as predicted by him, on the Day of Datta Jayanthi "the earth met the sky" - the atma merged into Paramatma.



On Self Realisation

The principal aim of Human birth is God realisation. God is all pervasive, eternal and perfect and only few know him directly. He permeates the inner and outer being of all creatures, great or small. He is the inner Witness of all and dwells in the temples of all hearts as the inner most Self. Our life span is short, full of agonies and conflicts of wordly existence, full of stress and strain and the body is perishable. The attainment of God of Self realisation is the one and only means of deliverence from its firm clutches.

The true nature of "Satya Narayan Thatwa" should be grasped intelligently. The Absolute truth of Lord Narayan lies deep seated in the heart of Man. Real worship is not external pooja performed with pomp and great show, but Internal. A pure mind and heart are the most important things, devoid of extenal forms of ceremonial worship.

Mere lip chanting of His name without knowing the magnificent hidden truth of the conscious Supreme Bliss, is of no importance. The Self within You is the Supreme Lord. That Supreme Truth and Power always lies illuminated in its Infinite glory in your own heart.

Set your mind thinking on the real greatness and worth of the Self, for real greatness lies in studying its magnanimity, embodied by the pure indestrutable soul, The Atma. Meditate deeply to acquire the latent treasure of the Supreme Bliss instead of merely chanting His name superficially.

Just as one seed reproduces another identical one, what is born from the Supreme should bear His perfect identity. The Soul or the Atma comes from the Divine Lord, complete as its Creator, always maintaining His perfection. The Universe is a true image of this Supreme Reality. Whatever sweetness and divine joy we experience, belong to His Infinite nature. The savour of food, the sweetness of water, the melodies of the Sacred Hymns, the tender smile of the blooming buds and the joyous squeals of laughter of innocent children are all images of the Divine Bliss. Dive deep into your heart and realise your self, mingling with the spark of radiance of the Almighty who is the cherished goal of man.

On Meditation

When the divine spark of Self Realisation is evoked, the inner latent shakthi is released and the magnificent radiance sparkiles in meditation. Divine melodious strains will compel you to your inner self to dance in ecstasy, vibrating your world with rapturous joy and celestial sweetness.

Man strives to fill his stomach, the incarnation of Agni, the God of Fire, but that is not the ultimate goal of his. To uplift himself from the strong bondage of wordly carnal pleasures, he should utilise his time in Meditation silently singing His praise and pleasing Him by doing his bounden duty in perfect harmony, with a spirit of conscientious zeal, for his Liberation while in the living state. Meditation alone will bring inner peace and tranquility to the disturbed mind and bring salvation.

Meditation is your best friend, most reliable guide, the celestial tress which will grant all your cherished desires to unite with the Supreme Lord.

Though initially the devotee starts to seek God as something different and external to him, in Meditaiton, but soon he realises that He is the Inner-most Self in which every thing, including his finite Self melts and gets united in perfect harmony.

Meditation is the persistent endeavour to dwell in the Supreme and manifest the Divinity in the day to day life. It is a progressive attempt to bridge the gulf between Man and God, leading to Self Realisation. It is the process of lifting up our empherical Ego to the Transcedental plane. The process by which it is done is called Sadhana.

Meditaiton is pooling up all our resources and energies, in focussing them on the Supreme Goal. You will quiver with ecstacies of Joy and Love and achieve awareness of His Omnipresence.

Meditation is your best friend, most reliable guide, the celestial tree that will fulfill your wishes of Spiritual enlightment. It is a magnet that draws the devotional powers of the Supreme bliss. As the mind is transmuted into pure consciousness, You will realise the ONE whose nature is eternal joy.



Swami Jananand Baba Mandir and Samadhi

The Samadhi temple of Jananand Baba is built near the Temple of his guru Nityanand Bhagwan.

Kanhangad, Kerala , India