Swami Harihar

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Guruji, Gurudev, Dada, Shriji Maharaj, Anhadyogi, Dograji, Chaitnaya Ji
Anhadyog, Hinduism, Bhakti, Gyan, Humanitarian
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Delhi, India
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swami leen hari parmhans,ma preeti hari anhadyogi


Swami Harihar, presented as a Mahayogi, was born in 14-04-1970 to a Brahmin family in Delhi.

He started his journey in 1988, a journey that is said to last until 1998. During this journey he made sadhnas and tapasays and travelled India, especially in Uttrakhand.

When he came back he is said to have helped people with their problems.

He is now functioing as a guru with a number of disciples within the order.

He founded the Sidheshwar Ashram in 13-04-2000 as a place where a person can achieve the peace of mind by meditation (anhadyog).

He hosted an international camp at the Kumba Mela 2010 in Haridwar where he gave suggestions to people of how to improve themselves by meditation and served people there with medicines, shelter and food.


1. Thinking about and remembering the past and worrying about the future are the root cause of unhappiness.

2. We can solve our problems by ourselves by searching for god - with the help of a anhad yogi, it is a way of God.
3.find out the cause of mental disturbance and try to remove them.then you feel calm.
4. how to remove disturbing things from your mind and from your life?you should go for some time to anhadyog .
5. anhad yog is like that flower which act slowly but the result is so good and graceful.
6.to find best result in life do everything with full attention.god is almighty ...so you should not worship god carelessly.do everything with deeply.
7.when tears comes in your eyes then think now you are nearest to god but remember that is your first step towards god ..........



International Anhad Yog Foundation


Mission Harihar
Kanti Nagar, apt# B19
New Delhi, 110051, India
092 12 715721
Special Events: 

13-01-2013, to 25th February, the banks of the Sangam will once again be in an uproar as millions - devout and commoners alike will make the place their temporary homes. And the sight of Sadhus, the guardians of the faith; Naga Babas, covering their naked bodies with ash; and Mahants, lured to come out of their hideouts in forests, mountains, and caves, charging towards the Sangam to take a holy dip in the waters at the appointed time will once again make up for the visual dazzle. It’s believed that bathing here will free one from all the past sins, thereby liberating him from the cycle of life and death. Discomfort of having to travel miles and living open air under freezing weather will take a backseat and it’s the pure sense of devotion and spirituality that will prevail, evident through their faces.

Famous for its culture and contemporary heritage, the city of Allahabad will once again become a major attraction for foreigners willing to witness the greatest expression of Indian religion, and study and learn Indian culture as the roots of tradition and customs can be easily traced in this land of Triveni Sangam. The Maha Kumbh Mela to be held in Allahabad (Prayag) in the year 2013 will commence from 27th of January and will continue till 25th of February.

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