Swami Gopal Tirth Ji Maharaj

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Siddha Maha Yoga
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23 Feb. 1938
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Swami Gopal Tirth Ji Maharaj

Swamiji was born on 23 Feb. 1938, in a family where numerous Sanyasi's and Yogis had been born. Swamiji is the nephew of P.P.Swami Shri VishnuTirthji Maharaj a renounced Shaktipatacharya. Swamiji's parents were highly pious and devoted sadhak. The atmosphere of the family was cultured, disciplined, and spiritual and Swamiji inherited all these characters. His father expired when he was hardly 12 year old. His mother Pujniya Smt.Kaushalya Devi brought up Swamiji along with his brothers and sisters. Swamiji's parents have Shaktipat initiation. According to P.P.Swami VishnuTirthji Maharaj, what he has achieved during his Sanyas Ashram his brother has achieved that all in his Grahstha (family life) Ashram.

Swamiji was educated up to graduate level. He had served in Indian and Merchant Navy as an Engineer. He was in Indian Army and Paramilitary forces, where he held post of First class Gazetted officer. He was married in year 1968. He had a son and two daughters.

Swamiji took voluntary retirement from the government service in the year 1989 with the kind permission of his beloved Satguru P.P.Swami ShivomTirthji Maharaj. He got his Shaktipat initiation in the year 1974 and was ordained in the Sanyas order in Feb. 1992, by P.P.Swami ShivomTirthji Maharaj at the Pawan Tirth of Kshipra, Ujjain [MP].

Swamiji has been very fond of River Maa Narmada. With the kind permission of his P.P.Guruji, he did Narmada Parikrama in the year 1989 before his Sanyas. He completed parikrama in record time of five months. It was a great experience to him. He found that no body remains hungry during Parikrama, if he has faith in Maa Narmada. She takes all sorts of care of her children during Prikrama. His love to Maa Narmada led him to establish a Kuti at the bank of holy river in Sunahribhan, a place in Knaaod tehsil of district Dewas. This Kuti is known as “Swami Gangadhar Gyan Sadhan Kuti”. In 1995, he did Yatra of Mansarovar Kailash and in 1997, he went to Muktinath in Nepal. Even before his Sanyas, he had gone to pilgrimage to Vaishnav Devi and Amarnath.

Presently Swamiji is residing at Narayankuti Sanyas Ashram. Dewas, the central focal point of Shaktipat Ashram and Centre in the capacity of President. He is carrying out duty of initiating aspirants as ordered by P.P Swami ShivomTirthji Maharaj.



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