Swami Atmananda Udasin

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Spiritual Teacher
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, France, USA
Date of Birth: 
February 25, 1955
Place of Birth: 
Brussels, Belgium
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Ancestor Gurus: 
Other Related Gurus: 
Baba Bhuman Shah, Sri Chand, Prabhuji


Swami Atmananda Udasin is originally from Belgium and has been living in India for almost two decades.

After studying philosophy, theology and comparative religion (Louvain, Paris, Jerusalem), and a brief career as a teacher at university, he was ordained as a monk in the Eastern Christian tradition. For several years, he was in retreat at a hermitage in the Judean heights. In 1997, he returned to North India – where he had a number of sojourns since 1982 – to live in a hermitage in the Himalayan foothills near Rishikesh and embraced Sanatana Dharma. At the end of four subsequent years of solitude, he received the initiation into sannyasa (monastic renunciation) from his beloved and long-time master, Sri Chandra Swami Udasin, a contemporary Indian Sage. Thus he was received in the Udasin Panth lineage, one of the major monastic traditions of India.

He is the Spiritual Head of Ajatananda Ashram, an interreligious monastic ashram which he founded near the Ganges River in Rishikesh (Himalayas) in 2003. The ashram is dedicated to the Oneness of Truth and Advaita. Its vision was inspired by two French monks who lived in India: Swami Abhishiktananda, a pioneer in interreligious dialogue, and his realized disciple, Swami Ajatananda Saraswati, who disappeared in the Himalayas in 1977.

A teacher of Advaita, Swamiji offers regular satsangs in India (Rishikesh) and abroad on the nature of spiritual awakening and the non-dual essence of all religions. He conducts both satsangs and retreats.



“There is nothing to be attained. We are already That which we are seeking but we have mistakenly identified ourselves as being the body and the mind, believing that we are objects living in a world full of other objects!”

“The seeker of Truth must desire Liberation more than anything else and should be animated by the absolute conviction that he or she is not an individual person but the Pure All-Pervading Consciousness.”

“One has to watch the fluctuations of the mind without touching anything. By remaining as a neutral witness of thoughts, sensations and perceptions, one comes to know that which is prior to the mind.”

“For those who follow the Path of Knowledge (Jnana) or the teachings of Non-Duality (Advaita), there is no need to try to stop the modifications of the mind. We should just ignore the stream of thoughts and focus on the subject of all relative awareness, or awareness itself.”

“Awakening has nothing to do with anything that happens. It is timeless. No one is enlightened as enlightenment is the dissolution of the person or ego-identification.”

“We are not just conscious human beings. We are the Pure Limitless Consciousness itself, manifesting itself in the form of this universe. ‘Pure Consciousness’ is all there is. It is another name for the divine Being or Presence. It is the ultimate Reality, beginningless and endless. It is beyond time and space. It is one without a second, or indivisible oneness, yet it is the source of everything, the foundation of all what is manifested. It is Bliss. It is most Benevolent. It is beyond description though it has been formulated in diverse ways at diverse times by all the great religious traditions of the world, and directly known and experienced beyond words by the sages. It cannot be grasped by the intellectual mind, but can only be recognized as our True Nature through ‘no mind’, that means at the level of the Heart. The recognition of our True Nature or Self is the end of suffering.”



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