Svami Sadananda Sarasvati

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Adi Shankaracharya, Dash Naami, Advaita, Vedanta
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India, Netherlands, UK
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Cheruvathur (Kuttamath Family), North Kerala, India
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Svami Sadananda Sarasvati was a Vedantin of high calibre and belonged to the lineage of the illustrious Bhagavatpada (popularly known as Adi Shankaracharya).

Svami Sadanandaji was an eminent scholar, poet and Yogi, initiated into sannyasa by Shrimat Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Svami Shankarananda Sarasvati.Svamiji practised rigorous austerities in the Himalayas and a very small part of this time is beautifully reflected in the book, A Solitary Traveller

After his sojourn in the Himalayas Svamiji travelled throughout India, Europe and America benefiting many wherever he went until his mahasamadhi in October 1983.

His profound philosophical insight became apparent in his teachings, articles and commentaries on the Yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Vedantasara and other texts.

Widely known for his in-depth knowledge of the mundane and the divine, Svamiji would define objects and concepts with a rare scientific precision.

His qualities as a writer, poet, philosopher and saint flowing together on the currents of his innate wit and humour and his lovingness and care for his fellow beings were washed and refined by the depth of his renunciation and discerning intelligence and wisdom


Svami Sadananda Saraswati's teaching was according to Natha Cult. There were a number of Nathas who were experts in Yoga. Adinatha, Matsyendranath, Gorakshanath, Jalandharnath & Nathamuni were some famous Gurus among them.
Svamiji's commentary on Yogasutra is in "Yoganusaasana" by name.


At Thottada, in Kannur District of Kerala, one of Svamiji's disciples -- Dr V.K.Subrahmanyan M.A.,Ph.D. (36 years' experience as a Yoga Teacher) is conducting Hatha Yoga Classes. Svamiji's scientific and micro-level teaching of Yoga is being put into practice here. [ PARIVRAJAKACARYA YOGAVEDANTA MISSION, Opp. JTS. Phone No. (Resi.) 0497-2835116. Mob: 09497838822 Call at any daytime on working days. Email: ] For more information please visit or Log In

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teaching, location, links, etc. may be updated by the person who has shown this saint on net because he should have to be well acquainted with all these matters.

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You can also do the same by going in edit in gurus profile.
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Are you estimating a Guru or

Are you estimating a Guru or a profile?

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guru or a profile

hello sister,
No estimating of The Guru can be; but I could not have edited any guru profile as someone guru's biography, link, teaching and related locations etc. but some comments certainly were posted by myself.


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Are you estimating a Guru or

I think he is above all the past and present gurus and putting unnecessary remarks.All such activities are just nothing but waste of his own time and spoiling the profiles of Gurus.
He is behaving here as Authority above all Gurus to judge them blindly.
God bless him.

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undesired speaker

wasting your times about thinking the person to whom you have debarred

victory to the mother kundalini

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Undesired comments

There are lots of undesired comments on almost every gurus profile by you to whom you even do not know personally and wasting your time and spoiling the profiles of Gurus.
Need introspection by you.

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undesired comments

Why not coming of undesired comments from undesired person like me for you, because I have been already undesired for you.Certainly comments will be undesired in future also for you. Undesired has to come from undesired is the principle for the great yogis just-like you.

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Guru's blessings

His disciple's Yoga class itself is a clear evidence that Svami Sadananda Saraswathi also includes in the great Guru paramparas. His perfection, earnestness, innate wit and humour, love and care for his fellow beings etc. are seen in his disciple also. Each word about him comes out only with great respect.

mt_madhu | Mon, 03/11/2013 - 16:38
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Blessings of Guru parampara

A three-days'-meditation class begins in April 2013 at PARIVRAJAKACARYA YOGAVEDANTA MISSION in Kannur District of Kerala. Unlike religious prayers, importance is given to Dhyanam (Meditation). ' How to meditate?' ' How to know the Chakraas and the Subtle body?' ---- You will get a clear answer and practice. For details about Medium of instruction, Venue etc please Email: ( See 'Location' regarding Svami Sadananda Sarasvati ).

mt_madhu | Sun, 03/17/2013 - 16:58
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Shad Chakra Dhyanam

3 day's Meditation Class ( Shad Chakra Dhyanam ) begins at Kannur in May 2013. The Classes will be based on what Svami Sadananda Sarasvati conceived. For details read 'Locations' in

mt_madhu | Sun, 04/07/2013 - 07:19