Sri Tathata

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Vedic Dharma, Meditation,Yoga,
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Palakkad, Kerala, India
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Sri Tathata is an instrument of the Divine Will. He is the designated Prophet of Divine Dharma for the new age to come. Sri Tathata lives in the world with the cosmic mission to break the shield of darkness covering human consciousness today and kindle the light of Dharma in all aspects of life. He has come to harmonise the now troubled energies of Nature, to prompt the evolution of human consciousness and establish Divine life on earth. The name Tathata that Mother Nature gave Him literally means: state of absolute perfection.

At his birth, Sri Tathata showed the signs of a Divine being. During His early years, he left home and settled in solitude undertaking deep Tapas (asceticisms) for many years, as directed by the Divine Will. His consciousness was most of the time totally absorbed in the Cosmic Consciousness. In a tremendous experience at the height of His asceticisms, the Divine Mother showed Him both the full Glories of the Universe and the depth of the world's sufferings. When He later came out from solitude, He had become a perfect Instrument of the Divine Will: He was ready for his mission to attract the energy of Dharma from the supreme Source, establish it and spread it to the world. He began to initiate mature souls to the path of Dharma.

In the year 1991 Sri Tathata proclaimed the Dharma for the new age at Sarnath near Varanasi (Benares). Thereafter, as the Divine demanded a new centre for Dharma in the world, Sri Tathata built Dharma Peetha in Kollur (Karnataka, India), which was consecrated and opened to the world in 2006. Today Sri Tathata spreads the message of the Divine Dharma both in the Eastern and Western part of the world and initiates a great number of souls to Divine life.




Today's world is in turmoil. Many individuals, organizations and institutions work hard to bring positive changes in the world, but in spite of their earnest efforts and sacrifices no satisfactory improvements seem to come about in society. Witnessing this discomforting situation over and over has weakened our very enthusiasm to change the world; we have lost strength and hope.

Why can our efforts to transform the world not succeed?

According to Sri Tathata, there is something that we have never seriously looked into: we fail because we pour water on the spike of the corn. Water should be supplied when the plant is a sapling. Similarly, changing the life, attitude, beliefs and behavior of elder people is very difficult. The only way to change the world is to concentrate on the new generations.

In parallel with acquiring general school knowledge, a successful education policy should include nourishment for the soul, leading to a meaningful vision about life and a positive behaviour. In the Vedic times, such a combination of general and spiritual education generated a beautiful and harmonious civilisation led by wise governments. Let us hope we can transform our educational systems so as to foster wisdom in the future generations of leaders for all fields of society.