Sri Sadhguru Dada

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Other Names and Nicknames: 
R C Advani (birthname), Sri Sadhguru Dada Advani, Sri Sadhguru Dada Paramhansa
Spiritual Teacher
Advaita, Gyaan, Bhakti, Karam, Raja
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, UAE, Pakistan, Singapore
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Rohri, Sukkur (nowadays Pakistan)
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Sri Sadhguru Dada is an Indian sage who claims to be a jivanmukta. He was born RC Advani, but is most commonly known under the name Sri Sadhguru Dada.

He was born in Rohri, Sind in undivided India which is now part of Sind, Pakistan. His father was a well-known educationaist, who moved the family to India just months before the war of Independence began in 1947.

He says that at a young age he already knew the essence of the Vedas , Shastras, Upanishads, Puranas, and Epics.

He has devotees mainly in cities and towns of Maharashtra.

He is a mechanical engineer by profession and a marine veteran.


Through the intense light and flames of the Divine fire of the Knowledge of the Real Self -Sri Sadhguru Dada Paramhansa,imparts the Knowledge of Advaita Vedanta - the non-dualistic system of Vedanta,to all seekers, alike.

Advaita means not two or non-dual—the One without second. It reveals one single reality - Universal Being/ Brahman as the Absolute Truth and The Pure Soul/ Atman is nothing but The Absolute Truth itself.

"Why do you not understand that 'You' are The One Continuum of the Entire Universe. Why do you divide the indivisible ?" HE lovingly asks.

Vedanta literally means the nectar of the Vedas. The goal of Vedanta is to establish the Pure Soul/Atman as Universal Being/ Brahman.

​"You cannot use rudimentary and limited tools such as your eyes or any of the other sense organs, mind or intellect to see or understand your Real Self as the Universal Being/Brahman, which is Infinite. You have to experience IT for yourself to realise who You are." HE explains.

The experiential realization of The Absolute Truth is the goal of Advaita. Thus, using its principle means of self-negation, HE sheds light on the ignorance of the seeker and thereby frees from all notions, actions (karmas) and its effects. Many of the seekers, rid of body consciousness, have experienced ecstasy of life.

​"If you truly seek THAT, then ruthlessly discard your lower mind and its whims, Surrender in toto to your Highest Self and allow it to guide You to experience yourself as One with the Universe" HE says.

With HIS Grace, a rare few have firmly established as Guna-ateet (beyond all virtues and natures) Thus, through an awakening process, the seeker 'wakes up from the waking world' and sees the world - a physical manifestation of Pure Consciousness, is a mere reflection of their Real Self.

"You are God Head walking this planet and all of nature is here to Serve You. Recognise who You are" HE says.

​For an awakened Soul, there is nothing that HE ought to do and there is nothing that HE is prohibited from doing for HE is freed from all notions of attachment, doership and achievement.

"Be Nothing, Do Nothing", HE states.

Through Divine Dialogue with respect to Self-Knowledge, Sri Sadhguru Dada Paramhansa makes the true seeker drink the nectar of Non-Duality and Ultimate Release. ​Self-Knowledge when lived by, is no different from Self-Realization, for when you have truly grasped the Knowledge, you have Realised who you actually are and thereby, you collapse the difference between subject-object and the relationship; there is no difference left between the Experiencer, Experienced and the Experience.


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