Sri. Nardev Kothari Ji

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Siddha Maha Yoga
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December 23, 1951
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Sri. Nardev Kothari Ji

Nardev Kothari as this body was born on December 23, 1951 in the village of Jokhani in District Uttarkashi, Uttaranchal State in North India. Father Shri Abhay Ram Kothari is a famous priest of the area and mother Srimati Soni Devi is a housewife. Since childhood I was quiet and loner by nature. Therefore, unlike the rest of the family I lived distantly quiet and alone. I was introspective who examined the thoughts and processes of my inner-self. Doing so, I used to end up walking long distances just conversing with myself. When this body grew to 14-15 years of age, I used to see in my dreams one-kilometer long snakes seated on both sides of the road which used to spray stream of milk from their hooded fangs in my uppermost plexus (AAGYA CHAKRA). Often a white horse used to carry me in a dense forest, which had only one mango tree under which a penancing saint used to give me a yellow mango fruit. The white horse then reached me back to the place where I slept. I had this dream in my childhood frequently (secret of this dream was revealed after Shaktipat Initiation). When I woke up and thought about this dream I went into meditative state. Because of restraining my passions in prior birth forcibly and sternly, I had to enter married life at the early age of 19. After experiencing family life all this while, I found a Guru at the age of 32 years.


Famous saint and Yogi of Shaktipath tradition Swami Muktanand Maharaj's principal disciple Shri Pravin Chand Modi was inspirational in my meeting. Shri Devendra Vigyani Ji Maharaj on January 26, 1983 and from first sight I had strong desire to make him my Guru. I provide exact and very relevant description of this meeting as follows:

After depletion of ill deeds and undergoing numerous worldly sufferings if a human being remains dependent and surrendered to that supreme power, he is sure to meet a Sadguru (able master) for his spiritual upliftment. I met my Shri Gurudev unexpectedly. Before arriving at his place, Vigyan Press, I had pre-conceived notion that Shri Devendra Vigyani Ji must be a head of some institution surrounded by a bunch of disciples and saints. How will I be able to see him? But since Shri Modi Ji was with me, I was patient and hopeful. When we arrived at Vigyan Press, an elderly gentleman somewhat busy was sitting in an old wooden chair, as if he had been compelled to be there. I felt, Shri Modi Ji asked him if Shri Devendra Vigyani was there? Elderly man glanced a bit and asked to be seated. At this Shri Modi Ji offered his adoration to him. Imitating Shri Modi Ji, I also offered my respect in an ordinary manner. When the elderly man glanced at me also asking to take a seat I felt a rush of electricity passing through me and I sat down instrumentally.

He smilingly saw the book MAHAYOGA VIGYAN (SCIENCE), which I had in my hand and I choked with exuberance. I was puzzled about the situation and did not know the person we had come to see from this gentleman who merely looking at me and was causing my whole body to shiver. After a short while my inner conscience (MANA) and started going in absolute zero and I felt as if there was nothing inside me. I did not even remember where I was. He was having spiritual discussion with Shri Modi Ji and they were talking about the great saint of our Shaktipat tradition, late Shri Dilip Dutt Sharma

Upadhyay (reading his biography influenced me tremendously). I came back from my state of zero ness but tears were rolling down my eyes. I wiped my tears secretly out of embarrassment. Now I had fully understood that this person was none other than Shri Devendra Ji Vigyani. I saluted him in my own mind. It was great surprise that he turned back, looked at me and I at once returned to normal state.

Shri Modi Ji had conversed with him for an hour and during this time I saw many expressions on his face (his face gleamed with divinity like Lord Shiva himself was seated in him). His lit and shining forehead was worth watching. Goddess Saraswati was in his speech. Once I saw his body to be very heavy. I was amazed but during this time he did not talk to me. I was listening to him with rapt attention. While departing, I offered my respect in courtesy and while going through the motion of closing the door, he asked, where do you live? I work in Tourist Department, I said and as I wished to say something while continuing to look at his face lit with divinity, he said don't you recognize me? As he uttered these words, I felt a jolt of electricity and in a very short while I felt that something went out from within me (migration and exit of divine power, a practical example of induction of Shakti and its retrenchment).

I saw Shri Modi Ji off and came back home. I was trying to go to sleep alone in my room that Shri Devendra Ji Vigyani's (now my Shri Gurudev) speech started resonating in my heart and mind. Constantly his forehead, face lit with divinity, Lord Shiva like eyes and gestures (which were attracting me to lay in his feet in adoration) started bubbling up in my mind. Even then I managed to go to sleep thinking about him. I had hardly slept for an hour when I felt jolted in my dream and I removed my bed cover. On the bed itself I sat up in lotus posture. I experience various bodily movements, smelled divine fragrances and visualized divine universe. I saw that Gurudev was standing in the air, I was scared a bit but how blessed I was that the instructions came stay quiet and let whatever happens take its course, I thought this person is a Sidha (with divine supernatural powers). Then I thought that Sidhas are saints and Sannyasin's, they live in Ashrams (Spiritual Institutions). My bodily movements were continuing, I then received instruction, Lord Krishna was God but he had family, so was Lord Rama). I got this inspiration but felt it was coming from him. Then I do not know when I fell asleep.


February 7, 1983 was a great day in my life when I arrived at Vigyan Press at 7.30 A.M. I had taken some fruits with me in accordance with the Shastra (holy scripture). I had gone to meet this great man who had achieved self-realization. Shri Vigyani Ji asked if I had come for some business. I placed three apples in front of him and requested him to give me Shaktipat Initation. It was my good deeds of the previous birth that I could utter such serious words effortlessly. Gurudev smiled, glanced at me in a divine manner and said, I see Shaktipath bubbling up in your eyes. I remember you came with Shri Modi Ji. In our Shaktipat tradition Swami Shivom Tirth Maharaj is seated as Guru. He performs initiation. He will be back from USA in March and I will ask him to give you initiation.

Then I described to my Gurudev all my experiences from January 27, February 5, briefly and said demandingly Initiate me today itself. I will receive imitation from you. At that time I believed that the figure of 7 was lucky for me and it was February 7,1983. Will you coerce me to give initiation? He said smilingly I requested again saying Maharaj I saw your real-self in my first visit itself, how do you say that you don't know much (about me)? With folded hands I reiterated my request for initiation the same day. He said instructively, Now you must go. He gave me one of the three apples. I had offered him and said, Take this as Prasad and go. I got out of Vigyan Press instrumentally I was walking happily in strong spirit. When I reached near Andhra Ashram I embraced a feeble animal. I felt that animal's pain was my own. I felt identical with it I saw universal consciousness all around. All folks walking on the road appeared to be none other than me. Wherever I looked I saw shining divinity. I came back home exuberant, described it all to my wife and told her you also go to have Darshan of this great man. You will see the Goddess you have been worshipping for so many years.

In this manner for about three months I was tested and appraised before, my Gurudev obliged me and my wife by giving Shaktipat Initiation in accordance with scriptures, on the second day of Navaratri dated April 15,1983. After this for three years I had practical experiences as described in the great book MAHAYOGA VIGYAN (SCIENCE). By his grace, and based on these experiences, I am committed to make these experiences ever lasting and profound. This was my real (spiritual) birth- my true encounter with my Guru.

In Shaktipath, this has been my experience in last 15-20 years that any spiritual disciple and Guru using this divine science for financial, egoistic and materialistic gains will suffer from deterioration of his divine power and his Diksha will be fruitless. A guru must not abandon a true aspirant, try to purify the mind and conscience of mildly deserving aspirant and then initiate him. This science should not even be disclosed to phony pretending seeker. Guru must be a competent judge of one's worthiness.

After 14 years and 3 months of Sadhana in the year 1995. Shri Gurudev accorded to me the rights perform Shaktipat initiation. So far I have initiated three persons due to special spiritual reasons and circumstances. I believe that those great souls who have realized themselves to be beyond this physical body and stay in universal consciousness are free from the limitations posed by scriptures because they possess the power of rendering anybody worth of Shaktipat initiation by their mere will power and divine sighting. In my opinion, one must deserve and earn the spiritual status and capabilities to become a Guru. It cannot just be conferred upon somebody. This is especially extremely important in Shaktipath tradition.


House # 6 Shisham Jhadi # 2

(Opposite S.S.B Camp.)


City: Rishikesh Zip Code: 249102 State: Uttaranchal Country: INDIA

Telephone # 91-135-2436312


E-Mail: (Attn: Surya Prakash Kothari)

Sadguru Shri Nardeva Kothari resides at above address. He is authorized by His Holiness Shri Devendra Vigyani Maharaj to bless spiritual aspirants through Shaktipat (Awakening of Kundalini Shakti) Initiation. Sadguru Shri Devendra Vigyani Maharaj has authorized only one person to give Shaktipat Initiation.



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***Beware Of This Man!!!*** HE DOES EVIL THINGS!

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