Sri Joydip

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Advaita, Gyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga
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India, US, UK
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West Bengal, India
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Sri Joydip is the founder of Sri Joydip Ashram, a transformational organisation on Management Consulting, leadership and spiritual training, headquartered in Kolkata.

Sri Joydip's teaching are mainly based on Advaita and he draws a lot of ideas from the Bhagvad Gita and its discourses on Karma - Bhakti Gyana and its application in management and leadership.

He also talks about ascension and Ascension of consciousness and gives a priority to the balance between spiritual and material natures.

He argues that his teachings are more applicable and that they draw path for people who are seeking spiritual growth and liberation living in a family and domestic structure.

However, some critics do point out that it has too much of management and leadership content and that the scope is limited to self management only.

However, Sri Joydip Ashram, formed around Sri Joydip's teachings denies it, and says everybody has different level of spiritual growth, and if one wants to go deeper into spiritual study he can do it with Sri Joydip Ashram teaching and retreat programs.



1. All suffering comes from the state of ignorance. It is the lack of knowledge and even not knowing what is the knowledge, we lack, creates suffering.

2. There are three kinds of suffering – Adhyatmik ( Suffering of Body and Mind ) , Adhibhautik ( Suffering by the external forces ) , Adhidiavic ( Suffering by Gods and other invisible forces )

3. The cause of suffering is the mental conditioning which is created by past karma and which further extends on created a world where people suffers from different form of ailment due to expansion of that wrong mental conditioning and creating the world appearance according to it.

4. Every being in these universe is the expression of the self, yet we are caught up in the expression and never try to understand the underlying self which creates so much of suffering.

5. When we can understand the self , we can experience the world as just an appearance created out of our own psychological conditioning and we can re-engineer our life.

6. Wisdom is the path to understand the self , and re-engineer our life towards transformation.

7. As self is an abstract principle , it is very hard for an ordinary mind to perceive it and follow the path of wisdom .

8. It is these reason the self has taken the form of graceful Arunachala Shiva, which helps one to understand in silence the true nature of self, which can be attained by self enquiry, and get established in Wisdom , living a life of liberation.

9. Even then to understand the instructions of silence in self enquiry , which is the highest form of Gyan Yoga in Advaita philosophy one first needs to get with a living master who can explain the truth in stagewise manner.

10. That’s why its is required to go through a stage wise manner moving through – Yoga of Action to purify body and then Yoga of devotion , to purify emotions and thereafter Yoga of knowledge to understand the depth of Advaita teachings .

11. Once one understands the depth of Advaita teaching in a process oriented manner then it automatically gets applied in life to remove some of the suffering we face in life.

from the book Living the Truth which is based on Sri Joydip's teachings



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