Sri Ganapatrao Maharaj Kannur

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Navanath Sampraday
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Date of Birth: 
18 September 1909
Place of Birth: 
Bijapur district of Karnataka, India
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Date Left His/Her Body: 
20 September 2004
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Shri Samartha Sadaguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj


Shri Samartha Sadaguru Ganapatrao Maharaj Kannur was born on 18 September 1909 on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi - Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi to a pious Brahmin family of Smt Saraswatibai & Shrimant Shivrampant Kannur, in a small village Kannur] located in the Bijapur district of Karnataka, India. He had his primary and high-school education in Bijapur. He graduated in 1932 A.D., earning a B.Sc.( Mathematics & Physics) Degree from most revered Fergusson college, Pune. ]. Since his early childhood days young Ganapati had a great inclination towards spirituality. At the tender age of 13 he was blessed and initiated by Sri S S Siddharameshwar Maharaj, who also accepted him as his disciple and guided him to the path of self attainment. At a very young age of 23, after completion of his graduation, he obtained the high status of a liberated soul which was an outcome of the devotion towards Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj. Who had given stringent directives to few of his selfless disciples, the directives were to wear ochre robes, to be devoted towards sadhana (Spiritual practice) and make it the sole objective of life, not to touch money, and live with only bare minimum necessities. The disciples chose the bank of river Krishna at Audumbar and carried out tapas (penance) for a year, strictly as instructed. Shri Ganapatrao Maharaj followed these commands sincerely and came out an emancipated personality.

Even being a graduate he decided not to take any service or job and wowed for the bow of celibacy throughout his life as not to get entangled in materialistic life. Sri S S Siddhrameshwar Maharaj left for heavenly abode in 1936 and after his demise Shri Ganapatrao Maharaj became firmly rooted in his doctrines and studied the Shrimad Dasbodh , Bhagavata, Bhagavad-Gita , Upanishads and other holy texts to attain the highest goal of his life - self liberation & self attainment.

The motto of his life was to propogate the principles Advait and preach the importance of gaining Liberation - Mukti in this birth itself and showing the path of self realization - Atmanubhuti to all who came to him. He was an individual with high intellect and who had a very simple lifestyle and had the immense ability of Loving all eternal humans without any differentiation of Religion, caste or creed. People were instantly attracted by his loving, peaceful nature and enlightening discourses those who all came in his contact were very much impressed with his simplicity, selfless state & divine aura, which earned him the reverence as “Shanti Bramha”. The small trickle of devotees gradually turned into a stream and later into an ocean. He carried on the mantle passed to him by his Sadaguru and strived for the upliftment of common people for a span of six decades. In common mans language he was Sagun Parabramha a Walking Talking God. To carry forward his spiritual work he founded the Shanti Kuteer Sampraday . At the age of 95 years on Monday the 20th September 2004 Shri Samartha Sadaguru Ganapatrao Maharaj dissolved his materialistic body.

Guru Shishya Parmapara

The tradition of Guru Shishya sampraday is one of the oldest paths pursuing the age old knowledge of Self Realization and Advait principles of Non dualness. This was started by Adiguru Shri Dattatreya, and was further carried in the Navanath Sampraday by the Holy Nine Gurus the Navanaths. One such branch was founded by Adiguru Sri Revanatah who initiated [[Shri Kaadasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj]] who was the founder of Kaneri Ashram in the 13 the century,it became a Dnyan Peeth and many solace seekers were initiated for centuries together. In the mid of the 19th century the then Shri Kaadasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj initiated Shri Gurulingajangam Maharaj also known as "Nimbarji Maharaj". He founded the Nimbargi sampraday and initiated Shri Raghunathpriya Sadhu Maharaj. Shri Samartha Sadaguru Bhausaheb Maharaj Deshpande, was an ardent follower and a devoted disciple of Shri Gurulingajangam Maharaj who was initiated by Shri Raghunathpriya Sadhu Maharaj.
Shri Samartha Sadaguru Bhausaheb Maharaj

Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj established the Inchegeri Sampraday and preached the principle of Nondualness - Advait tatva, he used to give discourses on Srimad Dasbodh. Sri Bhausaheb Maharaj had many followers and many of his follower disciples further rose to the state of Gurupad and practised and preached the Principles of Vedant & Advait througout India.

was his disciple and ardent follower, who was blessed and initiated by his Sadaguru. Shri S S Siddharameshwar Maharaj professed the knowledge and basics of self realization to the masses and became one of the most followed Guru of Inchegeri sampraday.Shri Samartha Sadaguru Ganapatrao Maharaj Kannur was blessed and initiated by Shri S S Siddharameshwar Maharaj at the tender age of 13 and who took the vow of celibacy throughout his life and renounced all worldly pleasures to gain the ultimate knowledge, the Atmadnyan - Self realization & Jeevan Mukti - Self liberation .




Shri Ganapatrao Maharaj preached the principle of Advait and the importance of self satisfaction and the way to lead a happy and content life in eternal peace. His teaching, to put in a nut shell, was Aham Bramhasmi or I am Bramha and Atma (Soul) - the selfless (devoid of I) is supreme - The Bramha(The all occupied one and who resides in everything). He focused on how an individual who has conquered his ego can be eternally free in his birth itself. The supreme eminence of his teaching was that he explained this systematically in a simple language, so as even a common man could understand and follow it easily. Some key topics which Shri Ganapatrao Maharaj elucidated were:-

* The importance of this birth as a human being.

* The Atma is Supreme it is Sat – Chit – Anand meaning it is the ultimate truth, it is ever exisitant never to be destroyed and it is in the form of happiness.

* An individual is not what he seems to be – neither the body neither the mind nor the self. He is the ultimate Atma (Soul) – the Ultimate Supreme: therefore every being is full of Anand (bliss) in his basic state, which should be experienced.

* The attainment of self enlightenment can be achieved by loving all and incinerating hatred towards others.
* The importance of evicting self centered lifestyle and relinquishing ego.
* To be always content in self happiness and see all as self and love all.
* The need to take up spiritual path of the four-fold Sadhanas.
* The importance of listening to discourses cogitation of what is heard and bringing it into practice.

"Attyantik Dukha Nivruti va Parmanand Prapti Mhanjech Moksha"
"Liberation from sufferings, hatred, selfish ego and achieving the Supreme Happiness means Salvation"



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