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Thanh Ha Do (birthname), Sri Avinash, Sat Guru Sri Avinash Do, Master Sri Avinash, Master Healer Sri Avinash, Sri Avinash Master Healer
Selfless Service, Love, Meditation, Healing
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Nha Trang, Vietnam
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About Master Sri Avinash

Sri Avinash is a non-sectarian spiritual Master and renowned healer. Regarded by many as a Bodhisattva, he is a Buddha of Compassion who chooses to return to the world again and again until all living beings are free from suffering. He is a beautiful role model of peace, love and service to humanity.

Sri Avinash’s Mission is to help people all over the world achieve true inner peace—the peace that is lasting, the peace that is uplifting, the peace that you take with you everywhere you go. With a heart of compassion, he travels to various cities giving healing, personal darshan blessings and sharing his teachings.

Sri Avinash’s rare healing abilities have benefited thousands of people worldwide. His healing has helped people overcome all sorts of symptoms and conditions both physical and mental, such as back pain, cancer, strokes, insomnia, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, liver conditions, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, migraines, heart murmurs, stomach ulcers and much more.

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"We should always be of help to others. Because a person who is shaking in fear today might one day become a saint and be the light of the world."

"A great Master is always thinking about the mission. A great disciple is always thinking how they can help the Master to serve the mission. All benefits come out of that. It's a great joy."

"There's only one life purpose on this planet - to realize God. Another way to say that is to love - to love all others, to love all beings, to love all creation. That has always been the case on the planet. It doesn't matter if you were born 1500 years ago, your life purpose would still have been to realize God."

“Love everybody and sacrifice your life for everybody. Then, you’re going to be happy.”

"All the problems in today's world are caused by an imbalance. It's an imbalance from too much witnessing of fear and negativities and too little witnessing of love."

"The greatest downfall of a disciple is that they don't listen to the Guru. The biggest success of the disciple is their surrender to the Guru."

"When we know what we are looking for, we will fall in love with inner silence."

"Live selflessly and you will realise your true Self."

"Freedom is just another way to say 'Be Yourself'"

"Stillness, emptiness and oneness. These are different words, but they mean the same thing. When you feel your heart's sweetness, and you feel love, know that is oneness."

"When we master the ability to focus or concentrate on one point, and remain there for long durations, we will be free from emotional suffering."

"Enlightenment is simple peace all the time."



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