Sri Amma Bhagavan

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Vijay Kumar Naidu (birthname), Sri Ammabhagavan, Sri Bhagavan, Sri Kalki Bhagavan, Mukteshwarand Sri Bhagavan, Sri Amma
Bhakti yoga, Deeksha, Oneness
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Date of Birth: 
07/03/1949 (Sri Bhagavan), 15/8/1954 (Sri Amma)
Place of Birth: 
Natham, Tamil Nadu, India (Sri Bhagavan). Sangam, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India (Sri Amma)
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Vijay Kumar Naidu(Sri Bhagavan) was born on the 7th March 1949 as the eldest son of Sri Varadarajulu & Srimati Vaidarbhi Amma in Natham village in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Sri Amma was born on the 15th August 1954 as the daughter of Sri Venkaiah and Srimati Penchalamma in Sangam village in the adjacent South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Vijay Kumar worked as a clerk at the Life Insurance Corporation in the early 1980s before becoming an administrator of a school in Rajupeta village in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor District.

Bhagavan and Amma claim to be two divine beings, or Avatars. They reside at Golden City, near Chennai. Their stated mission is to bring all of humanity into the Golden Age.

Kalki is the name given to the tenth incarnation of Vishnu when Vishnu will appear on a white horse, wielding a sword, as destroyer of the wicked. Bhagavan is the name given to a superior guide, or a respectful form to address spiritual teachers or guides, as commonly referred to in guru traditions.

They claim that they will fully enlighten 64,000 people in the world. These people in a highly enlightened state of communion would transform the rest of the humanity by 2012.

According to them, this state of enlightenment is offered to seekers through a process known as deeksha (initiation), which is a transfer of divine energy that is said to be so powerful it has the ability to break through the concepts and conditioning of the mind.

According to an ex-devotee, for the darshan of Amma’s padam a devotees must pay Rs 5,000 (about $100) and for Special Darshan Rs 25,000 (about $500).

For Foreigners they have 21-day package. And each devotee should pay entry fees of about $7,000.

It is estimated that the Kalki trust collected several hundred million dollars.


Your thoughts are not your thoughts
Your mind is not your mind
Your Body is not your body
Your self is only a concept



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A Pack Of Fools

Nathyogi's picture

A real saint or Guru does not ask us to pay money.

It is foolish to think that enlightenment is obtained by paying money.

Bhagavan Narayana's picture

Nobody ever born should ever die!

A real saint or Guru does not ask us to pay money.
It is foolish to think that enlightenment is obtained by paying money.

Nobody ever born should ever die!

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Bhagavan Narayana | Sun, 01/25/2015 - 21:38