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Birthename: Sam Golden
Spiritual Teacher
Advaita, Neo Advaita
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Date of Birth: 
Aug 27, 1941
Place of Birth: 
San Francisco, California, USA
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Samarpan (Sam Golden) was born in 1941 in San Francisco into a catholic family. He was the sixth of eight children.

After completeing school, he attended a seminary for three years and discovered that priesthood was not the way the wanted to serve God.

He studied psychology and worked as a psychologist for a short while; he then worked with a gas company and later as a plumber, taxi driver and window cleaner.

In 1981 he moved to Oregon in order to be close to Osho who resided back then in his intentional community Rajneeshpuram. There he was given by Osho the name Samarpan (surrender).

He claims that in 1995, during a retreat with Gangaji, he had a realization of his true nature.

One year later he moved to Germany, where he lives near Frankfurt with his wife Marga.

Since 1998, He has been given satsangs and retreats in several European countries.

In 2018, he met Shivkrupananda Swami,and became a student of his, and he received a new name, which is Soham. He now teaches Samarpan meditation which Shivkrupananda Swami taught him. He writes about the effect of this encounter,

"I experienced a huge shift of consciousness since being with him. Swamiji has brought back from the Himalayas an amazing method for helping normal people like us who are living in society, to reach moksha, liberation, self-realization. This tool is called Samarpan meditation. He promises that everyone who practices Samarpan meditation will achieve their pure wish for liberation in this lifetime.

Some people have expressed a fear that my introducing Swamiji is a dropping of my responsibility to guide you home. Quite the opposite is the case. Sharing Swamiji and Samarpan meditation with you is the fulfillment of my promise.
I will be also there for you in this process."

He is the author of the book "Gluecklich sein in jedem Moment".


You learned to say "no" to life. That is what we are here for, just to learn to turn it around. Begin to say yes, this is the key. The more you can say yes, the richer your life becomes. There is no limit.

Don’t wish to be like anybody else. There is nobody "better" than you, and that’s the truth.

The first thing you have to do is to make friends with being human. This is the toughest job. Everything else is easy.

Sometimes you just don’t know. So what? You see, God has to accept you as you are, and she does accept you as you are. Totally. With no judgment at all, with no thought about the way you should be.

You don't need to justify anything; you don't need to understand anything. Just accept yourself feeling the way you feel. All the rest is some kind of mental exercise to make you feel differently.

If you give attention to the mind, you will be confused. If you are just here, however you are, just the way you are, there is no confusion.

Be totally strict with your mind; don’t let your mind talk about anything spiritual at all. The mind knows nothing about god, nothing about freedom, nothing about enlightenment, nothing about being here, but he will make speeches forever, as if he knows.

The truth is here, in the moment. You don’t need any belief system. When you are not lost in some system, or lost in some dream, or story – when you are just in the moment you know.

There are some false masters, but that is not your problem, because if one is sincere, even a false master will be perfect.

Just doing what you are doing with as much awareness as you can bring to it is all that is needed, nothing more is necessary. Life will take care of the details.


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