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Amma, Ammaiyar, Sivasakthi, Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar, Sri Shiva Shakti Ammaiyar
Shaivism, Slience, Darshan
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Tamil Nadu, South India
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Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar (also known as Siva Sakthi) is a short elderly woman living in her ashram in Tiruvannamalai.

She kept silent for many years and attained the Self about 18 years ago. She is attended by her devoted son.

In her younger years as a house-holder, Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar was an ardent devotee of Lord "Siva". She would spend day and night in worship and devotion, leading her to ignore the mundane things in life. Being disillusioned and always frustrated, her longing to merge with the Divine ever increased. She loved to be left alone, and in deep states of meditation the SELF was revealed. She went to Perumal Hill, a (holy) hill in the Salem district in Tamil Nadu, in south India, where she spent some years in silence. In 2003 she came to Tiruvannamalai, where an ashram was set up. Since her arrival, Ammaiyar, the respectful name for mother, gives daily darshan to people in pure silence.


APRIL !, 2014

Dear Friends,

Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar is now on her 1st seasonal break. There will be NO DARSHAN until April 14. Darshan will resume then, but unknown for how long.

Chitra Poornami is also on 15, the second biggest full moon holiday for doing Girivalam, and people will arrive and start walking on the14th. Hanuman Jayanti is also 15th. So, it will be crowded here.

If you have already contacted the Ashram and have arranged a private meeting or a room for this time when AMMA is on break, please call Velan and talk with him.

During the summer months, when AMMA takes breaks, no one is allowed to stay in the Ashram, so if you were planning to come to Tiru and hoped to stay at the Ashram, it won't be possible.

We never know when AMMA will take her break, and it is usually the morning of the last day of Darshan that we are told, so if you are planning to come to the Ashram during the summer, please check here and on her website and her Facebook page for updates.
Or, call Velan for current information. Velan's cell in India: + 91 9443342521.



Mother of the World
Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar
Tiruvannamalai Talk @ Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar Ashram
December 2, 2012

My kisses to all my loving children

As I have told you earlier, the Earth’s rotation has moved from its original place to the left side. Due to the increase in the Earth’s rotation and people’s Karma, the natural calamities were more. I have already informed you of this earlier.

All of you have a deep worry in your hearts that a major disaster is going to happen in the last month of this year (December), but it is not like that. Due to the increase in the rotation and its movement, the Earth needs only a slight shift more to receive the “Light” and settle down. Because of this slight shift, small catastrophes will happen in the process of settling down.

Even though people’s Karma was unbearable, Mother Earth responded in a very superficial way; the intensity of her response was less. This, itself, is a big blessing. From now on, the slight climatic changes will be as usual.

Before the 12th of this month (December), the Earth will shift slightly and will receive the “Light” and will settle down in Silence. Until this silence becomes complete, there will be cyclones and winds, with less intensity. The big consequences have gone up to the sky, which is a big blessing for you. God has given you this big blessing.

* (Note: Ammaiyar uses God, He, His, This and the “Light” interchangeably. They all mean the «Light”, the Inner Light, the One Light.)

From now on, if you want everything to change and blossom for you, you’ll have to cultivate good thoughts and act upon them. Don’t get trapped in your Karma. (bad karma)

All the people think that this world is going to be destroyed. If you think such a destruction will happen, I know when it will come, how the Earth will be then, how the natural calamities will be and how people will be. I will tell you this at that time. Now, you need not be worried about this. As I have already told you in advance about the natural calamities that have already happened, I will tell you about this at an even earlier state.. All you have to do is, whatever you earn through your hard work, contribute a small part of it towards Dharma (charity).

When nothing is permanent in this world, the most important thing that everyone has to know is to be friendly and loving. Mother Earth is going to feel very happy to see the change in the inner qualities of the people, but for this to happen, you also have to co-operate. No matter how many problems there are in the family, everything will come to an end (problems).

The ONE who is inside me is the ONE who is in everyone. God is only ONE. Jesus, Allah, Murugan. It is only ONE. The “Light” is only ONE. (Amma pointing to herself, to her inner Light) ‘Is there any greater power than this? Tell me.! (Power=Sakthi). ‘Can you do anything by yourself? It is not possible, because, you are just an instrument in the hands of God’.

(Amma pointing to inside herself) All functions are done by the Manickaoli (Light). If you are as you are, your Dharma will protect you. Your hard work will uplift you. You should completely know and realize this. God has given all of you so many opportunities and situations for you to be happy in this world,. If a person’s vision is Truth (Sathya, Dharma), this” Light” (Amma pointing to her Inner Self) will surely show you the path. If you follow this, the “Light” inside you will smile and feel more and more happy and will also make you happy.

For another 10 days, there will be more wind and rain. Miners (those working underground) need to be very careful. People living near the seashore and living in the mountains need to be careful. But, we have crossed all the major dangers.

Don’t be worried about someone else’s opinions. (Amma pointing to her Inner Self) He’s saying, “Believe this”.

(Amma pointing to herself) The “Light” and this body are the same. Just for your understanding, I have separated myself from the “Light”; otherwise, the “Light” and this body are not different. (Amma pointing to her Inner Self) When “This” (“Light”) moves away from the body, the body is just a dry leaf, an old shirt. This body belongs to the Earth.

Just because you believe there is a body, you should not burden your head with thoughts and karmas. Rather than that, you should think of “Him” (“Light”) and pray for guidance at “His” feet. When you take each and every step in this way, the “Light” comes in a human form and does you good. You will be away from Karma. Don’t burden yourself. Face whatever comes each day. For all of this, people should be very patient. Patience is bigger than the ocean.

Man cannot live on Mars. All the planets can live inside you; within you, they watch and make things happen. Scientists should know that it is God who functions in them and that it is He who has given them the work of invention
and discovery. Anyway, let us not find fault in them.. But, man cannot live on Mars. This is true.

In Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Parliament and Andhra, for the old politicians, both former and current, the time is very close for them to leave their bodies. It will happen one by one. Before that, they have to understand, realize and cleanse themselves. Nobody is without faults in their path, They should do good to the poor and the needy and cleanse themselves. For this birth and even for the next birth, they should do Dharma and cleanse themelves. This is good. These people are related to Politics, whether they are Ministers, MLA’s or people in any rank in government. (Amma pointing to her Inner Self) “HE” is saying this.

Because of the Earth’s rotation towards the left side and by Amma’s Grace (“Light’s” Grace) and happiness, girl babies will be born in large numbers. This is a blessing for the Earth. In all the countries, there will be more girl babies born, than usual. This is sure to happen. By Ishwara’s Grace (“Light”) more girl babies will be born. In India, girl babies will be born in the form of Mahalaxmi. (In India, when a girl baby is born, they call her as Mahalaxmi, for good luck and prosperity).

You need not be worried about anything. Because of this rotation of the Earth, the deposits of gold and other valuables made before (in the past) will come up and be taken out. This will happen. Because of this rotation of the Earth and people’s karma, God has given only economic losses to the people. Loss of lives was less. Don’t think the Earth will burst! God is waiting to give you valuable gifts. For this to happen, you should show your skill and patience in your work. From now on, God will show you the path for a new beginning and a fresh life.

By my power, I have known that each and every one of you, who are coming here from the beginning, are in a state in the “Light”, but you don’t know this because of your Karmic blocks. If you could work a little, exclusive of your work time, either early in the morning when you wake-up or at the time of sleep in the night, hold on to the feet of God and meditate for at least 10 minutes. If you do this, your power will increase. The power of this Manickaoli (“Light”) will increase. At that time, you should not give any room for worries. What will happen? Nothing will happen beyond this “Light” (Nothing bad will happen). The power inside you will protect you in each and every step you take. God will watch your patience, Sathyam (Truth) and Dharma, and is waiting to pour “His” blessings upon you.

I have seen you all. So many people are in good power (state), but you’re not able to understand that. Keep meditating without loosing focus. Even if you have to work all day, don’t think of anything other than your work; in this way your power will increase, the little rooms in your head will burst and the light will glow.

For a common man, if the Atma (“Light”) goes out of the body, it may go through his breath or mouth. For an All-knowing and powerful person (Gnani), it goes out through the top (crown) of the skull towards the sky. Some of you have this big blessing (through the crown), but your thoughts are blocking this possibility. It’s OK. I’m happy to see you all so devoted. I’m extremely happy to see your devotion.

My dear children, you are all rays of this Gnana Suryan. (Amma pointing to her inner self) “This” is there in everybody.
Don’t think your Atma has not flowered (spooranam, in Tamil). As and when you hold on to the feet of God, He has accepted you. He holds you in His hands. He will never let-down the people who have faith in Him. God is always there for you. He’s holding you and you need not be worried about anything.

I would like to say one more important thing. Listen carefully. No matter how many hurdles and worries you come across, never leave this strength (of the Light). With trust, take this strength and hold on to the feet of God. Come what may, He is there for you. Nothing is beyond this (“Light”). (Amma pointing to her inner Self) HE is the Light, in all and for all. This is what we call it in different names: Shakti, Jesus, Murugan, Allah, and many more different forms. He is the ONE who is in all. You should remember and understand this fully.

Whatever be the nature of your work, either big or small, don’t feel inferior to do it. Always keep a high vision and work towards happiness and prosperity. Amma’s Blessings are always there, permanently, for you. Moreover, all my Dhynam (Meditation), Thavam (Penance), Silence and everything is for you. What am I going to do? What else is there for me? My children should all live happily and prosper. Remember, there is Heaven in Earth. First of all, observe Silence. By Silence, I don’t mean external silence. Talk whenever required. Don’t remove the feet of God from your eyes (inner vision). If you start observing Silence, you will get to experience all the benefits. You can overcome karma and cross the ocean of birth and death. Even if this is not so, at least you can lay a good path for your next birth. Practice inner cleansing.

I’m very happy. Again I’m saying this: Don’t be worried about what’s going to happen to Earth. There will be rain. It will be a little more than usual. Only a slight shift is needed for the Earth to settle down.

Be happy and courageous. Mind is the biggest disease.I have accepted you all.

My Love and Blessings.


November 6, 2011, Amma gave Darshan and Spiritual talk in Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
Below is the translated transcript of her talk:


My heartfelt kisses are for my children.
You are all my children.

Don’t worry. You need not fear anything. Be happy. Whatever worries come, ignore it. Be joyful. Be ecstatic. All my meditation, peace and yogic actions belong to you, my children. You are my children.

My eyes are God’s eyes, and you, being my eyes, God is giving everything to you. Man, with his various minds, makes mistakes. God forgives (him) and embraces him with happiness. With your true devotion, hold onto the feet of God and live with that true devotion. I will explain what I just said in different words, so you can understand. If you stay with God, at any point in time, you won’t have any sorrows. Whatever comes in front of your ‘limited’ eyes (which cannot see all that is happening) know that all your troubles are leaving you. Then, bring all your power, your attention to the right (correct) side, and do not focus on the negative; not even an atom of your power. And, you will have to face your struggle against the negative.. Then you will see that all the karma will run away, disappear. If your Bhakti is. true, what I’m telling you now will definitely happen.

In front of Truth, nothing can stand. The past baggage is completely clogged in the head. If you want to clear the ‘karmic’ baggage, you have to follow the path of Bhakti or Meditation. At least you can light a lamp and pray to God from inside, and when the right time comes, God will definitely answer your prayers. What is important for this is Patienee. If you’re patience and genuine, God, as the Atma Light inside you as Ishwara (complete Atma Light) is longing to embrace you. Because of the “collective karma”, a lot of calamities are happening. We can control the ‘natural calamities’, to some extent, by our Bhakti or Meditation. It is better to pray to Ishwara wholeheartedly, then offering flowers. With your whole heart, offer the flower of your Bhakti or Meditation to Ishwara, and He will definitely not let you down.

There may be many people who are well versed in the many arts (dance, astrology, etc... {there are 63 arts in Tamil culture}), and there may be millions of Muni's (ascetics) and millions of Gurus who are holding to the feet of Lord Siva, but among them, only one in a million is fortunate to be fully Enlightened and Realized. This old garment is fortunate to be that one. Even though I am fortunate to be that one, I belong to you. I am putting on my old garment (body) and I’m appearing before you today for your better understanding. I am differentiating myself from God. God and I are not different. But for your better understanding, I’m differentiating myself from God.

Don’t be a sannyassin. Have a family life and pray to God and be happy. Don’t attempt for any renunciation. All my children shall have a long and happy life. Don’t think your body is impure When arising, first think about God and hold onto His feet; not think that your body is impure and you have to first take a bath. Think of God first. And when you go to bed, also pray to god for at least 10 minutes and then go to sleep. This is the highest truth. The highest form of worship is holding His feet. A child falls into the mud, but the mother doesn’t care how unclean the child is, she goes and hugs the child. Like that, God is embracing all of you and Mother Earth. I will not mind the mud on all of you. I will embrace you. These are not my words; these are the words of Ishwara coming out of me. It is like a Diamond Light (manickam) coming out of my mouth. My every word will protect all of you who have come here and those who have not. I will sincerely pray for the wellbeing of all. These are the ‘Diamond’ words of Sada Siva and Ranga.(Ranganathan - Vishnu). (Both Sada Siva and Ranganathan are different names to describe ‘Paramatma’). The Ranga is sleeping and from his feet the of nectar of ’Knowledge’ is flowing. Maha Laxmi takes that nectar and is waiting to give it to you. She can create or destroy. If you hold onto her feet, whatever the difficulties coming, she will protect you and give you what you need at the appropriate time. Don’t forget this. If you hold onto her feet, the Light will protect you; what more could you want? Maha Laxmi (Paramatma, Supreme power) taking the form of Sathyabama (Jivatma). She will destroy evil and protect mankind. If you make mistakes, she will cause you to repent, but she will not punish you. Mahalaxmi and Sathyabhama will clear the ‘karmic’ blockages in the head. As you keep meditating, the ‘karmic’ blockages in the head will start to dissolve: Do not think. Maha Laxmi is the goddess of Wealth. She gives all the wealth to you. Sada Siva is also Ranganatha, and Maha Laxmi is at his feet collecting the nectar and is waiting to give to all devotees. Do not forget this. Every Atma should convert into Sada Siva.

All of you have children. You should teach them Meditation. Very simple. Tell them to close their eyes and meditate and focus the ‘Diamond Light’ inside for 10 minutes. ‘Diamond Light’ will travel upwards and clear blockages in the head. They become very good. In the beginning the children will be playful. Later, they will learn meditation and everything, and be good. And then when they become parents, they will teach this to their children. The teaching of meditation will go on from generation to generation. All our good deeds and the meditation practices will get strongly entrenched, like the Banyan tree. Even if the main tree (this body) falls, the side roots (your children) give the support. Don’t forget this. Be happy always. This is what God likes. Let worries not bother you. First you do the meditation, and your good deeds you do will be passed down through the generations. Our children are going to progress scientifically in their studies.

At the end of 2012, there will be lots of chances for having ‘natural calamities’: earthquakes, heavy rain, etc… all over the world. In Tamil Nadu, it will be less. In western countries it will be a lot more.

There are a lot of Saints and Siddhas who have meditated in Tamil Nadu. That’s why the impact of ‘natural calamities’ will be less here. These ‘natural calamities’ can also be mitigated if you do meditation and hold onto the feet of God. This is the only solution for this problem. Please inform this to all your children. Please pass this information to young students, boys and girls, so that they understand the process of ‘natural calamities’ without fear. The earth is going to rotate faster in 2012, and because of this, western countries will be mostly affected. When you fix your inner self, the Jyoti will appear in one straight line; the fear will increase more, but if you hold on to what you hold on to (the feet of God), everything will be softened and you will find an oasis. The calamities will be pushed to the mountains and deserts and seas, where there is nobody. Maha Laxmi, Maha Vishnu, hold onto their feet, they will protect you from all ‘natural calamities’. Never become a Sanyassin. Don’t put the Sanyassin face on you. The true ‘Sathyam’ will ultimately win. Everybody should follow that.

You all should always be happy. My prayers and penance are all for you and will protect you. When to come to your protection, I will know. This Iswara, inside of you, knows everything. God tests you and gives you problems, then only gives you happiness. But, if you get everything (wealth) in the first instance itself, your karma will accumulate.

Don’t accumulate material wealth for your children; teach them meditation and make them to realize God. There should be peace, everywhere. In that peaceful atmosphere, meditate for at least 5 minutes. and whatever is your wish, it will happen. Faith and patience are very much essential. Here, there are so many people who have served the 'Supreme Light' (who is the Ishwara) in this old garment (this body). This 'Light' will bless you all a lot. This man (the man who invited Amma to Chennai) has been so patient. He has been like that for several years. Confidence coupled with patience and Bhakti, is there in him. Because of this, I agreed to come to this place on his request.

My sons Ramana, Sheshadri, Ram (Surat) Kumar, and many other Siddhas, are all in the state of Samadhi and have all become parts of the Light of Arunachala. In my Spiritual journey, I have realized and seen them all. How to describe this? I do not know. Even though there is total realization, I’m able to give you only a portion. The rest is there, as it is.

In my Spiritual journey, the Atma was flying around. This I’m telling you. This is the total truth. I have seen a lot of saints with beards, ‘kamandalus’ (water pot) and staffs around me in my Spiritual journey; they all tried to catch my feet. I don’t see the clear picture of ‘who’ is trying to catch my feet, I only remember the circumstances. I told them, ‘Leave me! Leave me!’ I also saw this happen to me within one year of coming to Tiruvannamalai. They all came near and called me, “Amma, Amma” and tried to worship me. I had all the Truth inside me. This experience made me feel, and a lot of water fell from my eyes, but I was not crying. I don’t know where I stored all the water. It was ‘happy’ water. Not only this, but one more thing, I slept. I didn’t know where I was. I heard the voice, “Amma, Amma”. I was able to have the Divine experience,of being called ‘Amma, Amma’ by Ishwara. This is very rare, and my body was filled with overwhelming joy. Ishwara was calling me, “Amma, Amma.” I want all of you to experience this. I had so many mysterious experiences. Particularly, I met and had experiences with my son, Ramana. I will share it with you later, not now.

In Tiruvannamalai, this time, during Deepam, the security forces should be increased. The evil forces are trying to get in. Security should be more than the usual. While witnessing the Deepam, people should take care of themselves and be more cautious. Everything will be good.

My Ashirwads (blessings) to all my sweet children. My penance, prayers and peace, will always keep and protect you. Maha Vishnu, who is sleeping in the deep ocean with Maha Laxmi by his side, let their ‘Divine Blessings’ be with you.

Thank you very much, Amma.
What calamity, if any will come to Chennai? When will it come? How can one protect oneself?

Amma’s Answer: When the earth is rotating faster, the Atma Jyoti will come to the center. There will be a ‘jerk’ in the earth when the alignment of this is in the center of the Jyoti. (Amma stopped this train of speaking here). Here and there you will hear of calamities The calamities will be more in the western countries, not much for Tamil Nadu. If God decides, he can destroy all the wealth. The only wealth which can’t be destroyed is this ‘Diamond Light’ radiating inside you. Don’t be afraid. Follow Bhakti. Tell all the children to first practice meditation for 5 minutes. As the children start practicing, the light will go upwards and clear all the ‘karmic blockages’ in the head. In Karnatake and Andhra Pradesh the evil forces are more and therefore, more destruction. Important is that all the Ministers should be very careful when traveling in aircraft. In some suspicious places, security should be increased.

Through that ‘Diamond Light’ (manickam), I am blessing every one of you.


AMMA travelled to Bangalore, Karnataka, India on September 17th, 2011, to give Darshan. She gave both "Naina Diksha", eye Darshan, her usual style, and also spoke and gave private Darshan after walking around the hall.
Below is the translated transcript of her talk.


September 17, 2011

You’re all my children. My love and kisses for everyone.

I’m praying for everybody’s welfare. All my prayers are for that; The welfare and well being for everyone.

We are facing a lot of natural calamities because of our previous births’ karma. This karma is in the form of blockages in the head. When you go to bed and when you get up, think about god and hold onto his feet; then only you can get out of these natural calamities. The karma, appearing as blockages in the head, will disappear. You’ll attain salvation (Mukti.). By way of your Bhakti, you are worshiping the Jyoti (the Light). We have different names for the gods, but the Light is only One. If you hold on to the feet of god, you will see the Atma, like the glittering of a precious jewel (Manikam). If you follow the path of Bhakti, like a banyan tree with it’s hanging roots, even if your body (the tree) falls, the roots will continue to support you. This birth is like the ocean, and if you follow the path of Bhakti and hold on to the feet of the guru or god, you will cross this ocean. The Jyoti (Light) is the Atma. The Light is Maha Laxmi. Mahalaxmi is Omnipresent. If you worship Amma Mahalaxmi, the all pervasive and all protective, who is also the Swarupa (form) of Satyabhama, she will guide you to cross the ocean of birth . Even in the smallest thing, like grass, small insects, the Atma is glittering. She is Omnipresent. That is why we call Maha Laxmi. (Maha means Great). Mahalaxmi will destroy the ’adharma’, (unjust) and will protect you. If your Bhakti is genuine, even when this body drops the Atma will be praying. If your Bhakti is genuine, you will get a better quality of life in your future birth. I’m telling you this very briefly; you should understand clearly. Because of this karma, these calamities are happening.

Before the end of 2012, there will be lots of natural calamities. If you hold onto the feet of god, through your Bhakti, these natural calamities will not greatly affect you. These natural calamities are bound to come. You cannot totally escape from this. But the Bhakti can reduce the effects of the calamities. There is nothing you cannot achieve with Bhakti. Who is residing in me is there in every one of you. Everybody should understand this clearly. There are blockages in the head; how can you realize. This realization will not come to everyone. But everyone should try to be in the path of Bhakti and attain salvation. Even when you shed the body, the Bhakti will continue to do good for you.

In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the natural calamities are going to come. People living in valleys and near water have to be very careful. Some evil forces are targeting both the Central and State Governments. All the Ministers have to be extremely guarded and careful. Guarded and careful. Guarded and careful. This is the truth.

Be in the path of Bhakti and protect yourself from all the natural calamities.
My (Tanam) prayers are for all you, my dear darlings. Even if I shed my body, my Atma will always protect you. This is my promise. No mother will allow her child to suffer. Even if the child has fallen in the mud, mother will hold the child and shower kisses on it, not even minding the mud. Like this I embrace you. When you pray to the god, when you see the Atma within you, god likes it and appreciates it.

You have all come here because you have done some good things. So everybody should do ’Dharna’; giving charity; even give a little sugar to the ants. Everybody should work sincerely. And the sweat, coming out of your sincere labor, will fall on the feet of the god. Whatever the charity you do comes back to you 10 fold. Whether it is Mahalaxmi, Murugan, Jesus or Allah, the Jyoti (Light) is only One. Don’t think that you are not clean; your Atma is very clean. You can touch your feet and head and worship yourself. You need not go anywhere. Even you need not come to see me. I am residing within you as your Atma. The god will come and meet you. You need not go anywhere.

I never thought I will come to this place. I have come to you in this place and inside me is Arunachala. I have brought Arunachala here to Bangalore. This body has taken so many births, and finally came to this. You sit in the pooja room and carefully think of what all I said. You need not go anywhere and see the god within yourself. By this you can solve your karma.

My head is Ishwara, Mahalaxmi, and in the form of Satyabama, I have come to protect you. I have taken the Vishwarupa form of Sathyabhama and have come in your presence.

It appears to some people that some planets are falling from above, and it may be in the form of ice or rocks. It may hit the earth and cause natural calamities. So these rocks may fall in the ocean and may not hit you, if you follow the path of Bhakti to reduce the effects of these calamities. The earth is rotating because the Guru is looking at the earth. All the other planets are vitiated (contaminated). Guru is Jyoti. Nobody can go near that Jyoti. Only through Bhakti you can reach that place. So many births this body has taken; because of this good karma I am able to go near that Jyoti. How I can speak like this? I do not know. I am not talking. The god within me is speaking to you.

This boy, Ashok Kumar, has been coming to me very patiently, and started understanding me. My love and Grace has fallen on him. He has dedicated himself to the service of god. From so many countries, (Amma speaking about the foreigners) I cannot mention from which country, why they are coming here, because they have greater feelings to me. Power What they want is power. ‘Give me the power, we will take care of the rest”. They search for me and then they come to me. Many people have received it. I need not tell about this. They know very well. So many years you have all been coming to me. In their language “power” means: ‘Jyoti, ‘Atma’. Indians use different names for the power, Mahalaxmi, Sivan, Murugan, Shakthi, like that. The foreigners have better ability to grasp this power (consciousness). They are more sincere and devoted in their attempt, They have understood this very clearly.

My blessings to all; my dear darlings.
People coming up to Amma and Amma speaking:
You feel yourself. You don’t come to me.
You don’t become a Sanyassi. Lead a happy life. You see the god within yourself. That’s also what the god likes. To become a Sanyassi is wrong. If it happens, allow it to happen naturally. Don’t, by force, torture yourself to become a Sanyassi. Hold on to the feet of god.


*** This message has been updated, as some things were left out in the initial translation, but now added, starting in the 4th paragraph.

MESSAGE ON 25-3-2011

My blessing and kisses to all my children.

To experience ‘inner peace’ you should practice ‘silence’. The power of ‘silence’ will take you to ‘inner peace’ and make you experience it. You should be well prepared and be ready to experience the ‘greatness’ of the ‘inner peace’, only then you will come to know (experience) the ‘supreme power’ inside the ‘inner peace’. Only through the practice of ‘silence’, the ‘supreme power’ , inside the ‘inner peace’ which is called ‘MahaLakshmi’, can be experienced. So when you practice ‘centering’ yourself in ‘inner peace’, you can experience the greatness of the ‘supreme compassionate light’. The ‘supreme compassionate light’ is the original form of ‘MahaLakshmi’.

As a mother, I whole-heartedly wish and feel that everyone should experience ‘inner peace’. You will come to know and start to feel everything which is happening and going to happen when you come to experience ‘inner peace’.
It is very important for every man to have a heart (of love) of a mother.

It is not necessary to go anywhere, be wherever you are and go into ‘inner peace’. I’m very happy to see so many people from different countries seeking truth and wanting ‘inner peace’. (Amma pointing to herself) The ‘Arunachala’ in me will always be there to guide you.

The following was spoken on 19-3-2011:

There are more ‘natural calamities’ waiting to happen throughout the world by way of water, earthquakes and tornados. Natural calamities will happen in India. There will be loss of lives. Tamilnadu will also be affected: wind and heavy rains; extreme heat. There will be a small, but felt, earthquake in Tamilnadu. Rameswaram and Kanyakumari will get heavy rain and wind, which will cause the wave surge on the beaches to get higher in Rameswaram. People living on the coastline need to be very alert and careful. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka will get heavier winds and rains and more destruction. There will be avalanches in the Himalayas. People living in the foothills of the Himalayas need to be very alert and careful. Throughout the world, people working underground (coal mines and other related underground works) have to stop their work and come out.

The Earth is not able to tolerate ‘Adharma’, (path against nature or ‘Truthless’ path), which is happening in the world. So follow the path of ‘Truth’ or ‘Dharma’, and meditate. Only then Mother Earth will become happy and lessen the consequences which are about to happen as a result of ‘Adharma’; only then the countries will prosper.

People will come to know about ‘fake swamiyars (sanyasans) ‘. Their unreal nature will be revealed (with regard to their celibacy).

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi has only a little work left to do.


March 22, 2011

A new YouTube video of Amma's Darshan is now available for viewing. Please click the "View Video" tab.
Or go to this link:


An update of Amma's March 17th message:

Message from Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar:
People living in the earthquake, tsunami and radiation affected areas of Japan, should immediately move to a safe and secure place. This should be done in order to prevent their lives from being further affected. (This should be done without a second thought or getting involved with stubbornness or ego). Also, all the nuclear power plants across the world should be protected and made safe.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

In an unexpected moment, Amma spontaneously spoke to her son the following, summed up, and was translated by him to an english speaking devotee, who then spoke it to the people in the hall: Because of the breakdown (of the Nuclear reactors in Fukushima) in Japan, the people living in the areas and in Tokyo should leave. There is radiation danger. Also that people should sit 15 minutes meditation in the morning and in the evening, for the Japanese people. (Amma saw this inside, as she doesn't read newspapers nor have a TV)


Saturday, February 12, 2011.

Amma spoke during Darshan today, the first time speaking in the hall since 2009.

Message from "WORLD MOTHER"


My Loving kisses to all my children.

I see you all within my "inner vision" and am protecting you.

Go deeply into your Silence. Watch the Light, which is your Atma. Then, through the power of your Atma (Supreme Light) all the many small rooms in your head, which are congested by thoughts and karmas, will start to open up.

I am inducing Silence in your soul.

Wherever you are be Silent, and you will come to know the experience of the overflowing light. You'll be immersed in the river of Joy by the ecstatic Light (Ananda Jyoti).

Inform the people of your country of this!

The earth is rotating only because of the Gurus' Grace. (There is so much calamity, confusion and heavy karma in the world now, because of the Gurus' Grace the world is still spinning).

Be Loving, Silent and at Peace. Even at work, Silence will guide you.

You can be Happy!

Some of you are moving correctly in your Sadhana.

Believe in yourself and surrender to your Atma.

I'm keeping you all within my my "inner vision" and am protecting you.

May Happiness and Prosperity prevail!


January, 2011

A new year has come and a new movement is happening with Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar.
This year, Amma is going to travel a little; first around Tamil Nadu and the rest unknown to now.


January 15, 2011

Amma went to visit her original Meditation room, located at the foot of the Perumal Hill in n Attur, Salem Dist,, Tamil Nadu. Around 70 people in around 24 taxi's, travelled with her, and another 100 people were already there to greet her. Amma gave personal Darshan to each person there in Her Meditation room, walked a little on the grounds and then, after lunch, returned to Tiruvannamalai. Amma was in Silence throughout. The Perumal Hill was emanating silence. Breakfast and lunch were served to all.


January 23, 2011

Amma will give a public Darshan in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We will update after the function.


January 03, 2010

Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar will be giving Darshan in the MORNING'S ONLY at 10:00 am.

No evening Darshan until further notice.


*December 6th, 2009



Message to the World

The rotation of the earth is slightly faster. This is the reason for the changing climatic conditions.


As more calamities occur throughout the world, there will be more loss of lives.

People living on river banks and near volcanoes, should be more careful.

People living in the Himalayas need to be more careful.

Animals and poisonous insects will come out.

In the year 2012 the earth's rotation will increase again and then gradually return to its normal speed.

Through God's Grace and Blessings, the areas which will be most affected by this powerful change in rotation will be deserts, forests and rivers.

From the year 2022 the world will prosper and people will feel good and will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.


(This message is a continuation of the October 4th message below.)


*October 4th, 2009


to the People of the World

Throughout the world there will be more natural calamities through water: floods, tsunami's (tidal waves), severe rain storms, etc, and air: cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, severe high winds, etc. There will be earthquakes and tidal waves throughout the world. People living on Islands, especially in the coastal areas, will need to be more cautious and careful. Those who are traveling by air need to be more careful. The destruction will be more abroad, than in India. Those who are in business will need to be more alert and careful.

For India: More and heavy rains and winds will come and bring more damage.

For Pondicherry: Those people living on the coastline need to be very careful.

(Two months prior, Amma had mentioned the upcoming danger involving water. This morning she elaborated on it when speaking at Darshan.)


On October 9, 2008, Vijaya Dashami day, Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar broke her silence. After many years in silence (5 since she came to Tiruvannamalai, 6 1/2 all together for this stretch), she will now, occasionally, speak, give Spiritual discourse, through an interpreter. When, is not known. We shall see how this unfolds.

On January 30, 2009, Amma started giving "Private Darshan". A few people on a designated day, can sit privately with her (one at a time) in a cordoned off and screened area of the Ashram hall. Whether she speaks or not is up to her. If she does, her son interprets what she said. To make advance booking, you have to speak with her son, Velan.

In May of 2009, after Amma's first break of the year (time off for herself-no Darshan), she came back having cut off her 12' long Sadhu jata, (her long hair-dreds). Her son said she had grown this hair for at least 18 years.

it is now September. Amma is again giving Darshan twice daily. We cannot say that Amma won't take another break, but for now, she is giving Darshan twice daily, as usual.

Amma's website, Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar, has been updated.

Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar's website


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Shiva Shakti Ashram

Shiva Shakti gives Darshan At 10 am daily at her Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar Ashram.

Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar Ashram
291 R.O.A Colony, Ramana Nagar,
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu 606603, India
+ 91 9443342521
Contact Persons: 

The Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar Ashram is located not far from Ramana Ashram (10 minutes walk) in Ramana Nagar. When you walk on the main road of Ramana Nagar from the Ramana Ashram in the direction to Tiruvannamalai city, turn right just before Auro Usha Restaurant.. Walking down the street, you will pass Mana Cafe on your right and then arrive at a point where the road splits to the right and the left and straight, take the straight road, this is the street where Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar Ashram is located, you will see it after 5 minutes on your left.

In any case, you can ask around for directions, the Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar Ashram is well know.

Daily Schedule & Opening Hours: 

Siva Sakthi conducts one Darshan daily, at 10:00 AM.

The darshans are usually 15 minutes long. The darshans take place in complete silence while meditating.

The darshans take place in the meditation hall, downstairs, at the entrance to the Ashram building. The rooms are upstairs.

Be there at least 10 minutes before the hour.
Take off your shoes outside, enter, pick a pillow and take a place anywhere on the mat in the hall in front of the chair of Siva Sakthi.
Then Ammaiyar enters. She starts by sitting on her chair, her eyes are closed and the darshan begins. Amma, more often these days, then not, walks around the room, stopping in front of people, giving direct Darshan. You can have your eyes open or closed. Most people find that they are drawn inward and to close their eyes and be in meditation.
Amma works from within.
After some time Amma silently lives the hall. You can stay there and continue your meditation.

Attractions, activities, and more to see: 

Tiruvannamalai is full of spiritual events, teachers and gurus, especially during the winter season.

See here for other gurus in Tiruvannamalai and see for more places.

Silence should be strictly observed during your stay within the ashram, especially during the darshan. It is not allowed to touch Amma, nor her chair, and surroundings.
No prior registration is required for coming to Darshan. To stay at the Ashram in one of the rooms, it is best to contact Velan in advance to book a room, as in the high season it can be difficult to rent one without prior reservation. Mind that during the season the hall might be packed with people so it is advisable to arrive early.

It is possible to rent rooms in the ashram. There are only 4 rooms available, when available. Yet there are endless options of accommodation in Tiruvannamalai including many guest houses. See

Prices and Fees: 
Free of charge. There is no rule for donation. You may give as you wish if you wish. It is customary, however, in India, to leave donation, so it is appreciated if you do give a donation (talk to her nice son after the darshan).
Maps and Pictures of Location: 

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