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Sirio Carrapa
Sant Mat, Surat Shabd Yoga, Radhasoami
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Borgagne, Italy
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Other Related Gurus: 
Kirpal Singh, Ajaib Singh - his gurus


Sirio Carrapa (born in Borgagne, Italy, 12 May 1952) is an Italian mystic. He was a disciple of Kirpal Singh and Ajaib Singh, and is a spiritual teacher ("Sant" or Satguru) of Surat Shabd Yoga. He is also an expert in ayurveda and teacher of Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga).


After his childhood, he went to Milan where he lived for some years. From 1979 he lives in Ribolla with his wife.

Meeting with his first Master

In 1972, at the age of 19, he had his first spiritual awakening and started an intense period of practicing Yoga and meditation. The year after, during spring of 1973 he went in India for the first time, searching for a Master.

He recognized as his Master Sant Kirpal Singh from Delhi. On 25 April of that year, he was initiated personally from the Great Master to the Path of Surat Shabd Yoga. He then spent two years mostly meditating all the time.

The second Master

In 1977, he became the Italian representative of Sant Ajaib Singh, one of the successors of Master Kirpal (who left the body in 1974), and from that moment he continued to give the Holy Initiation of this Path.

The foundation of the Ashram

Obeyng to the orders of his second Master, Ajaib, he founded in 1979 the Sant Bani Ashram of Ribolla in which he lives with his family. In this place there where placed three european tours of Master Ajaib: in 1980, 1984 and 1989. Hundreds of people participated. After that, every year in that place there were organized retreats of intense meditation. Carrapa also participated, from his initiation, to many retreats in India with his Masters and also after their death.

After the death of Ajaib

After Sant Ajaib's death (in 1997), Carrapa felt that his Master's will (after inner experiences and external signals from Ajaib during their intense relationship of twenty years) was to continue to give initiations and the teachings of his Gurus. Also during the retreat of 1989 in Sant Bani Ashram of Ribolla Sant Ajaib Singh wanted that Sirio Carrapa give the initiation despite of the fact that he was present. This is usually one of the ways of the Masters to show a succession. Ajaib furthermore gave to Sirio the indication to lock the small wooden house that was built in the Ashram for him and use it in the same way He used the underground room in which he meditated for long years in Kirpal's instructions. Also nowadays this little house is used only by Sirio or for giving initiations or private interviews. Sant Ajaib gave this instruction only to Sirio and not to the other disciples that were living in the Ashram at that time. Consequently, some of the initiates accepted this successorship (sometimes after inner experiences). Time after time a new group of devotees to Sirio Carrapa grew up (from various nationality including a big number of Hungary) with whom nowadays there are many retreats every year. So now there are new initiates (by Sirio) and Sant Ajaib's initiates, who recognized in Sirio Carrapa the new Living Satguru and are his disciples and devotees.



his teachings are basically the teachings of Sant Mat/Surat Shabd Yoga tradition.


Sant Bani Ashram, Ribolla (Grosseto, Italy)

Sant Bani Ashram, Ribolla (Grosseto, Italy) is the main Ashram in which Sirio holds Satsangs and retreats many times per year.

Sant Bani Ashram
Podere Valdivita ,
Ribolla (Grosseto), 58027, Italy
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many retreats during the year

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free, donations accepted
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