Siddha Gurupaada Jnananath

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Fast Facts
Christianity, Sidhha Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism
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Northampton, UK
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His main guru: Sri Godavari Mataji of Sakori


Gurupada is a Christian but utilizes Yoga with his twin Babadanji in sadhana practice.

He saw all the main gurus of the 1980's but found his guru in Sri Godavari Ma of Sakori. After meeting Ma in UK in 1988, he with his twin stayed at the ashram where Mataji conferred upon Gurupada the title Baba, promising moksha and confirming all of Gurupada's spiritual experiences.

After Self-realisation in 1997 Baba Gurupada then experienced the higher Paramataman experiences which few Gurus have and was totally established in divine contemplation. Gurupada then studied Kashmir Shaivism and Byzantine Theology on an academic level in 2007, obtaining a PhD in 2010.

He is now writing books in Kashmir Shaivism and deification in the Byzantine tradition, academic papers; and teaches about Christian yoga in a center run by devotees.


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