Shri Swami Sharadanand Giri

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Spiritual Teacher
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Swami Narrotamanand Giri


Shri Swami Sharadanand Giri, an ascetic of paramhans order Shri Dakshinamurti convention, represents the luminary lineage of the great-enlightened saints and yogis that renounce their homes at an early age in the search of supreme truth giving up all worldly ties and aspirations.

Swami Sharadanand Giri, founder of the Shri Paramanand Ashram Trust, Allahabad, India, and Vednidhi (Vedic Heritage Research Foundation), Varanasi, India, is a disciple of Swami Narrotamanand Giri and a world-renowned Sanskrit scholar with an infectious laughter. Armed with Master's degrees in Vedanta, Samkhya-Yoga Darshana, and Sanskrit language, he also spent eight years in achieving spiritual excellence through intensive spiritual training in the company of the great saints and sadhus in the Himalayan foothills. Besides founding and guiding numerous educational and social-relief organizations, he has guided and inspired thousands of his young students/disciples for more than 30 years to achieve excellence, prosperity and success in life by following Vedic principles. His unique contribution to mankind is his rational interpretation of the secrets of ancient Vedic wisdom which he distilled into 1000 points by which anyone can reach the pinnacle of success, prosperity and excellence. These points will be shortly published in a series of 100 booklets in a simple, easy to understand form, applicable by everyone eager to evolve within and bring about a profound transformation towards all-around success within the shortest possible time

Early years

The spiritual journey began with spending eight long years in achieving spiritual excellence through intensive spiritual training in the company of the great saints and sadhus at the Himalayan foothills.
Belonging to the sect of Adi Shanakaracharya, he chose to devote his life to the service of Vedic scriptures and to the spiritual values of Indian heritage and culture.

Graduation (Shastri) with Sanskrit language, Indian Philosophies
Masters' degrees in Vedanta and Samkhya-Yoga Darshana.
Special comprehensive training into the depths of the spiritual and moral scriptures and classical treatises with outstanding masters and accomplished saint- philosophers like his spiritual mentors of enormous intellectual caliber Shri Swami Nrisimha Giriji, Swami Maheshananda Giriji and the Swami Karapatriji has enabled Swami ji present the essence of the Indian spiritual wisdom in pristine as well as most practical form.
Awards and achievements:

Title of Dharmalankar was awarded to him at an early age by the Kashi Pundit Parishad of Varanasi at the assembly of Dharma chaired by Swami Maheshananda Giriji held at the famous Annapurna temple in the year1976-77,acknowledging his genius to explain and synthesize the intricacies of the scriptures.
Millennium Award of International Hindu from the Rudrabhishek Society of London in the year 1999 was further poof of his long involvement in the field of Indian culture and heritage.
Teaching and Experience

Swami ji has always been interested in disseminating his vast knowledge of scriptures, Sanskrit language, Indian philosophy and culture. He has taught these subjects to hundreds of students during last 30 years .
He has always helped people both Indian and foreigners in their advanced researches and studies.


Besides writing articles for several journals and magazines, he helped and assisted in editing the great Vedantic literature of the classical era at the Mahesh Research Institute. His diligent perseverance won the publications both national and international acclaim.
His work on the great master Sureshwaracharya's colossal work "Bhashya Vartik" in Sanskrit language is in press.
Spiritual and universal significance of the Sanatana Dharma and the theme of prescribed Karmas and Secrets of the Deva Tattva are being translated into English.
A special course in Sanskrit language will soon be made available to the students.
Social Service & Activities:

Established Nachiketas Children Welfare Society and Aryaman School in the year 1989 for children welfare, health-care.
Established English Sanskrit Academy in1993 for the students of both the languages.
Founded Vedanidhi: Vedic heritage Research Foundation with global mission in 2005.
His selfless services to philanthropic and academic purposes pursued by other people and ashrams, has made him very popular among all ascetics and monks irrespective of differences in sects and conventions
As member of several institutions and as an able administrator he has given his valuable guide-lines for their development.
Expressing his confidence, Swami Maheshanandji wrote that the indomitable courage and strength of character that Swami Sharadanandji possesses will let again the sacred waters from the pristine Manasarovara of the Veda once more flow into the blood stream of our children giving life and bringing the world the benediction of spiritual light!

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