Shri Kumarswamiji

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Mahatapsvi Shri Kumarswamiji, Kumarswamiji, Kumar Swamiji
Shivayoga, Veerashaivism, Prayeryoga, Jnanganj
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India, Russia
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Hunshikatti, Karnataka, India
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Other Related Gurus: 
Paramhansa Vishuddhananda Ji Gandhbaba


Shri Kumarswamiji was born in 1909 at the village Hunshikatti, Belgaum district, Karnataka state, India.

His parents, Shrimati Chinnamma and Shri Lakshman-appa, a pious married couple, were ardent devotees of a Sage Shri Rudramuni at Hunshikatti village. Even while being pregnant, his mother Chinnamma is said to have used to go and clean Shri Rudramuni's Ashram every day. Pleased with her devotion and service, Shri Rudramuni blessed the mother and asked her if she wants anything. The mother said, "Bless me with a son who will bring glory and peace to the family". Shri Rudramuni replied: "Yes, you will get a son who will bring glory and peace not only to your family but also to the whole world".

After giving birth to the baby, mother Chinamma passed away leaving behind a son. There was another mother, called Neelamma, in the same village who had given birth to a child and immediately after her child had passed away. So, here was a child without mother and there was mother, Neelamma, a mother without child. Elders in the village came together and decided to give the child to Neelamma and thus Neelamma became Shri Kumarswamiji's mother who cared for him for many years.

At first, Lakshman-appa, the father, didn't go to see his newborn child as he believed that the child brought this grief of the death of the mother to them. Once when Shri Kumarswamiji was at his grandmother's place in Bailhongal, he became seriously ill. When the father heard about it, he went to Shri Rudramuni and prayed for his son's health. Ultimately, Shri Kumarswamiji recovered from his illness and from that time onwards, the father started seeing the child regularly. Soon after, the father passed away.

It is said that in his early childhood, Shri Kumarswamiji was attracted to devotional worship and spiritual life. During his school days at Bailhongal, his maternal grandmother's place, his grandmother used to give him little pocket money every day. He would collect a group of friends and together they would worship Nandi (a bull, Lord Shiva's vehicle, also known as Maddi-Basavanna). Out of the money his grandmother used to give him, the legend says that he would buy sweets and distribute them as prasad (consecrated food) among his friends.

At the age of 10, he said Lord Anjaneya, known as Lord Hanuman, the son of Anjani, visit him and gave him a fruit. Upon eating the fruit, he said his pashyanti vani (sublime psychic energy) was awakened and he was able to remember his past samskaras (dispositions in past life).

Later, he started worshiping Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, which, he felt, awakened latent powers in him related to knowledge, wisdom, poetry and intuition.

At the age of 18, his kundalini is said to have awakened and he had certain spiritual experiences. It is also claimed that soon after he attained siddhi of levitation during his yogic practices at Navilteerth on the banks of the river Malaprabha.

He graduated in 1932 and was ordained in 1933. He established a math (monastery) in Dharwad called Navakalyanamath. While being engaged in social service, his inner voice directed him to give up the worldly pursuits and dedicate all his time to the practice of yoga. It was in 1965 that he abondoned the social activity and affairs of the math and entered into a life of solitude.

Having taken Vidvat Sanyas in 1965, Shri Kumarswamiji established a spiritual hermitage known as Tapovan, three miles away from Dharwad. Immediately after taking Vidvat Sanyas, he withdrew into silence in the cave for observing penance (anushtana). He left the cave after one year of penance and delivered a message. Subsequently he observed penance on two more occasions, once for six months and another one for nine months after which he delivered messages with prophetic visions.

Shri Kumarswamiji toured over India, delivering speeches and lectures on spiritual subjects, preaching the tenets of spirituality, yoga and mysticism.

He is the author of 16 books in English and eleven books in Kannada, his mother tongue. His books discuss yoga, mysticism, religion, philosophy, education, international peace, democracy.

As part of the All India Philosophical Congress, he delivered two lectures, one at the University in Madras in 1940 and the other at the Aligarh University in 1941. He was invited to attend and preside over the World Parliament of Religions convened by Swami Shivananda Maharaj. In December 1970 he attended the World Science and Yoga Conference held in New Delhi and participated in the deliberations of different streams.

He visited Europe several times from 1972 to 1982. At the invitation of the French National Yoga Congress he delivered lectures in France and also toured over Switzerland, Belgium, England and Italy. He presided over the International Yoga Conference held in May 1972 in Grenoble, France, as well as over the Parliament of World Religions in Paris in November 1972. Later in November that same year he met Pope Paul at the Vatican in Rome.

Shri Kumarswamiji died on October 22nd, 1995.


Occultism, in the real sense of the term, is neither magic nor witch-craft but a sustained and all-comprehending effort at self-knowledge, namely, knowledge of the self working in an through the Shahasrar Chakra, the higher plane. This coronal center is characterized by cosmic vastness, a grandeur of the Supreme Light, the treasure house of miraculous knowledge. It is this Divina Mensura of the mighty forces; and the man who has realized this coronal center is indeed the Divine or Cosmic Man who is the measure of the universe. Not Humina Mensura but Divina Mensura. is the decided object of real occultism; it is this Divina Mensura that is termed Shiva-Yoga and the Divine Man is called Shiva-Yogin in Virashaivism.



Mahatapsvi Shri Kumarswamiji's Tapovan

This spiritual hermitage known as Tapovan was established in 1965 by Shri Kumarswamiji. Tapovan is located at the height of 2400 feet above the sea level with scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. There is an occasional flow to there of foreign visitors for darshan and spiritual guidance.

Dharwad, Karnataka 580003, India
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Shankar Sagare

The ashram is located 3 miles from Dharwad.

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Always open


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