Shri Kapalik Mahakaal Bhairvanand Saraswati

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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Shri Shri 1008 Kapalik Mahakaal, Kapalik Baba
Vama Shakta Kaula Kapalika Aghora Tantra
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, USA
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Punjab, India
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His Guru was Shri Kapalik Yoganand Maharaja and his Guru the Great Tantric Shri Bam Dev of Tarapith!


Shri Kapalik Mahakaal Bhairvanand Saraswati is a Kaula master. He bears a skull as a Kapalika and is engaged in Tantra.

The rupa of the Goddess that is closest to him is Adyashakti Maa Kamakhya and Shri Kapalik Mahakaalji. They represent the lineage of Vama Shaktas he belongs to through his Guru Shri Kapalik Yoganand Maharaja.

He was born in Punjab and later his family moved to the area of Delhi. After receiving education and a job, his spiritual longings and dispassion concerning the way of the world became intense. He left home to pursue his spiritual path. After meeting his Guru, Shri Mahakaalji, he stayed with him for a long period and never left his side. Later, he roamed throughout India, spending time at various pithas. During this period, he often didn’t bother with clothes and would walk naked (digambara), even dealing with extreme conditions of cold while in the mountains.

During this time, it is said that cremation grounds used to be his favored place of sadhana and he made trials of Tantric Siddhas of ancient times.

One of the legends about him is that once while sitting on the banks of the Narmada river, he was approached by some local tough guys who came on motorbikes. They were resentful that the locals were respecting him as a holy sadhu and said that if he were a true saint he should drink some gasoline that they had brought. He then took this as a test and poured the gas into the kapal patra (skull cup) and drank it. It is said that he had to leave his body consciousness because the burning was so intense but he made it through this trial.

It is said that he is able to deal with subtle energies and entities of negative nature who ,ight harm or invade others. One legend says that once a woman contacted him because her son was under the sway of a certain entity. Two other Tantrics had previously been called but both were killed. When he arrived the man got wild upon seeing him, picked out a large weapon, and charged towards him. It is said that he stood on his ground and calmly poured some water into his patra and when this fellow came into range, he threw some of this water on him. As a result, the man fell and yelled in great pain. When approached, the spirit was afraid of him and promised to leave the man if one meal were provided. It was done and this entity left in peace.

Another story is that a man who dealt with diamonds had a large amount of his precious stones stolen by an employee. This employee took a bag of diamonds that had a value of around one million dollars and disappeared. The owner of these stolen diamonds found Kapalik Mahakaal Bhairvanand at Kamakhya and asked for his help. He agreed to help after the man agreed to denote a large amount to the construction of a certain temple. The diamond merchant went away, leaving some of his employees to help and to watch Kapalik Mahakaal Bhairvanand. After five days, these people were beginning to lose faith in him but suddenly two cars were seen approaching from the hilly road. The first car came and had the former employee with a bag of diamonds, and the second car had the owner of said diamonds. When asked by the others why he had come and brought the stones, the thief said that he had the strong feeling that these stones had to be brought to Kamakhya and that if he didn’t bring them there he would die. He repented for the theft and handed over the stones.

Nowadays he spends much of his time at his Ashram in Delhi. He still makes trips to his favorite pithas like Kamakhya and cremation grounds. He attends the Kumbha Melas and represents his tradition and sampradaya.


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