Shri Gangainathji

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Siddha Yoga, Nath Sampardaya
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Jamsar, Rajasthan, India
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April 1983
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Shri Gangainathji, a Hindu monk of the highest ascetic order lived in Jamsar, a nondescript village on the outskirts of Bikaner town in the northwestern region of Rajasthan in India. In true ascetic tradition, He revealed very little about himself. All that is known is that he belonged to the ‘Ai’ sub-sect of the Nath sect of Yogis in India’s time-honored ascetic tradition. The word ‘Ai’ literally means mother, indicating in this context, the sect that follows the tradition in which spiritual seekers worship Shakti - sthe feminine divine, for self-realization or reaching God.

Despite proximity to town, Gangainathji preferred to lead a secluded life within the confines of his small modest Ashram (hermitage). Tall and handsome, with piercing eyes and commanding voice, he spent most of his time meditating. Saffron being the color of renunciation in the Hindu tradition, Gangainathji wore saffron robes and had his long hair tied in Jatas (dreadlocks) over his head or let them fall in long tresses down the shoulders in the classic mold of a monk.

Though he didn’t socialize, Gangainathi was not averse to receiving devout people who dropped in at the Ashram to seek his blessings and advice on spiritual matters. Known reverentially as ‘Baba’, Gangainathji was served by a few ‘Chelas’, disciples, who too lived in the Ashram. He was usually reticent and ate very little. He was believed to have overcome, through his yogic powers, the need to sleep. Baba sat by a ‘Dhooni’, a sacred fireplace, when he was with his disciples or visitors. He however, usually retreated to the privacy of a small underground chamber, where he sat motionless in deep meditation.

According to his close disciples, Baba was a mystic, who had reached the highest level of Yogic consciousness. Outwardly, he appeared aloof and disinterested in the world around him. However, he was very compassionate and cared deeply for the spiritual welfare of mankind. Being omniscient, Baba knew of the tide of Time to come and the events to unfold on the global stage. Like a quiet wirepuller backstage, Baba remote controlled the events in the life of Guru Siyag and drew him near for initiating him as the chosen disciple when time was ripe.

Spiritual wisdom in India has been handed down the ages since time immemorial through Guru-disciple tradition. So it was with Baba and his chosen disciple Ram Lal Siyag. Baba initiated Siyag into the fold of Yoga in April 1983; clearly indicating through visions to the latter that he was to carry on the Divine Mission for the spiritual revolution in mankind. If Baba remained aloof from the social bonds of human society, he decreed Siyag to become a Guru himself and live among people to lead them toward their divine transformation.

Baba left his mortal body and merged into Bramhan, his original Absolute form in the wee hours of December 31, 1983. His tomb at the Jamsar Ashram has now become a major pilgrimage center, where thousands of devotees gather every year to commemorate His passing day.

Adhyatama Vigan Satsag kendra(AVSK), India


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