Shri Atmananda

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Guru Nathan, Shri Krishna Menon ,Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon
Advaita Vedanta
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Trivandram, Kerala, India
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Shri Adwayananda


Śri Atmananda Śri Kṛiṣṇa Menon (1883-1959) was a well-known sage and guru. He was a householder and showed by his life and teachings that ordinary life can be a type of meditation, yoga, or striving towards mokṣa, or liberation from karma. He spent most of his life employed as a police prosecutor. He also discussed many variations of philosophy within Vedanta and the Upaniṣads, including Ajativada.


The totality of human experience is comprehended by the three states and an awareness which takes note of their appearance and disappearance. Whenever you want to find the truth of anything, examine it in the light of your totality of experience. You should never be partial to anyone particular state.


What connection is there between one object and another ?.

There is absolutely no connection.When you know them you

believe that a connection is established between them.

But this is not what happens.An object, in order that it may be known,

has to be completely covered up by knowledge.If some part of the object

escapes so much of that object cannot remain but unknown.

Therefore in knowing, knowledge overs up the whole object.

Therefore ,all objects unite or dissolve in knowledge when they are known.

Therefore, knowledge does not connect one object with another,

but on the contrary destroys the separateness and absorbs them into itself.

Can you separate misery from feeling and tell me what misery is ?.

You find you cannot. Misery is misery only when you feel it.

It is inseparably connected with or stands as one with feeling.

So also you cannot separate objects form knowledge and define objects.

Objects are inseparablyconnected with or stands as one with knowledge.

Nature helps man a long way to stand established in TruthIt is

an inherent desire of man to know everything

with which he comes into contact.In knowledge everything

issolves and becomes one with it. Thus nature is at every moment

presenting it's diversity before knowledge to be destroyed in

order that unity may be established.


Knowledge will never descent to the realm of mind and senses

to know the object in these realms.If any things in these realms has to be known ,

first of all the thing has to be transformed into knowledge.

Nothing has to be done by a voluntary effort for this transformation;

but when knowing takes place a ttransformation will also take

place automatically. Knowledge can know only

itself and not the objects of the senses or mind as they exists.
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